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MG enthusiasts of all ages are welcomed to the Centre and its Natters, including members of other clubs such as the MG Octagon Car Club and the MG Owners Club, irrespective of the model of MG owned. Please visit our 'Natter Venues' page for details of a group in your area.

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Important News ...

The MG Car Club's Midland Centre has a new website. As a result, this site will no longer be maintained effective January 2019.

For current information on the Centre and its activities, please now visit -

Please be aware that the new website is still under development, and some pages display news which is out-of-date. These pages will be updated during the coming months.

For further information, please contact us through our new email address -

Thank you.


Midland Centre Regalia Supplier - Top Signs

We have received the following information from Kimber House -

Topsigns’ Managing Director has informed Kimber House that they intend to end the partnership with the MGCC (including CRBs and affiliated Clubs) at the end of 2018. This is due to low sales from CRBs. If you wish to order any items, or secure stock for your CRB, please head to and place your order.

So, if any Clubs or members wish to purchase any regalia with MGCC, Centre or Register embroidery, you need to do so now before the contract ends.





We Want Your News!

The Midland Centre of the MG Car Club covers 8 counties of the UK's Midlands region, and our emails reach some 1400 members of the Club. As we have said on previous occasions, this website is for your news, not simply that produced by the Midland Centre Committee. We are aware that much of our news originates from the West Midlands area, largely because that's where most of the Committee live, and our sporting events tend to be held in the West Midlands. In view of this, we would like to carry more news that is relevant to our members in the East Midlands counties.

So, if you have any news you think would be of interest to the broader Midland Centre membership, or simply those members in your particular neck of the woods, please let us know and we will happily place it on this website. Similarly, if your own local MG Club or group is planning an event which is open to all MG owners (and not 'closed to club') please let us know, and let us have copies of any 'flyers', newsletters and entry forms which can be set to be downloaded from our website.

We will look forward to hearing from you.



Members' Contact Details

Are your personal details correct at Kimber House?

It cannot have escaped most peoples notice that much more correspondence and general communication in business is being conducted via the medium of websites and electronic mail, and this will only increase in the future. Clearly, the use of email makes it easier, faster and (as importantly) cheaper for clubs like the MGCC to communicate with its members. However, this can only be successful if members' details at Kimber House are accurate and up-to-date. In the recent past, the Midland Centre Committee has undertaken its own checks on personal records, and has uncovered numerous inaccuracies, particularly with email addresses; for example, full-stops in the wrong place, spaces between characters where there should be none, hyphens instead of underscores, etc., etc. On that basis, the Committee would recommend that all Midland Centre members check their own personal details with Kimber House to ensure that their records are accurate, especially any email addresses. Just as importantly, please don't forget to notify Kimber House if any personal contact details change, for example if there is a change in internet service provider which entails a new email address.

Are you in the correct Centre?

We are finding that several MGCC members who should have been allocated to the Midland Centre have actually been placed in another Centre, such as the South-West or Anglia. Members are free to ask to be allocated to a specific Centre if they so wish; however, some may not be aware that they are currently in the wrong one. If you are unsure, and wish to ensure that you are in the Midland Centre, please contact Kimber House and ask them to verify this for you.

 For further assistance, please contact Membership Secretary Liz Allsworth on 01235 849734  or via email -


Volunteer Marshals

As some of you may know, the MGCC Midland Centre organises four principal sporting events during the year – two Trials and two Sprints. The Spring Trial is held at Lintridge Farm, near Ledbury, and the Autumn Trial is held at Burton Dassett Country Park, near Gaydon, Warwicks. Both the Spring Sprint and the Summer Sprint are held at Curborough, near Lichfield. 

For all these events, we always need the help of volunteer marshals. Marshalling is not an onerous task (as long as the weather is good!), and many people who volunteer find that they enjoy the event(s) and return in the future. 

For those of you who are more local to the event locations, and have people in your groups who might be interested in assisting at any of these events, please ask them to contact the Midland Centre's Chief Marshal, Simon Morris, on -

Without the help of volunteers, these and other similar events cannot take place, so please give it some thought.


Please see our 'Calendar of Events' and the 'General Information' pages for more information on the year's events or to read previous news items. Don't forget to let us have details of any MG-related events you would like to have displayed on this site.