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In recent years many of you here will have been witness to, Nigel’s unbounded enthusiasm for auto testing into which he has drawn in his sister and their wider family. I am sure many of you owe him a debt of gratitude for his advice or skills at fixing stuff that breaks. The whole motor racing fraternity owe him for introducing a much needed official orange suited marshal in Wendy.

 But how many know or can remember how far back it goes or how deeply involved he has been.

As far as I can recall Nigel has been involved in MGCC Lincolnshire and motorsport for nye on 50 years. 

I think it started in the late 60s, half a mile from Nigel’s family home, EJ Lefley the MG & BMC dealer (where Nigel started work) were re-shelling the Bos family MGB for the second time in 3 months, the car had just come back from the Tulip rally in the Alps very bent and was due back out to Portugal for the TAP rally within a month. Nigel subsequently kept that car running all through the 70s and early 80s through many East Kirkby, Tour of Lincs & California Cup auto tests. How many diffs did you replace?

The Silverstone auto test attracted over 300 entries in those days and Nigel soon bought and entered in his own blaze MGB, KCH…… usually winning his class,   “…was it  or ’76 or ’77 when you were first part of the Lincs Centre team to bring home the California Cup or BMC trophy?

During this time Nigel also built two TC MGs (one of which found its way into the National Motor Museum) two MG Midgets and was the sole service crew on National rallies with some ex works Triumph rally cars, all in his unpaid free time , just for the love of it.

Nigel’s first B started out immaculate and was displayed at the Petwood House Concours in 1975 but it had a tough time, not only did it get a twisted chassis from bouncing off the old runway in Twyford Woods but it bore the scars from many a Production Car Trial in the quarries of Blackborough End, not to mention the rigours of highly competitive auto-testing. The Tour of Lincs in those days attracted entries from all over the country, “How many times did you win it Nigel?”

He still went to work in it, he had to, it was his only car, until the early 80s when he bought an auto test Midget complete with LSD, what more could a man want? After campaigning it with much success this was passed to Adam Cunnington who raced it with Nigel’s ongoing support with further success, support he had previously given to Paul Campling racing in the BCV8 Championship.

33 years on Nigel still helps keep Adams Midgets racing. Indeed last summer Nigel was again instrumental in the success of the Bos / Cunnington racing exploits in the highlight competitive Citroen C1 Endurance Racing Series, not forgetting us in the Suffolk Blues team with Steve Hall et al.

I am sure many many people are in debt to Nigel’s generosity and many more have been witness to it, for me it goes beyond that, he taught me trust, when he taught me to drive his MGB flat out when was 9 years old  and forgiveness when I promptly drove into it in a Canon trials car.

Nigel you are a true gentleman with a deep and enduring passion for MGs and motorsport. Nobody could be more worthy of a lifetime award from a club which is the “Marque of Friendship”

Words By Conrad Bos


1969 - left school & started work at Lefleys garage in Holbeach as a trainee mechanic.

 1970  - passed driving test first time.

 His life revolved around cars & he joined the King's Lynn Motor Club.

 His first rally car was a Morris 1100 YJB 921.Next came an Austin1100 YDO 928 & he then progressed to an Austin 1300GT-BLM 354B.

 He took part in 12 car rallies both day & night ones. His navigators included sister, Ena & friends Steven Bainbridge & Pat Long. 

 He  took part in Time Trials & also Production Car Trials in Norfolk at Pott Row,Roydon Common & Blackborough End firstly competing in his 1300 & also in Hillebrand Bos's Canon.

 Hillebrand & his family played an important part of Nigel's motor sport life both in the King's Lynn Motor club & the MG car club. Nigel worked on many of Hillebrand's projects one being building an MGTC.

 Ivan Cunnington was also very supportive of Nigel's club motorsport as Nigel is now to Ivan's son, Adam.

 Nigel also took part in many 12 car night rallies with the Fernie Car Club based in Kibworth, Leicestershire which was near where his cousin lived. He competed in the Austin 1300 & also a Ford Escort.

 He also came into Auto testing events with the Soar Valley Motor club entering in a Jeffrey.

 He joined the MG car club in 1976 & has been a committed member to this day. With the Lincolnshire centre he has enjoyed the range of competitive events. Auto testing at East Kirkby & on grass, Tour of Lincs, Gymkanas, Scatter rallies & Auto solos etc

.He has had numerous successes at Silverstone in the California Cup Auto tests winning both the California Cup & BMC trophies with obviously great team mates over the years. Entering in a Midget 935 KAO & also his MGB LCH 230K. 

 He can always be relied upon to lend a helping hand to any fellow competitor in need. His boot carries most spares that anyone could possibly want. Or he'll go out of his way to fetch any part required. 

 Words by Ena Fox




Paul Campling

 1980 - On the way for Paul to compete in the Wiscombe hill climb in Paul's white MGB they were travelling along a narrow road with high banks either side & were hit by a Mini. Debris was cleared & Nigel managed to straighten the wheels but competing was out of the question. Nigel said "I fixed so I'll drive it home"  thinking that the onus was on him if anything happened.

 1983- Paul was racing in his MGB in Zolda when Nigel was needed to repair the clutch master cylinder.  He had to drive 150 kilometres to get spares + parts for other competitors. Then back at the ferry in Zeebrugge Nigel had to sort out the brake pad which Paul had put in the wrong way causing a queue & frustrated port workers!

 Nigel has continued to be so supportive over the years of my racing working on my Lotus & MGs.

 Conrad Bos, son of Hillebrand Bos wanted to say:

 Nigel has been a great contributor to club motorsport. 

Trust is what springs to mind, as his first gift to me when he taught me to drive his MGB flat out when I was just 10 years old.

His second was forgiveness when I promptly drove into the side of his MGB in the Canon trials car.


Ena wanted to say:

 On a personal note I would like to thank my brother for his love & support & encouraging me in my driving skills. From helping me to achieve success in PCTs in the 70's, trusting me to navigate on rallies  & then after a 30 year gap to auto testing in the 00's. Not forgetting that he provided me with my first car- a purple Morris 1100- my request!