MG 'M' GROUP at Bristol Classic Car Show

The MG 'M' GROUP (1998)


Sunday 12th June 2005

A great day made possible by so many people driving a great distance to prove to the people of Bristol that MG Maestros and Montegos rock! We had the second biggest club stand and several very interesting cars - I think the pictures say more about the day than I could - so here goes:

Thanks to The Maestro & Montego Owners Club and Triple-M for letting me use their forums to organise this event.

NEXT YEAR - Sunday 11th June 2006

Objective: To have the biggest stand at the show

Method: Everyone get their cars ready, cancel holiday, camp the night before, get your mate to bring your spare MG, buy an MG especially for the show.

Wish List: One of each of the seven cars: MG Metro 1300 & Turbo, MG Maestro 1600, EFi and Turbo, MG Montego EFi & Turbo. At least 8 MG Maestro Turbos - two in each colour! and just for fun an MG Montego Estate

That Famous Turbo Shot! They only made 505 MG Maestro Turbos in four colours - so we had one of each this year!

More Pictures - We took so many pictures that I have had to just provide links to them all!

Club Stand 1
Club Stand 2
Banner & EFis
Club Banner
Early MG Maestros
Azure EFi
Silver EFi
Racecar Gazebo
Racecar 19
Racecar & cabrio
Tony's Monty
MG Cabrio
MG 1600
MG Nuts Chilling
Neil's 2.0i
Neil's 2.0i
Al's Motor
Al's Alloys
Al's Car
2.0i Row
Twin Flame 2.0is
Jay's T16
Jay's T16 Motor
Old Skool Jay 1
Old Skool Jay 2
Old Skool Jay 3
Old Skool Jay 4
Old Skool Jay 5
Turbo 500a
Turbo 500b
Turbo 500c
Adam & Turbo
Turbo 434
Barry with 404
Turbo 404
Turbo 314 rear
Turbo 314a
Turbo 314b
Turbo Rears
Turbo bonnets 2
Turbos Again

Thanks to Jonathan Sellars, Dean Thomas, Neil Shorney and Alex Smith for supplying the photos used in the links