Bits & PCSCs   Issue 12 North &South

The newsletter of the PIPER CAMS MG Car Club Speed Championship

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24th January 2001

Swan song

And so my friends this is it.  My last newsletter, and an opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last 13 years.  It seems only yesterday that we started this whole thing rolling. A group of disgruntled young Midget owners (yes, I too was young once) moaning about a lack of opportunity to compete in our cars; an intrepid band of 20 competitors taking on the massed indifference of the MG Car Club.  Take my word for it, the main club has improved a lot since those days and now we’re almost respectable too!

But less of this dwelling in the past.  Let’s look to the future and the 2001 season.  Enclosed are your regulations and entry forms, with several amendments.  Most of these are in the Standard class regs, to allow Abingdon Trophy cars to compete without numerous exceptions and complicated exemptions.  I have highlighted the modified sections in italics in these draft regs for clarity, but at the end of the day it makes little difference to most of us.  Probably the most significant change is to the scoring system, where I have clarified the additional points available by listing them out.  This new interpretation of what are essentially the same regs means that it is now once again possible to score 12 points at a new venue.

We also have a new calendar of events that includes all the classic hills once again.  Yes we’ve got back into Loton park.  This event clashes with the Saturday of the September Anglesey week-end, but I felt it was too good an opportunity to miss.  This will also bring back to 4 the number of overlap events for both series, we will all get together at Shelsley, Loton, Silverstone and Curborough.  Unfortunately the anniversary Prescott now clashes with Silverstone and so has meant splitting the championship’s visits up, but at least that gives those who do both Northern and Southern series the opportunity of 2 visits to this hill.  Sadly the Silverstone date also means we have had to decline a championship round at Porlock, but I have secured an invitation for the club as a non-championship event, so those who would really rather do Porlock can still go. 

The rest of the calendar is much the same as 2000, with only Eelmore a new venue.  I have a better spacing for the Southern series this year, but unfortunately with several events moving dates, the Northern series is a bit bunched in places.  Ah well, not everything can be perfect.

Track days

Looking forward, we have the opportunity of several track days in the near future.  The NW Centre will be hosting a track day at 3 Sisters sprint venue near Ashton in Makerfield in mid March, details can be obtained from the centre chairman Mike Entwisle (other half to your new co-ordinator, Jean) on 0161 655 6505.  There is also an opportunity to drive at Goodwood, details of which are enclosed, and we have been offered a private tuition day for MGCC members only, at the Prescott Hillclimb school, courtesy of championship competitor and BOC director Roger Gillham.  Details of this will follow in due course, but it is likely to cost ~£150 and be on a week day.  If you are interested please let me know.


The first sets of regs are due to be despatched shortly, I will send a label run of all last year’s competitors + new enquiries to the organising clubs this week-end.  This will only apply for Finlake, Oddicome and Eelmore in the South and Curborough and Prescott in the North.  After that it will be 2001 registrations only.

Well that’s all for now.  Just a final farewell, although as I will still be competing I hope to see you out and about.  And I trust you will give Jean the same support that I have enjoyed during my tenure as your co-ordinator.

Best regards,