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Classic Car Newsgroup

We would like to get a Classic Sports Car's Newsgroup set up, this would give anybody with an interest in classic cars a place to chat about cars, swap stories, information on parts or dealers etc. To do this we need to find enough people who think that it is a good idea, we then need them to provide support, first by subscribing and posting to the newsgroup:
A suggestion that a new newsgroup should be set up has already been posted. Please post either on this thread (or feel free to start a new one's if you like - better still do both!) supporting the idea of a classic car group.

Once enough people support the idea a proposal will be posted and we will need your help to vote for it.

A newsgroup dedicated to british classic sportscars can only help all owners of classic sportscars by providing information, help contacts etc., we all need some help to keep our cars on the road, so please help.

Finally, spread the word around the net to all who would be interested, feel free to copy this to anyone you can find who would be interested.

Richard Sails

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