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  • John Quilter (TD8986) 18 June 2018

    Are there still places that will actually reline your shoes? I thought that service went away with concerns about the asbestos hazard. I have a few cores that I could get relined for spares.

  • Paul Barrow17 June 2018

    Pretty sure I have one on the shelf here but unknown what the condition of it is.

    Shipping would be expensive but then if you cannot get one in the UK ...


  • Timothy Burchfield17 June 2018

    Ed, you were correct. Thank you. My doors didn't fly open during somewhat aggressive cornering so I don't think my timbers are flexing too much. :-)



  • M Wood17 June 2018

    Looks like an Austin Sprite bonnet badge for sale on the UK bay of the e, item number: 202343910248


  • P Willows17 June 2018

    Many thanks. I might try Halfords Classic 20/50 on the assumption it won't have anything too aggressive in it.

  • A L SLATTERY17 June 2018

    You are correct David.
    There should be some "chassis packing" between the rails and the drive shaft cover, then the floor board go in - rear panels first, again with chassis packing around the edges, then the front floor panels, then the gearbox cover is last. You may need a thin strip of chassis packing where the drive shaft cover & gearbox cover overlap to make it draft proof.


  • Bob Beaumont17 June 2018

    I have AAU needles on my 1293 with twin HS4's. CR 10.5:1 29mm ex 35.7 inlet.246 high lift Kent cam Maniflow inlet and exhaust manifold. Nice torquey engine will potter around 20MPH in top with a 3.7 diff but cracks on when needed.

  • Nigel Atkins17 June 2018

    Disconnect the battery and take a reading. Then put the battery on a long, low, slow charge preferably with an old low-amp charger.

    Once fully recharged do a drain test on the battery by putting the headlights on for about 15-30 seconds then start the car 5 or 6 times off the battery and see what reading you get after this.

  • C Mee17 June 2018


    Good to hear you're on the mend.

    I'll never forget being knocked off my bike and jumped on by a FIAT many years ago. He was making a right turn and claims he didn't see me so he hit me broadside. Fortunately only cuts and bruises but, even though plenty of folk saw what happened after the 'Bang', nobody saw what lead up to it so the police wouldn't prosecute!


  • Flip Brühl17 June 2018

    Now it is getting interesting: after a day drive - the ignition light worked well- the battery is empty... :no starter motor, no windscreen wipers. Could it be the battery?


    Body off rebuild 1999 – 2002 body tints Elizabeth Grey & Shires Green.

    Modern black carpet moderate job. Vellum Beige seats & trim all original and not treated.

    Engine & gearbox rebuild 2001. Rear axle not stripped. Spare to be sold with the car include rear axle with universal in place, unused crown wheel and pinion and half shafts + the usual travelling items. New coil springs ...

  • MG ZS 180 2.5 V6 2004 VERY LOW MILEAGE £2000 ON.

    Beautiful car that has only done 49722 miles. Lovingly cared for inside and out by enthusiastic mechanic.
    Has not needed any major work just had timing belt replaced about 2 years ago.
    Has MOT to April 2019 but is not taxed.
    Log book says the colour is red but it is more burgundy - haven't seen any others this colour.


    The car is presently fitted with bolted removable sebring valances as in photos, which can be unbolted and replaced with the original chrome bumpers as standard. The original seats, and wheels come with the car.

    Price : 3000


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    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.


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    Most fully restored/excellent originals with
    comprehensive history.
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  • 1964 MGB

    1964 pull handle MGB with original engine; older restoration; rust free and straight sheetmetal; British racing green with black leather seats, black carpet and panels; roll bar, tonneau, top, wire wheels; 4 synchro trans.( I have a 3 synchro to go with it); British Motor Heritage paperwork; extensive repair/ restoration documentation; runs and drives very nice!