Magnette Mk. IV Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 27241

MG Magnette Mk4. Chassis number 27241, engine 10655. RHD. This connaught green MG was registered on the 8th July 1965, as 'FBD5C'. The unknown owner sold the car on the 1st March 1967, and the second owner ran it until 2nd February 1992. This owner did not like the green top and white bottom half, so he had it all painted connaught green. John Green then took over the car in 1992, and carried out some repairs to that typical Farina rust area, the frame outriggers. The car now has a brake servo fitted, and a very handy modification, a spin on oil filter. John Green is almost as interesting as some of these cars, as he has owned the following MG and Riley Farinas over the years; Riley 4/72, PCT292H, HTL584F, YME853F; Riley 4/68, XBE542; Mk4 Magnettes; Automatic DMR770C, ARH482B, COU829C, FRV623D, and FBD5C. He now only has the two MG's, FBD5C, and FRV623D.