Restoring #1566

Lead Loading

The surface should be heated first

The lead is heated by the torch to where the lead is soft, but not drippy.

The blob of lead is then stuck to the metal.

Now, we heat the tallow. This is basically a tub of lard.

The maple paddle is dipped in the tallow. This is to keep the wood from sticking to the lead when you are smoothing the molten lead.

Here, I am smoothing the lead with the maple paddle.

The lead, which cools fast, is grated down with a rasp.

This revealed dips in my first application of lead, so I added more.

Then I smoothed it out again.

And grated it again...

I then sanded it down smooth.

And here I used a ruler to judge that the dent is well and truely gone!

Here is the dent, now painted in primer.

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