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MG Saloon Day 7 July 2013
at IWM Duxford

MG Montego, Car of the Show
Above, is the winner of "Car of the Show"
Below, left is winner of Best MG Maestro, Middle is Best Metro, Right is Master Class Winner (the darker Metro)
MG Mastro Turbo MG Metro TurboMaster Class Winning Austin Metro
MG Metros that weren't in the Pride of Ownership
MG Metros MG Maestros and Montegos
MG ZT display and MG 6 owners display
MG ZT ZT-T Display MG 6
MG Magnette Mk4 and an SD1
MG Magnette Mk 4 SD1
2 Lines of MG ZS
MG ZS Display MG ZS
MG ZS display from the front and the line of MG ZRs
MG ZS Display MG ZR
MG ZT V8 Display
MG ZT V8 Display MG ZT V8 Display
Rover Coupe Display and the RV8 joined the TFs
Rover Coupe Display Convertible Display
Monogram Display
Monogram Display

MG Lifestyle showed off their body-kitted ZT-T and other goodies
MG Lifestyle MG Lifestyle
MG 3 Concept


More pics soon

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