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MG Saloon Day
at Northampton and Lamport Railway
on 1st July 2007

MG Metro 25th Anniversary Display

In the week leading up to the The MG 'M' Group's national event, large parts of the country were flooded and the M1 had been shut both north and south of the venue. This did not stop a large turn-out of approximately 200 cars arriving with hundreds of enthusiasts ready to enjoy this unique day. For most of the day it was sunny and the occassional shower did not dampen spirits. This year, we were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the MG Metro so it was good to see so many on display.

Below are as many pictures of the cars as we could take but if we missed your car please e-mail your pictures here

Pre-1980 cars

Originally launched in 1959, this radical interpretation of the Mini was produced in 1989 using the engine from the MG Metro Turbo



Thanks to Jonathan Sellars for taking this photo


Post-2000 cars

Triumphs and Rovers

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