Magnette and Riley Registration Form:

This form gets your car on the register for free. We will refer your registration to the Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club, which has a very nice low-cost newsletter and many club events.

About You-

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Car/Chassis Number:

Mk. III Magnettes start with G-HS1- and run 101 to 16776
Mk. IV Magnettes start with G-HS2- and run 16801 to 31121
Riley 4/68 starts with R-HS1- and run 101 to 11084
Riley 4/72 starts with R-HS2- and run 11101 to 31121

Engine Number:

Body Number: If you can find it.


Lower Body Color:

Upper Body Color:

Check which applies:
My car is one single color
My car is two-tone, with just the roof, rear fender, and trunk lid a different color
My car is two-tone, with the color split along the chrome trim line

If your car was originally another color, or you have any additional comments about the paint on your car please make them here:

Seat Color

Carpet Color

Fuzzy Door Edge Trim Color

Please list Optional Equipment: Heater, fender mirrors, sunroof, etc.

My license plate / registration number is:

UK residents: Is this original?

Date Registered?

Any additional information you would like to provide: owner history, interesting things about your car, etc.

Would you be interested in receiving the register newsletter?
Yes, Iíd be interested in getting the CO-OC's awesome professionally made newsletter.
No, Iím a hermit who prefers reading only TV Guide, but no, I donít have a TV.