Magnette Mk. IV Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 24984

MG Magnette Mk4. Chassis number 24984, engine number 8310. Another connaught green MG , almost as popular as blue and white ones. Registered on the 6th of July 1964, as 'YGV500', by an unknown owner. The registration shows that many UK councils were still not using the 'year-letter' in 1964, ( most cars would have a 'B' suffix by now.) By the 3rd July 1969 the car had covered 40,100 miles, but its use dropped off to just a few hundred per year after that. In the early 1970's a Mr. George William Bradbrook of Bury St Edmunds ran the car. On the 5th of December 1994 Robin Richardson purchased the car, it having been off the road for a year. Some tax discs and servicing records exist for the MG, which has had welding work done on it to get back on the road. The car is running with a single Austin A60 carb and manifold at present, but still only has 58,800 miles.