Magnette Mk. IV Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number  17127

History of AO3295 , AKA RG7598

This IV MG Magnette is two tone, brown over white. Chassis number GHS2 17127. Engine number 259.

First registered in New Zealand to Hugh Tristram Reeves Christchurch on 9 March 1962.

At 23668 miles, 17 Dec, 1976 it was sold to Kearns Motors Ltd Christchurch, and subsequently on 19 Jan 1977 to Ronald Malcolm Bickerton Christchurch. He owned it until 10 September 198? When it was purched by Leslie John McConchie and Suzanne Edith McConchie, Upper Moutere, Nelson, with the odometer reading 39010.

On 15 May 1987, and the odometer at 39964 it was sold to Norman Malcolm James Hunter, of Richmond, also in the Nelson area. It seems that the registration was allowed to lapse, because Norman Hunter reregistered it as RG7598 on 6 April 1992 with the odometer at 43000.

On the same date, it was transferred to Mathew William Twose, of Tahunanui, Nelson. He owned it until 23 Feb 1993, when the odometer was 45300, when it was sold to Leslie James Kentfield, Otaki, which is near Wellington in the North Island.

On April 3, 1995, David Mather took possession, with the mileage at 66563. He sold it to his daughter-in-law Margaret Jane Mather on 15 Jan 1997 at 67318. I (Dr. Peter Weekes of Wellington... -ed) bought it on 13 December, 1998 and the mileage turned over to 70,000 on my way home.


The car is largely original, but with new carpets, a transistorised radio, and underseal rust prevention. It ran smoothly all the way home, a journey of some 5 hours, over the Rimutaka ranges, and now rests safely at home.

It has obviously been garaged a large percentage of its life, with little rust. The front seats have had the leather replaced with matching vinyl unfortunately, but the rear seats are in excellent condition. They are pink. The door trim is black.

This car was featured in the August 1998 issue of New Zealand Classic Car magazine which talked about Farina saloons.