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  • Guy W10 October 2015

    Bernie, of course I know you didn't mean that. But legislation already attempts to prevent such a thing and the time is fast approaching when manufacturers will be required to design systems that would make oil changing at home an impossibility.

  • Bernie Higginson10 October 2015

    Guy. I didn't mean when I said empty it, to imply that one should dispose of the old oil irresponsibly, but to recycle it as in a normal oil change.
    You are probably right that there would be some sort of software arrangement to prevent the home mechanic from carrying out changes.

  • Guy W10 October 2015

    I hate public referenda. They are so divisive with protagonists on both sides taking more and more entrenched views. And then as the "debate" continues it can turn really ugly. Look what happened in the Scottish referendum! It became really unpleasant and for many left a pretty sour taste.

    Yes I believe in a form of democracy, but it should be by a system of election to form an accountable ...

  • Guy W10 October 2015

    At the very least "you" won't be able to take out the cartridge, empty and refill it! Anti pollution laws will prevent any such thing. It will be a licensed garage service item only, with the engine software arranged so that it has to be reset before the engine will start again.

    More likely still, will be the advent of non-fluid lubrication systems that use new materials for things like be...

  • Lawrence Slater10 October 2015

    And Onno's view is PRECISELY why we should vote to LEAVE!.

    Poor little UK. It can't survive in the global economy, or look after it's borders on it's own. It can't defend itself against aggressors, has a static -- soon to be shrinking birth rate etc bal bal bla -- ad nauseum.

    According to Merkel and her camp, "the empire has gone", and she is said to be getting "weary" of Cameron's ...

  • D Moore10 October 2015

    John - for 50k you can have my TF1500 :-)
    You won't find better and it is Southern Ireland so just a short hop down the road.

    If on the other had you really want to get someone to do all the work then Laurence Bushnell in Northern Ireland did all the work on mine. Full nut and bolt. It is outstanding. Looking at the receipts though you are looking at 2 years

    And yes the previous ...

  • Bernie Higginson10 October 2015

    The only thing new about this is the removable cartridge.
    It's just dry sump lubrication with a twist. The difference being, you remove the oil tank and fit a new one.
    I wonder if you'll be able to take out the cartridge,empty it, refill with fresh oil and refit it, or are they all sealed? As Prop says, if they are sealed, how do you check and top up?
    For sure, it will work out more expen...

  • Steve Gyles10 October 2015


    I will let you know if I spot one, but probably easier to make new one. Give it a year or two and who would know?


  • Peter Burgess Tuning10 October 2015

    Thanks for that Denis, I think I remember Jim saying he had to fettle it to fit.
    If you were to use an Eaton from scratch, how would you do it differently for better fitting of manifold to head, shape of manifold etc?

    These are the suggestions we have come up with so far;

    Jockey pulley and adjustable kit.
    6 row not 4 pulley
    better fit to head,in from side?
    heat shield?

  • Steve Gyles10 October 2015


    They had their use with me once. I had a 1934 PA 4-seater and a 1948 TC for a while. My socket set is also half Whitworth.



    1980 MGB Roadster in Vermillion with black interior.
    It has covered 81,000 miles from new and has a large history file and MoT certificates dating back to the 1980s to confirm the mileage.
    It has had a recent new exhaust system and replacement water pump.
    Excellent engine and gearbox, with fully working overdrive.
    In remarkable condition, having never been welded.
    Current MoT until ...

  • MGB GT V8

    I have a 1968 MGB GT V8 conversion for sale. Engine, transmission, rear differential built and installed. upgraded suspension installed. 60% complete with approx. 80% of the parts needed to completed. Have photos of restoration process to date.
    Vehicle located in Colville, WA, USA, and is part of an estate.
    Email or call, can email photos of restoration phases from start to present.


    Frogeye for sale
    Body shell totally restored with new panels.
    Complete with bonnet doors etc.
    Compete all parts boxed.Some new parts.
    Original excellent petrol tank .steering wheel , seal engine and gearbox.mileage unknown.
    Green log book. V5.etc
    Open to realistic offers.Please only genuine enquiries.
    Car is in Wales.
    Making way for a 3000 restoration.


  • 1951 TD MKII

    TD?C 5905 with original engine #6087. Partially restored in 1960.
    Shipped to Canada for the Rothmans Car Collection. In storage for 25 years. I purchased it in 1995 to drive. Excellent chrome, radial tires. a strong running car. Has original top and side curtains. No rust or rot or damage. Usual wear from 20 years of use. Car is in Canada. Asking 19,000.00 BPS. Enquiries Email <mgtdc@hotmail...


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