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  • Lew Palmer25 April 2018

    I design and manufacture LED inserts for most British cars up to 1962. These are not bulbs, but purpose built light boards specific to the particular lamp model. Less expensive and brighter than most.

  • David Smith25 April 2018

    Stuart I think you can check / replace the reverse selector spring & ball with hte box in the car. You may need to release the 4 bolts holding the mount to the tunnel and jack up the back of the box a bit.
    Parts 105, 106 & 107.

    Also you can check out the bits included in #137 while you're at it, if not done already.

  • David Smith25 April 2018

    The bracket and strap was on all 1098 & 1275s; don't know about Frogs - I've never had one. I reckon they sometimes 'go missing' when exhaust centres fit new systems and find the bracket broken or badly damaged. They also get omitted when fitting LCB manifolds as the bracket won't fit round the larger pipe. I agree with Guy's analysis that LCBs don't need them as they are more rigid and do away wi...

  • S G Macfarlane25 April 2018

    Hi Jan
    Trying a number of different gear levers made no difference to the problem.
    Im now used to it so can change into third and fourth without a problem, as long as im not hanging on in a corner, but ultimately the issue still needs addressing at some point.
    When going from second into third there seems to be no resistance to stop you moving the lever too far to the right. and when g...

  • Steve Simmons25 April 2018

    It's possible they will save you one type of serious injury, but are just as likely to cause another. It's a gamble. And the worst injury you will probably get in a rear end collision will be neck and back-related because there are no headrests. Shoulder belts won't help with that. Then there is the age-old argument that shoulder belts are a problem in a rollover, but that's another ball of wa...

  • paulh425 April 2018

    Many modern cars these days have an external bulb failure warning system, which maybe something to do with CAN-bus. But it seems that only works with incandescent bulbs as well. To fit LEDs you have to use load resistors or get a continual bulb failure warning, and some LED units contain these. Fair enough they will report failures up to the bulb connector, but not if the LED elements start fai...

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2018

    True there are many considerations.

    I do wonder though if most (all?) suppliers and therefore users are told just to fill the box to the bottom of the filler hole regardless of which box it is and what car it came out of and is going in to.

    I've not seen or heard of problems of overfilling the T9, that's not to say there might not be any but it's not a big worry for me as my supp...

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2018

    Totally agree, as with many parts and suppliers it often pays to buy a full set from one reliable source rather than going for various sources and looking only at the least expensive.

    Whilst the LEDs don't give warning of corner failing most/all(?) models of the car don't give warning of fails on other lights, particularly important for the rear lights. Faulty/intermittent brake light sw...

  • Timothy Burchfield25 April 2018

    The correct email for Anthony Pearson is


  • Charles925 April 2018

    Have a look at PJM MOTORS Web site.They have head lining kits ,c pillar coverings etc.


    The car is presently fitted with bolted removable sebring valances as in photos, which can be unbolted and replaced with the original chrome bumpers as standard. The original seats, and wheels come with the car.

    Price : 3000

  • 57 MGA

    MGA with small Plinths, and front disc brakes, sitting on a cart and pulled apart with rusted sills. Needs F section repairs, and engine rebuild. Body still mounted to frame. Comes with numerous parts for a rebuild including two engine blocks, one three main, and one five. One professional re-furbed, and powder coated gas tank. Blasted and powder coated black fender splash panels, seat frames, hea...


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  • 1964 MGB

    1964 pull handle MGB with original engine; older restoration; rust free and straight sheetmetal; British racing green with black leather seats, black carpet and panels; roll bar, tonneau, top, wire wheels; 4 synchro trans.( I have a 3 synchro to go with it); British Motor Heritage paperwork; extensive repair/ restoration documentation; runs and drives very nice!

  • 1954 MGTF 1500

    Fully restored frame up restoration 1k miles since completion. Details available upon request. Photos available on my Facebook page: Michael Moryl Valparaiso Indiana