Magnette Mk. III Storybook

Story of MG Farina Magnette, Chassis Number 5831

MG Magnette Mk3. Chassis number 5831, engine 5390. RHD. This MG began life as a show car in the car showrooms of Carlton Service Station, Coventry, England, on the 8th October 1959, with registration number '1887NX'. On the 7th March 1960 the red MG was sold to Mr. T. Brunt of Feherwich, near Litchfield. By 1978 the car had been laid up by Mr. Brunt with just 12,755 miles. On 19th May 1982 the present owner purchased the car, Mr. F.W. Harrison, for just £450. Some chromework was replaced, and today the car only has 13,960 miles, and its original cross ply tyres.