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Get your LBC covered

It's time to get your LBC all covered up and snug. So "GET YOUR LBC COVERED" with the Moss Top, Tonneau & Cover Sale - NOW through September 24, 1999. Little British Car Company (LBCarCo) has it all! We have all the great Moss sale items at a very special low price just for you - DON'T wait, order early to avoid possible backorders, at these prices you can't miss. Remember all orders must be in to LBCarCo no later then September 24, 1999. See our "GREAT COVER-UP SALE" area TODAY!

When you visit us don't forget to check out our great SPECIAL items, such as the Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition at a special savings and the FlameThrower 40,000 volt HOT coils. Oh! Don't forget we now have Halogen Headlamps at an unbelieveable price to go with our other great Halogen bulbs including the super bright Halogen instrument bulbs!

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