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Automatic clutches for all MG's

Further to our recent MG-ability program-sports cars for the Disabled Driver... AUTOMATIC CLUTCHES .... allowing you to change gear at the touch of a button mounted on the gear lever. You don't have to use your left leg at all... just like driving an automatic .. its as simple as that but is also very sophisticated and you keep all the control of your manual gearchange with none of the cost and fuel penalties of an automatic. Electronic programming gives smooth, quick, efficient clutch operation and at low speeds acts just like an auto box.

Here's how it operates, select neutral and start engine, depress the brake pedal and the clutch automatically depresses, select first gear, release the brake and the clutch comes up to the bite point, the car will just creep forward like an auto, accelerate and pull away, the clutch engages to match accelerator depression. Press gearlever button, change gear and release button, same up and down the box.

Coming to a stop, release accelerator and press brake, clutch disengages at preset rpm so engine will not stall. It takes 5 minutes to get used to and is just like an automatic. It can also be driven on a Restricted Auto licence and is available now for MGB's, Midgets, MGF's etc. Contact us for more information. You may also know someone who would love to drive an auto MG but until now has never had the opportunity.

We can also offer a promotional video for distribution free of charge - obviously we want it back so we even include a return envelope. It clearly shows what we can offer to the less able driver and hopefully will open up the world of classic MG motoring to people that could previously only dream of MG's.

Tel 0115 9615283, Fax 01159 611493, Email Nottmmg@aol.com

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