The Luffield Cars MGCC Speed Championship

Luffís Stuff no 1


Me - Me - Me - Me - So - Fa !

As you are all aware by now not only have you got a new sponsor but you also have a new co-coordinator.
That would be me. I thought that I would start my first news letter by telling you something about me.
You may have heard some things but this will be the truth. My name is Jean Entwisle and I have been married to Mike for 30 years.
Mike has been involved with MGs for over 40 years and I automatically got dragged in over that time.
Mike started his racing hobby sprinting and hill climbing and still holds at least 1 record.
Although he moved on to racing in lots of series and latterly in Historic Racing I think that he will agree that there is nothing like a sprint to bring out the best in a driver. When JIM decided to retire from co-coordinating the Speed Championship I decided that as both our children have finally left home that I would have time to give something back into the sport that has given us so much pleasure. So now you have got me instead of JIM and thatís all Iím telling.

About Foot and Mouth

I donít know who or what started this but I think that it is a rotten thing to do to introduce this virus on my first season but Iím sure that we will all muster on.
As you will all be aware some of the first events have been postponed because of the restriction placed on the country.
These are to be re scheduled later this year and I will keep you up to date with these happenings.
The Speed Committee is of the opinion that we should accept all the events even if they clash with events already on the calendar.
The season is going to roll back further and further and we feel that the later events will book up fast and this way we get more options for going out and enjoying ourselves. It also means that we may not have to re calculate overall winners but this remains to be seen. (A Pools Committee is still on the cards).

About Money Matters

As you have gathered by now that Piper Cams have taken a sharp step backwards and are not sponsoring us in 2001.
When 1 door closes nobut (thatís Lancashire) another opens.
Many thanks to David Woods at Luffield Cars who has come to the rescue.
The stickers are being printed as I write and will be at the first event to be held. Failing that I will have to post them out.
Being as how we have a sponsor for this year and the championship is non profit making the registration subs will more that cover our running expenses (Mike would not let me book a holiday with all the cheques that have been coming through the front door) so you will be delighted to know that towards the end of the season when we know what the expenses are going to be we will be able to issue a credit note to all registered competitors to be used against next years registration. Please donít ask for cheques cos I really donít want to write out 120 + cheques.

Going Forward

Thinking about Silverstone, which is the clubs premier event Antony Feltham-White has yet again agreed to sponsor the purchase of commemorative mugs. Many thanks to Antony for this lovely gesture.

In Conclusion

I donít know if I should be thanking JIM or putting bruises round his neck for allowing me run the Speed Championship, which for so long has been his brain child.
I only hope that the child does not go down the plug with the bath water. I am depending on all of you to help ensure that this does not happen.
May I also say that I have been touched by the many lovely letters, notes and telephone messages of welcome.
Please God that the Foot and Mouth outbreak will soon be over for our country and we will all be out to play again.