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  • Paul Hunt17 April 2014

    If there's nothing wrong with the head I wouldn't risk causing a problem by getting it converted, just carry on with using an additive. At 4p per litre (e.g. for Castrol Valvemaster)it's cheap enough.

  • Paul Hunt17 April 2014

    Correction, 14 degrees dynamic would occur at about 2000 rpm.

  • Paul Hunt17 April 2014

    If you do lean it out, only ever alter both carbs by the same amount in the same direction, or you will unbalance them.

    14 degrees, if that is at the original 1000rpm, is a lot more than it was previously, originally that figure would only have been reached at 4000 rpm. But as Michael and Paul say, the original figures are pretty meaningless with today's fuels and worn distributors, even i...

  • b higginson17 April 2014

    Before anyone comes on and says that this should be on the general section, if indeed it should be on at all, I would strongly disagree. I think this sort of "technical"discussion is quite important as it may help new ( and definitely younger, not for old boys this stuff) owners to be able to derive more pleasure from Midget ownership.


  • Paul Hunt17 April 2014

    Can leak from shaft seal, damper cover plate, and bottom plate. I gave up trying to seal them as well.

  • Nigel Atkins17 April 2014

    unlike me to remember such things

    as I've not put this up for a good while below is the contents page of my MK3 Midget Driver's Handbook (with GAN-4 supplement) to show how comprehensive the DHs are

  • Dave Squire 150017 April 2014

    The local authorities all have a responsibility for upkeep of the adopted roads. Private roads, car parks, peoples driveways, and un adopted roads (like the one to the back gate of our local school) are not their responsibility.

    Always take photos of pot holes and damage to vehicles there and then.

    There is someone responsible for the adopted roads at all LA's and they have a statuto...

  • TLW Wright17 April 2014

    with the end closed so the hood can be put down.

  • TLW Wright17 April 2014

    i know there have been many threads on this. but i thought maybe someone had not seen one they liked yet and might want one like this one. the piece was about 28 bucks plus freight. it comes with 2 different length arms. i used the shorter ones. it runs thru so both sides can be up.
    it is stainless. the ends have a plastic coating on them to keep the hood paint in tact. (hoep you can see that)...

  • Lawrence Slater17 April 2014

    Arie, bernie.

    Truly, I have tears of laughter rolling down my face. Brilliant. lol.

  • MG TC 1947

    MG TC Project car.
    This TC is at an advanced state of restauration. Selling due to health reasons. For more details contact Heinz Wenger +41793339968. Preis Euro 15000.00


    Beautiful restored example fully restored VGC . Plenty of history and pictures of rebuild . Chrome and wire wheels . O/D model .10K ONO. Pictures on request .


    Hi and Welcome to My Much loved MGZT CDTI Diesel

    I purchased my MGZT 1951 Diesel Automatic in Sept 2012 and has been an excellent Car ever since i am reluctantly selling her due to getting a Company Car, this ...


    A beautiful red, 1975 MG Midget 1500 for sale in Buckinghamshire, UK.

    This car has 55,000 miles from new and a large service history. Garaged for the past 13 years and on superb condition.

    The car has just undergone a lot of work, and is well worth a look.


    Restored by MGB Specialist.
    All chrome, interior (including dash) stripped and refurbished and reinstalled after professional painting was completed. Body restored on a rotisserie. All rust was removed, new rockers, inner sill support, jack points, castle rail, inner sill, and full floor panel properly welded in place. Interior surfaces were primed
    and painted with rust paint. Gas tank remo...

  • 1976 YELLOW MIDGET 1500.

    93,841miles, but only 6,000 since new, re-conditioned engine. Only one previous owner, full history. Good bodywork. Includes leather hood/tonneau covers, luggage rack, set of original rims. Current Tax/MoT. Reluctant sale due to circumstances. 3850.


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