The Lincolnshire Centre Luncheon Club

Our Luncheon Club began with an idea by John and Sheila Laurence to get friends together at a lunchtime once a month to simply enjoy each other's company and share a great dining experience. As stated the event is once a month and takes place on the 3rd Wednesday each month. Thanks John and Sheila for your efforts.

John and Sheila have now passed the reins to new organisers who will be Richard and Vicki Withington. Richard and Vicki can be contacted on 01949 844066 or email

Please keep your eyes on the calender for future locations and contacts

Each month the venue changes and so we all have a different experience each month. The very first meeting was at the Sebastopol Inn on Wednesday March 2012 .Sadly not all of us can attend each month due to work commitments but when the opportunity arrives it makes an enjoyable day away from the grindstone.

Here on the right we can see the very first event at the Sebastopol Inn, Minting. Many more successful lunches have been enjoyed and are recorded below.


This month's Lunch

Wednesday 15th April 2015

Hi Friends,

please contact

Richard & Vicki Withington 01949 844066


Wednesday 18th March 2015

Just to let you know 19 members and friends enjoyed lunch at the Ferry Boat Washingborough today.



Wednesday 19th November 2014

Pleased to report another successful lunch meeting attended by 29 members and friends at the Hare & Hounds Fulbeck.You might like to include a photo on the website, sorry there are no cars this time.




Wednesday 15th October 2014

We had another successful event yesterday at the Fortescue Arms Billingborough, with some 30 members and friends attending. Next lunch club as you know is 19th November


Wednesday 17th September 2014

Photos to come


Wednesday 20th August 2014

Richard and Vicki would like to thank everyone for attending the day and contributing generously to Kidney Research and support Charity

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves



Wednesday 16 April 2014

Saw the Luncheon Club visit a new venue the Fortescue Arms, Billingborough, near Sleaford.


Thursday 20th March 2014

The date of the "2nd Anniversary" Luncheon Club. Held at the Durham Ox, Thimbleby, near Horncastle


Wednesday 19th February 2014

The Luncheon Club was held at the Welby Arms, Allington, Grantham


Wednesday 15th January 2014

The Luncheon Club was held at the Leagate Coningsby.


Wednesday 18th December 2013

The Christmas Luncheon Club was held at the Ball House, Boston


Wednesday 20th November 2013

A new venue for the November Luncheon Club took us to the Durham Ox at Thimbleby


Wednesday 16th October 2013

Saw the Luncheon Club return to the Ebrington Arms, Kirkby on Bain.


Wednesday 18th September 2013

Saw the Luncheon Club visit a new venue . . .
The Brackenborough Hotel in Louth


Wednesday 21st August 2013

saw the Luncheon Club return to the Ball House at Boston.

Sadly we don't have any pictures of that occassion (Isn't that a pity ?) :)


Wednesday 17th July 2013

The venue was The Leagate at Coningsby


Wednesday 19th June 2013

The venue was The Wishing Well, Dyke, near Bourne



Wednesday 15th May 2013

The venue was The Ball House, Boston


Wednesday 17th April 2013

The venue was The Welby Arms, Allington, near Grantham


Christmas 2012

The Leagate, Coningsby