The Wishing Well Natter

2nd Wednesday each month
Dyke, Bourne, PE10 0AF.
Off the A15 in the village of Dyke 
Tel: 01778 422970
Food available
Natter from 8.00 p.m.
Beer Garden for warm evenings
Natter Leaders: Paul 01780 759100


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Rimmer Bros visit 2015
Landlord's choice July 2014
Moulton Mill Oct 2013
Landlord's choice 2012
Quiz Sept 2011


Landlord's Choice POO - 12th July 2017

Winner Elaine Pearson MGB

Second David Stonehouse MGBGTV8

3rd Andy Rake MGBGTV8

4th John Taylor MG1100

5th Kimm Rake MGF



Rimmer Bros visit - 10th June 2015



Landlord's Choice - 9th July 2014

I hear the skip came 1st ?

No it looks like the winner was Nige :)


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Moulton Mill Visit - Saturday 19 October 2013


Moulton Windmill . . .
Safety warning about ghosts . . .
Geoff starts explaining things . . .
They really do mill flour here!
Lots of stairs to climb!
Ah, engineering drawings . . .
Listening attentively . . .
More explanations . . .
And trying it out . . .
Ann's wondering how that works . . .
Well, it's like this....
Pay attention, Rob!
Anyone want to dress a stone?
Read all about it!
There's always a need for some string!
Rather wet outside still . . .
Finally the top floor!
What's up there?
A misty view . . .
Another view . . .
Now we've got to get down
Carefully, Ann!
Wonderful games for the youngsters.
And games for the adults too.


Thanks to Paul and Simon for organising the visit to Moulton Mill, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Special thanks to Paul for the wonderful photos which give those of us unable to attend a very good reason to visit the mill at our earliest convenience!

Paul's photo "The MGs below" [right] gives a bird's eye view of MGs through the decades.

Thanks to all at Moulton Mill for their hospitality.

For more information, please visit

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Landlord's Choice - 11 July 2012


After numerous days of rain, it was a relief to find so many MGs with their tops down for an exhilerating drive to the Wishing Well with the sun bright in the sky!
It was great to see a variety of MGs from the earlier decades lined up ready for Ian [the landlady's partner] to choose "the one he'd most like to own" . . .



"The boys" were looking closely at Rob & Julia's new acquisition, a beautiful white MGTA.
Here's another look at the MGTA with it's bonnet open. 




Steve & Alison had travelled from Norfolk after washing and polishing their MGTF!
Elaine Pearson's MG Midget was awarded 5th place

Rob Ely's MGTA was 4th [note the matching flying jacket!]
John Roger's MG L2 Magna was 3rd.


Rob Twine's MGTF was 2nd
David Stonehouse's MGBGT V8 was 1st.






The winners lined up [not quite in order] with their MGs left to right: 5th Elaine Pearson's MG Midget, 2nd Rob Twine's MGTF, 4th Rob Ely's MGTA, John Roger's MG L2 Magna and 1st David Stonehouse's MGBGT V8.

Using a mobile 'phone to take moving pictures certainly creates a look of speed!


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Quiz September 2011

The prizes were donated by the Wishing Well and Rob & Julia.
The photos are courtesy of Simon Temple.

2nd Prize - Barry & Marion Green, T-Shirt
1st Prize - Robin & Elaine Pearson, wine and chocolates
3rd (booby) Prize - Ian Stevenson, polishing cloths.
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