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Years of research produces MGA and T-Series toolkit

Dateline: Sydney Australia 14/1/00

A team of MG enthusiasts has finally been succesfull in producing a perfect copy of the original toolkit that was supplied by Nuffield with the MGA in the late 50's and early 60's. Using a combination of original blueprints and castings owned by a local foundry (MGA were assembled in the suburb of Zetland in Sydney)and a huge amount of research and comparison, the kit finally became a reality. For years, the only source of original tools was the auto jumble and this source has now dried up almost entirely. It is also difficult to tell if the original item is correct or not. The enthusiasts spent much time talking and comparing notes with British Heritage to ensuring the accuracy of every item. The hardest thing to reproduce was the material used for the toolroll and jack bag. The original was made from a latex covered hessian material and this has now been faithfully reproduced using the original method. The kit includes the 'bent wire' screwdriver, recess head screwdriver and the spanners have the correct size markings on them. It does not contain the grease gun as these are virtually impossible to reproduce in a cost effective way. The castings for the simplest of tools are unbelievably expensive. The tube spanners look simple to make but actually turned out to be the one of the hardest. The art of 'flaring' the ends into a nut shape is a 'forgotten' art and it was only through the chance meeting of an elderly gentleman toolmaker in Melbourne that it was possible to manufacture these items.

The MGA toolkit is as per original parts inventory (less the greasegun) and is exactly what was in the toolroll. They are very authentic and usable for both a show car or daily driver as they are fully functional. The kit complements the T-Series kit that has been advertised through magazines like "The Sacred Octagon". The kits appear in famous collections worldwide (for example, The Welch Collection in Vancouver). The first MGA kit sold recently to a gentleman in far north Norway!

The team are currently working on a reproduction of the original MGA/ZA 'Sutty' tyrepump and already have a T-Series one with is a perfect copy.

Pictures of the T and Y Series kits are available on: and you can ask for pictures and details about the MGA kit.

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