When I asked the body man what it was going to cost me to restore this car, he said he didn't know. When I asked him how much it cost to restore some of the cars that were at his shop and almost done, he refused to tell me. That is probably when I should have realized I couldn't afford it! But still, spread out over many years, owning and restoring this car has only cost me $27 a week, and I think thats not so bad.

But to give you an idea of what you are up against, and to show you the value of a Magnette in good condition versus one that needs work, take a look at what I've had to spend so far...
Description Inherent Contingent
One Excellent 35,000 mile Magnette needing "Just a paint job", and gave three years good use before I decided to give it "Just a paint job". 1,700.00
Two Shelves to store parts 39.98
13 Tupperware-style containers for parts 13.00
Air Tools, Campbell Housefield, air ratchet, impact wrench, cut-off tool, orbital sander. 120.00
Air Hoses, 3, one for painting two for tools 59.97
Craftsman Air Compressor, 35 gallons 298.00
Blast from a bucket sand blast kit 7.00
Homemade Sandblasting Cabinet made of plywood and plexiglass 45.00
Engine Hoist, 4000lb capacity 199.00
Eastwood Powder Coating System with Infra-Red Heat lamp 480.00
Front suspension bushing, kingpins, etc. 170.00
Electrical components from Roar Nygard, taillamps, turn signals, reverse lamp, rear reflectors, horn rim, some small seals, a book, plus shipping from Norway. 250.00
Headlamp rims, an inner rim, and a parts manual plus shipping from Norway. 130.00
Lincoln Electric Mig Welder 350.00
Sheet Metal, preformed, from NTG inc. shipping 750.00
Argon/CO2 tank for Mig Welder 99.00
Tank of gas for above 27.00
Welders Gloves 12.00
Air powdered nibbler and random orbit sander 80.00
Devilbiss HVLP paint gun, top of the line 320.00
Floor Jack... BIG version with two jack stands 99.00
Excellent Creeper "The Pit Boss" 49.99
Plastic Spreader, metal, filler 16.94
Fasteners 5.14
Assorted needed for Bodywork 16.96
Etch Primer, Reducer, Two Part Primer, Hardner 130.00
Engine Hoist leveler 12/16/99 44.99
Engine Storage Fogging Oil 2.99
King Pin Set 135.96
Bushings lower a-arms 2.34
Trunnion Kits, top 10.16
Rebound buffers + Shipping 9.64
Professional Welding 3,000.00
Giant Air Compressor 818.00
Sandblaster 400.00
Loss on Unneeded Generator later resold 200.00
Cost of Abandoned Garage Rental 900.00
Decent Wrenches 450.00
Another engine crane because old one rusted out 250.00
Paint Shaker 110.00
Razors for underseal scraping 6.00
Garage Heater 99.00
Kerosene for above 20.00
12 Ton Bearing Press 200.00
Tap and Die Set 150.00
Drag Links 53.00
Black Beauty for Sandblaster 25.00
Choke Knob 8.99
Headliner, door seals, trunk seals, glass channel 550.00
Clutch 99.00
Front Shock Absorbers 150.00
Body Rotator 1,200.00
Another Creeper because Pit Boss was stolen 75.00
Subject Totals: $5,569.12 $7,168.93
Total Expense So Far including cost of car: $14,438.05

Potential Future Expenses

Paint, Primer, and other Materials 1,000.00
Exhaust 300.00
Vinyl for inside of sills 50.00
Carpet set 300.00
Windlace 300.00
Master Cylinder 175.00
Clutch Cylinder 75.00
Rear Leaf Springs 225.00
Rear Shocks 150.00
Wiring Harness 300.00
Chrome for doors, fenders 750.00
Bumper Chrome 2,000.00
Driveway Tent 500.00
5,625.00 500.00
Total Projected Expense $6,125.00
Projected and Actual Expense $20,563.05