International MG Show and Spares Day

at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, 19th February 2006

MG Montego Turbo on MG 'M' Group Stand

MG Maestro 1600 on MG 'M' Group Stand
MG Montego 2.0i on MG 'M' Group Stand MG Maestro Turbo on MGCC Stand
Another great day for the club at the MG Spares Day at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. Whilst there were not that many parts for these 1980's MGs, there was no lack of enthusiasm. The club stand was busy all day from 10am when the public were first allowed in until 4pm when the show closed. The MG 'M' Group displayed the maximum number of vehicles we could fit on the stand - this year an MG Montego 2.0i, MG Montego Turbo and MG Maestro 1600. There was also an MG Maestro Turbo (No.6) on the adjacent MG Car Club stand.
There were also some interesting MG 'M' cars for sale at the event. One of our members was selling the MG Maestro Turbo below and another new member bought the rare MG Metro Turbo Cabriolet. Also on sale was this MG Metro 1300 which had covered just 23,000 miles. A full review of this event will appear in the Spring 2006 edition of Forward!
MG Maestro Turbo no.172 for sale 'All White' MG Metro Turbo with unusual cabriolet conversion MG Metro 1300 with only 23,000 miles

Thanks to everyone who helped out, displayed their cars or just came along to have a chat.