What is a Mk. III vs. Mk. IV, or a 4/68 vs a 4/72?

The short answer is the Mk. III and 4/68 were made from 1959 till 1961. It differed from later cars in track, wheelbase, and paint colors (plus details). The long answer is found in the Magnette Primer.

What is a Riley Riviera or Silhouette?

The short answer is the Riley Rivera is an uprated 4/68 and a Silhouette is an uprated 4/72. The long answer is found here, and there is also Additional Information available offsite.

What is a Ute?

The short answer is a 4/68 or 4/72 based pick up truck built in New Zealand. These were not homemade cars, but actual models produced by a BMC subsidiary in NZ.

What is an Argentinian Magnette?

The short answer is, yes, they made MG sedans in Argentina. These were not knocked down kits, but almost completely seperate models. Some were sold as DiTellas, some as Magnettes, some as Rileys. There was a pick up very similiar to the New Zealand Ute. The long answer was written by Ernesto Gasulla.