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  • E. R. Constant30 September 2014

    A couple of months ago I asked if anyone has had an opinion on these new springs. NO pads between springs they say. Does that indicate that you provide and insert yourself or you just don't use pads?

  • Rob Edwards30 September 2014

    >Appears to be change for change's sake.

    But apparently only for some. It's been black=unvisited link, blue=visited link for me for as long as I can remember.

  • Gene Gillam30 September 2014

    I read on another site that the 165/80/15 is very similar.

  • Gordon A Clark30 September 2014

    Here's where I would sell them ...

    Gord Clark
    Rockburn, Qué.

  • Bud Krueger 30 September 2014

    Tom, here's a page about installing a pair of incandescent lights: and then I found some LEDs: Bud

  • Lawrence Slater30 September 2014

    Ditto, Steve and David. lol.

  • D.A. Groen30 September 2014

    Dear participants of the Spridget meet in the Netherlands. I hope you enjoyed the weekend in our country. You had great weather those 2 days, so that was a nice advantage.

    As some of you noticed on the saturday morning there was a photographer next to the road when you were passing a beautiful white house. That was me.

    I was present at the museum and shoot some photos there, as well ...

  • D MATTHEWS30 September 2014

    Who really benefited from this scheme?

    Main Dealers and foreign car manufacturers.

    Who lost out from this scheme?

    The British taxpayer.
    Anyone making their living in the classic car industry.

    I fail to see how this was a boost to the domestic economy.


  • David Smith30 September 2014


  • Clive Berry30 September 2014

    Dave, I'm not so sure. A lot of perfectly good, cheap older cars were removed from the market. Used prices went up or if they didn't at least the bottom end of the gene pool was wiped out.

    As MLC says, the result was a huge boost to the Korean car industry.


    1959 MGA new red paint, new interior, new top, engine runs well, new clutch slave cylinder, needs brake work and recommend new tires
    Auction at Tomah, WI fairgrounds Oct 11, 2014


    Too many other projects and recent illness means I cannot continue to restore this car as it deserves. A once-cherished MGF has had new front wishbones, front discs, brake fluid, hubs, dampers, windscreen, glass hood, brake pipes and tyres fitted. PRT assembly and new coolant pipe available.78,500 miles.
    It needs the clutch bleeding and the underfloor coolant pipes replacing (available). S...

  • MG TD. RHD

    1950. TD with right hand dr
    Chrome wire wheels Paint could use help
    Runs very well.
    In the USA. Wisconsin. $16000


    1976 M.G.B Roadster

    Reg No: LMH 161 P
    M.O.T. Expiry: April 2015
    Chassis No: GHN5–398095G
    Engine No: 18V847H-8641

    This B Roadster is ready to enjoy and rally. We are informed the car performs well with no known faults.
    There is some service history which may be viewed on request.

    Estimate: £2,200 - £2,500

    This vehicle will appear in our auction on Wedn...


    Built on a 1500 Heritage body shell including doors, 99% rust free.
    Lenham Midget rear body professionally fitted under the guidance of a member of the original Lenham Sports Car garage. Including a new un-fitted Le Mans bonnet.
    Frontline telescopic front suspension fitted, Spax telescopic rear suspension fitted.
    Includes the following parts:
    1275 gearbox, needs refurbishment


    Unregistered MG Midget 1500, Manufactured February 1979, delivery miles (9) Vermilion, red/black interior and black hood. Complete with all original paperwork etc. Waxoiled and dry stored from new. Not run recently so will require new battery and re commissioning. £15500.


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