These pages contain links to MGTD/TF related clubs and organizations, parts suppliers, models, literature, other MGTD/TF related sites, and sites that are in the spirit of the MG. Appearance of a link on these pages in no way should be considered an endorsement by this website or its author. The following are some of the links that I find useful as an MGTD owner.


Clubs and organizations provide an excellent means to obtain information about your MGTD. There are many forms of clubs with as basic interests as British sports cars to dedicated MG T-Series organizations. Clubs are found all over the world, wherever there is an interest in preserving and enjoying the MGTD. If you cannot find a club that is local to you, I would suggest you try one of these organizations. They could most likely direct you to a club in your area or put you in contact with other enthusiasts in your geography.

Even if you cannot find a local club to join, you will find an immense amount of information and assistance by 'virtually' joining a club over the net. You might want to think about joining those clubs that provided a great deal of content on the Internet to insure that they provide this service in the future.


This section lists MGTD related gatherings that I am aware of in the coming months. These may be MG generic but more likely T-Type related.

GoF stands for Gathering of the Faithful. An event held by MG enthusiasts. These events are generally limited to pre 1956 models. First started in 1965 by Dick Knudson, GoF's are now put on on both coasts of America each year as well as other locations worldwide. In the East Coast there are two major GoF's yearly while in the West Coast there is one. There are also many 'Mini GoF's' put on by individual clubs during the year.

Parts/Suppliers New and Used

Some claim that there are more parts available for the MGTD today than there were shortly after production ceased in 1953. Clearly there is a vast array of options to choose from when buying your replacement parts. Try to pay particular attention to the quality and originality of the parts you purchase. When a part does not conform to its original appearance, let the supplier know that you only want parts that were original to the MGTD. It is responses like this that will insure that the MGTD is preserved in its original glory.


Companies that service MGTD/TF's.


A list of suppliers of MGTD/TF models.


Sources of literature for the MGTD/TF.


Original artwork featuring the MGTD/TF.


Other MGTD/TF Related Sites

An eclectic collection of things MGTD/TF that don't fit anywhere else.


Various videos with MGTD/TF related content. In many cases you will want to have your audio on mute. Be prepared for lots of non original images but seeing cars up close and moving is fun too.


Museums known to contain at least one MGTD or MGTF in their collection.

MG TF Links

Here are sites dedicated to the MGTF.

In the Spirit

Not directly related to the MGTD/TF, but in the spirit non the less.

Vintage Racing Sites

For Sale