Magnette Mk. IV Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 23323

MG Magnette Mk4. Chassis number 23323, engine number 6630. RHD. This is a Red Mk4 that is now being sold as a model by a UK classic car company, ( along with a blue and white Mk4 chassis number 24482.) This car was purchased by Mr. Tom Petcher of Burton-on-Trent, England, on 22nd May 1964. It was to be a chauffer driven car with Mr. Petcher in comfort in the back. It was so chauffer driven and maintained impeccably till 1970 when it was put into storage for three years, whilst the Petcher family went abroad. In 1973 the car was again in use and by December 1986 required some work. The trusting Mr. Petcher took the car to two con-merchants, who did an excellent job of the mechanical repairs, but used pop-rivets on the floor, sills, wings, ect, and charged £1700 for the work!! ( A USA dollar was then £2.40 to a £1.) On the 22nd May 1987 the car passed to Mr. Brian Davis, who found the poor chassis and bodywork, and set about welding it all correctly. The engine, mechanics, interior, and external panels were all excellent, at just 61,616 miles. Registered as 'GRF620B' the car was passed to its current owner, ( who knew none of this history until I told him,) Mr. Eric Dick, of Wisbech, England, in March 1995. By now the chrome work was a bit rough, but presentable, and the car is still in regular use, mileage unknown. It lives in a garage with a 1970 Farina Wolseley 16/60, registration 'PFV945H'.