Luffield Cars MGCC Speed Championship

 Luffs Stuff No 5

Hi all

Another month another newsletter

As usual we have some good news and some bad news. To get the bad over first,

        Scammonden is a dead parrot. F&M has seen to that.

        Finlake is the worst cup since the Titanic was declared unsinkable. We did have an agreement that the championship was invited, but they reneged on the agreement. As the championship is not invited, points cannot be claimed. Should you have an entry, and now not wish to compete, you should be able to claim your money back. Hmm.

        Prescott clashes with Eelmore, yes, but the entry for Prescott is very limited, so we felt that the choice should be available, both to count.

        Wiscome regs were sent out in Safety Fast, but only if you were in the correct area!!! After some moaning they used our printed labels, so you all should have the regs. If not please let us know.

        93 emails. Mike and I arrived back from the Six Hour race at Spa, (four days away,) to find so many emails that it took us three goes to download them. We cannot handle the volume or, in some cases, the tone, of this traffic, so alternative communication devices for serious queries are to be set up, see below.

And now the good news. (yes, there is some!)

        Thoresby Park is a two day event, and we have now been accepted for both days, thanks to John Willman who pulled strings for us, and Val Street who went along with our sob story. Both of the events may be declared a Hillclimb, the declaration must be made at signing on. You already have the entry form as both days are in the same booklet, so go for it!

        Communication is the secret of most relationships and we are finding that email is sometimes not helpful in that it often contains knee-jerk reactions and comments that have not been thought through. (My spell checker insisted on the hyphen, sorry.) We are setting up a bulletin board so you all can chat among yourselves to your hearts content. We will let you know as soon as possible. In the meanwhile please send serious stuff by old-fashioned mail, which will be sorted by return. Requests for action by email will be sorted ASAP, but remember that not everyone has email, so if a championship wide decision or reply is to be made, it can only be by newsletter.

The amalgamation of classes has been finalized by the committee and is attached. It was agreed that all the metros should all run together in 1 class as the were all well matched and seamed to have lots of fun competing against each other.

The results of both the North and the South are also attached and both David and I would be grateful if you would look kindly on them as we are both new but we would like to know if we have dropped any bricks.

Notes from Andy Long re Curborough

The MGCC Midland Centre summer sprint took place at Curborough on Sunday 5th August. Because of an earlier cancellation due to Foot and Mouth it was decided to run this event as a double lapper, not the single lap as originally planned. Over 40 MGs competed, out of a field of approximately 65 entries, ranging from an N type through to MGFs. It was for the most part a glorious sunny day, helped no doubt by my lack of predictions about the weather. The competition was as usual very friendly, with the usual jibes about various cars,(PINK!, Arkley??!*), and the usual exchange of advice. Im still not sure about holding second gear all the way through the first curve and onto the loop as advised,(whoops there goes another valve), but generally a good day was had by all with no major damage. The most shocking event of the day was when Jim Garvey managed to NOT spin off at all, not even a little bit. This is despite practising with the anti roll bar unbolted!,(dont ask). After bolting it back on for his timed runs he proceeded to go slower, unfortunately for me not slowly enough, and he went on to win the Road Going Specials (up to 2000cc) class. Congratulations to all the class winners, by the time you read this the results will have gone out, so you know who you are. Fastest MG of the day, and with it the Kimber trophy, went to Tom King in a very modified MG RV8, with a time of 62.30 seconds. This is a very impressive car, which whilst retaining the walnut dash, has a rear spoiler the size of a small dining table, and tyres that wouldnt look out of place rolling a lawn. FTD went to Dave Whitehead in a Pilbeam MP50,(54.24), best lady competitor was Amy Tomlin(66.05:Ray FF) and best novice was Chris Leigh(67.48:Caterham). Thanks to the Midland centre for a well organised event, and thanks to all the spectators, many of who turned up in MGs, which was good to see

Andy Long

Notes from me re 3 Sisters.

I think suffice to say that it rained and then it rained and then it rained some more. When we arrived we were assured by the weatherman that the rain (only slight) would ease. The practice was slow as cars were falling off left right and any other way that they could find. Eventually the time came for the MGs to run and although Danny had a red flag he elected not to go again as he thought that he would probably go slower. 2nd practice was even worse as the heavens decided to open just in time for the MGs. Piglet and Jim tried to keep out of trouble and Jims comment when he got back was that he either needed a new set of wipers or a white stick and a guide dog. Id opt for the new wipers but I must admit on the day it was a close call. Lunch was called and a time to try and get dry ready to get wet again in the afternoon session. And so the day got wetter and wetter. No records were broken and apart from being (dare I say it) wet fun was had Keith Williams brought the B home with a credible 112.68 seconds. Richard in the beautiful midget failed to start as the half shaft broke coming back from scrutineering. The cockshoot class was out and had a fine time competing against each other with Philip Broadhurst winning the class. Ken bound beat Stephen McKie in the modified midgets and Paul Drake did a stonking 100.66 in his MGBGT. In the road going specials David Coulthard won the class with Andy Long beating Jim to 2nd place. Terry Pigott took fastest time of the day with a time of 98.04. Well done everyone. Jean

We would be grateful to receive a write up from anyone on any of the events not already cover of even those that we have.

Next committee meeting at the beginning of September is the start of the compilations of next years calendar. Any thoughts that you have could you please put them in writing to one of the committee and they will duly be discussed (no doubt at great length). Dont worry if its after the meeting as this process takes a couple of months to sort.