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  • H J Adler21 October 2016

    The pulley from the 72 engine should be a harmonic balancer, if it was original. You can tell by the rubber insert.

    My understanding is that a balancer was found necessary to stop crankshaft vibration that could lead to breaking.


  • Bob Beaumont21 October 2016

    I see Greg Knight chair of the commons all party group on historic vehicles supports the over 40's rule so I think it will be like pushing a ball uphill to get a change of view. I understand that he wants to see a seperation between moderns with a complex test and historics. Any bleating about annual checks,safety high performance etc is brushed aside on the basis that the majority of classic vehi...

  • David Billington21 October 2016


    I did think the angloparts item looked a bit different from my memory of those buttons on my frogeyes wheels, which was like your pic, but it has been a few years since I had the steel wheels as I found a nice set of 5 Exacton alloys in a local breaker from an FSO Polonoez and adapted them and ditched the steels. If you can post you email I'll contact you off board for dimensions if y...

  • GuyW21 October 2016

    Interesting detail.

    There is a chart in Vizard's book which lists volumes between the piston crown and the block surface for various bores. So for a +0.040" bore a piston to block clearance of 10 thou gives a volume of 1.02cc From this your piston / block deck volume of about 10cc (21cc total - 11cc piston dish) would mean the piston crown at tdc is around 0.10" below the block deck. (maybe...

  • J M Hutton21 October 2016

    Dave, thanks for the link - it shows the profile, but it looks very different to the rivets on my wheels (see pic) -should I be concerned?
    How is your lathe....... John.

  • Paul Walbran21 October 2016

    You have me at a disadvantage right at the moment, I am out of town for a few days so I can't re-measure to confirm, but my notes say the compression height (from the centre of the pin to the top of the piston at its outer edge) is 38.6mm for the Metro spec pistons, and 37.1mm for the std Midget pistons. If you get stuck let me know, my supplier (in UK) has stock and I can probably get sent direc...

  • Dave Hill21 October 2016

    Better still if you machine the carb bodies just deep enough to take the bushes pushed in from the outside, leaving a small solid stop on the inside. That is if using the bushes provided by Burlen. If doing it again I would make my own with a flange on the outside and finish them flush inside.
    Dave H

  • Dave O'Neill 221 October 2016

    Later 18v engines - rubber bumper - had a larger diameter pulley, although I'm not sure why.

  • R Biallas21 October 2016

    Sounds like a TTalk item INCLUDING A PICTURES AND DRAWING!!
    My setup is not original nor "snugged" up 'cause I keep having to remove the floorboards for something or another. My firewall is bent in spots so I have a time getting 3 of of 4 bolts to thread!

  • Paul Walbran21 October 2016

    It's always best to have the harmonic balancer, they are there for a reason. All Bs came out with them, or shall I say that my 1963 B certainly did and every other original B engine I have seen.

  • 1973 MG MIDGET RWA

    White.Off road since 2002.Unstarted project.Complete.Car runs with good oil pressure.Needs brakes/clutch sorting.Receipts for older restoration by MG Specialist prior to lay up but needs work.Offers.


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is 25k.

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