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Extract from February's MGOC publication - Enjoying MG

Book Review

Colour MGB GT Restoration from Practical Classics
Practical Classics' readers may well be familiar with a long running series that commenced in 1994 detailing the restoration of an MGB GT. Now collated into a book, the result is an excellent, step-by-step guide that the knowledge enthusiast can follow and implement. Using their local specialists MGB Hive near Wisbech, the team choose a tatty but basically sound 1971 red BGT. As author Peter Simpson explains, everything the most down-at-heel MGB GT is likely to need is covered, from refurbishing the shell (including new sills, floorpans, castle sections etc and repairing inner wings), through to fitting new outer panels, overhauling the engine, gearbox, front suspension and brakes, refitting the interior and the long-but-important process of fitting everything back up together. All these jobs (and many more) are covered in full detail in the pages. He also mentions that the MGB Hive team who worked on this project are among the best I've worked with, the results speaking for themselves. Clearly and concisely presented, each and every page is liberally illustrated with relevant colour photographs, helping the reader to follow each stage with clarity. Anyone contemplating, or in the middle of, an MGB GT rebuild should definitely dip into this book. Available from the Club. (cat. No. 3507) at £15.95 (p&p free).

Drive Them till the Roads Wear Out by Deirdre Pyle
The Club was delighted to welcome Harry and Deirdre Pyle back in the summer of 1993, when they popped in to say hello in their 1947 MG TC. Hard to believe, they explained that they were in the TC. By the time they reached home, the little car had covered more than 53,000 km with only one day lost due to mechanical breakdown. Always promising to write a book about their incredible journey, Deirdre now details the places they visited and the characters they encountered, explaining: TC 2446 is responsible for far more than just covering the distance. It took us to places where we met, were often generously hosted, even feted by, hundreds of MG owners, most of whom we now count as life long friends. Amongst the travelogue, the MG camaraderie shines through. Illustrated with b/w and colour photos, this story is available from the Club (cat. No. 3516) at £7.95 (p&p free).

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