Magnette Mk. III Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 10635

MG Magnette Mk3. Chassis number 10635, engine 10681. RHD. A MG that has been in the same family all it's life. Purchased new by the present owners grandmother, and registered on 3rd August 1960, with registration number 'VRX789', in Walthamstow, London. The cherry red car was then passed to a cousin of the present owner, a Mr. G.T. Luxford in 1976, and was little used. On the 14th March 1981 the car went to Mr. J.R. Luxford, also of Walthamstow, London, with just 60,000 miles. Mr. J.R. Luxford has run that up to 82,989, and uses it regularly for work. The car has spent nearly all it's life garaged.