Magnette Mk. III Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 13782

MG Magnette Mk3. Chassis number 13782, engine number 12823. RHD. This two tone blue and old english white coloured car was first registered on 13th September 1960, purchased by Mr. Harold Mack, of Hightown Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. The local BMC dealer, 'Ings Garage', Maidenhead supplied it, and serviced it for him. The car was registered as 'WBL279'.With only 52,000 miles on the speedometer, the car was then sold to its present owner, Mr. Mike Collins of Maidenhead, in March 1992. For the previous seven years the car had lain unused, but kept in good running order. After repairing the clutch and brake hydraulics,( due to lack of use,) and a good polish, the car was put back into daily use.