Restoring #1566

Preparation of Surface

The "Dent" as we began... It is quite small, and perfect for lead loading. If it was a deeper dent, you would need to draw it out more.

I applied stripper to the dented section.

Stripper will make the paint bubble off. Sometimes a second coat is needed.

Because the dent is contoured and rusted, even with the stripper, the paint should be sandblasted off in this section.

The remainder of the paint is easily scraped off the smooth sections.

After cleaning area with mineral spirits, the I sanded the dented area to make the lead and tinning butter stick.

The dented area is "painted" with a speciaal tinning butter.

The tinning butter is heated with a torch to a golden brown.

Watch out for flare ups! The mineral spirits and stripper are flammable!

The tinning butter will now be nicely and evenly browned. Basically, the tinning butter is acid and lead in a suspenion. By torching it, you make the acid come to the surface.

The brown goo is easily wiped off with mineral spirits.

To neutralize the acid in the tinning butter, a concoction of baking soda and water is applied and wiped off.

A final wiping with mineral spirits removes any baking soda.


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