Luffield Cars MGCC Speed Championship

 Luffís Stuff No 4

Hi all

Another month another newsletter.

Some good news at last Ė I was told last Monday that as far as can be foreseen the Scammonden Hillclimb is on for the 19/08/01. The regs are out as I speak and they have the label run so you northern lot should be getting the regs as you get this spiel. In fact all label runs are out till the end of the season so just sit back and wait for them. To ensure your place please fill in and return ASAP. The events will fill up quickly.

We have all now had some smashing events and some of the competitors have taken this literally. (My husband has by association with us and managed to bend every panel except the roof I think at Silverstone. Ė That should keep him out of mischief for the next week till we go to Spa).

Silverstone as you all know had itís moments especially for David and Richard who cooped well with the stresses put on them by Silverstone Circuits (is that why itís called that cos it drives all the organizers round in circles for hours) Anyway enough of that for now we did eventually get to run and it was a good event at the end of the day. I know that some of you complained the marshals we too far away but Iím sorry that is the nature of the circuit. It is some time since I have been sprinting and I must admit to being surprised that there were no convoy runs. It used to be that is some cases you were excused a convoy run if you were familiar with the circuit otherwise it was compulsory. My how times have changed (for the better?????). These comment have been taken on board. Iím having a de-briefing meeting next Monday re Silverstone and Anglesey and welcome all comments (even if they are too late for the meeting I would appreciate them). We have these de-briefing meeting only when the NW Center are the organizers. Let you all know the outcome next time. The NE Center is also on the case and is awaiting the outcome for the meeting next month.

Anyway enough of that it was not raining and by the end of the afternoon most of us had a healthy glow. Iíll leave you to read both Dave and Mikeís views of Silverstone.

Silverstone Gravel By Dave Butler

After second practice I decided I needed a faster entry into Stowe.  But you know how it is: push it beyond the point where you feel comfortable andÖ.whoops, there I was with two wheels in the gravel, unable to drive out.  Embarrassment; red flags ÖÖhang on, where are the red flags ?  Oh yes, thereís a stationary one a hundred yards away on the other side of the gravel trap.  Now whoís going to see that ?  Certainly not Andy, concentrating on his entry to Stowe, and Iím sitting with my arse over the exit rumble strip !  

Well thanks for lifting off Andy:  I owed you the extra practice lap after you dumped it in front of me at Goodwood Lavant !   And sorry for the (additional) delay chaps, and hope no-one spun on my droppings.  D.E.B.

Anglesey Sprint

Mike and I manage to stagger to the Sunday event only to be told that we had been signed on so we could please go sign our lives away and get to work. (so much for arriving late and expecting not to do anything)

Silverstone / Anglesey Thoughts By Mike

Wasnít Anglesey a super weekend/ Half decent weather even if the course wasnít up to full speed and Andy long didnít get the chance to knock any more off the pink pigletís bodywork as his diff actually held together this time. A superb venue wonderfully organised by L&CCC and MGCCNW with no hiccups (almost,) Loti hitting barriers accepted.

In comparison Silverstone was hard work. We had some communications breakdown with Silverstone, resulting in lots of serious paddling beneath the normally serene swan of the MGCC North Western organisation. All the competitors owe a great round of thanks to David Rainsbury and Richard Newton without whose really serious decisions made on the fly the event might have to retire to the pub. Lessons learnt will be applied to any future Silverstone events.

Enough of the organisational problems and Silverstone, at Anglesey on the Sunday you were going quickly! The piglet didnít succeed in besting Terry Pygott. Andy Long finished, which is an improvement over Silverstone. Ian Beresford romped away with the Ellison, Can I have a drive please? Meanwhile John Willman, out of retirement, won his class just ahead of Richard (How are your front shockers?) Saxton. Keith Williamsí GT managed to pip Richard Watkinsonís Sprite, and in Group 3 Ken Bound beat the opposition. Good going chaps. Now I must bury my head in bodywork (which I hate,) Ďcause some wally, well to cut a long story short the B finished in a concrete wall at Maggots. Humph. Now body filler is heavier than metal, and Iím loosing the battle against excess weight. On the car that is. See you all after the Spa 6 hour race. Ďbye for now.


Attached are the result sheets so far as both Dave (southern sheet) and I (northern sheet) are new please bear with us this season as we are both on a steep learning curve, The way of calculating the results as you all know is difficult but what you donít know is that itís damn near impossible (lots of e-mail flying around and I feel that Iím missing the point somewhere round about new venues --- no record to beat so canít get a point but you can set one and so get that point anyway plus 1 for a new venue. Something to do with getting 12 points at a new venue I thinkÖ.. it will all become clear Ö.or so Iím told. Anyway Iím expecting you all to study the result sheets cos weíve sweated blood on them and hopefully you wonít find too many errors. (Please nice comments only). Iím not going to put in black and white who is leading cos that will only give you lot more ammunition to fire at me.

Amalgamation of Classes

Attached is a copy of the proposed amalgamation of the classes for this year as decided by Tí Committee at the beginning of this month. You have 14 days to protest and after that they will be set in stone till we change them again.

Bye for now,