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The International MG Y Type Register is not a part of any MG Club. It is run by a small group of volunteers and who are unpaid volunteers, but who love the MG Y Type with a passion.

All volunteers freely give of their time, and expertise with the express aim of, hopefully, assisting and helping MG Y Type owners worldwide. Please do not be disappointed if we do not respond as quickly as you would like, however, please be assured that we are not ignoring you. If you feel that your email may not have been received by the initial recipient, or may not be receiving the attention it deserves, please forward it to the Webmaster and we will try to have an answer back to you as soon as possible.

Please complete the form, validate it with a Capcha validate and submit it to us. You cannot attach any files but when we reply you will then be able to send over any necessary files. If you do not receive a reply within 7 days of your submission, please retry by contacting the webmaster (again using the form) and explaining who you were trying to contact and why and your message will be passed on.