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  • M McAndrew28 August 2016

    Its still only early evening here, my guess is Malc's still in the garage and it might be late evening before he emerges from the dark place ;-)

    best of...

  • Steve Gyles28 August 2016


    The core of the original rad is 2" thick. Many modern cores are thinner. That's a starter for 10.

    The Attwood Bilge fan is a snug (interference) fit inside the trunking. Type Attwood into the archives search engine. There are lots about it there that should answer your questions. I think Barney also has a page or two.


  • YS Strom28 August 2016

    Blow by

    Driving between 70 and 90 kph in fifth gear caused severe damage. The forth piston had a blow by and aluminum got stuck on the cylinder wall; it was not at all in a hilly area. The other three pistons were slightly pitted. Fortunately the cylinder wall was not damaged. After drilling and new pistons installed, everything is ok again.

    The engine is equipped with a supercharge...

  • W Bretherton28 August 2016

    Another thing about filler. I don't think you should wet sand it because it absorbs water like a sponge. You certainly shouldn't drive around with unpainted filler on the car like many seem to. Same goes for cellulose primer. Cover with top coat even if it's only temporary.

  • S28 August 2016

    Well....what the hell happened! I cant take the suspense!

  • David Smith28 August 2016

    Very neat, but I never quite understood the concept of buying an open sports car, then fitting a device to stop the wind getting in your hair - thought that was the whole point!

  • T Norby28 August 2016

    I installed a new TRW MC in my TF 6 months ago. Everything performed well until these past few days when the brakes began to feel "squishy" for no reason. I did a full inspection with wire wheel drums removed. No leaking. All wheel cylinders are fairly new. My wife and I did TWO very thorough bleeding procedures this weekend. No change. Of course, there is fluid in the MC.
    This is the...

  • mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs28 August 2016

    I see what you mean I never had it back on both sides I have now had mine shortened it makes it much better to drive

  • AR Terry28 August 2016

    I did say stolen or sabotaged. So that's one count of sabotage

  • Jack New Forest28 August 2016

    I wasn't worried about getting fuel stolen, a friend of mine had dirt or sand or something put into his tank with a non locking cap !

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT SE 2003

    I'm selling my 2003 MG TF 135 Sprint special edition. Finished in X-Power Grey with black/grey leather and alcantara interior.

    Being the Sprint model, it has a number of upgraded features such as a coloured hood (grey), chrome pack, front fog lights and the Sports Pack 2: ABS, uprated 304mm front disc brakes and callipers and 16" eleven-spoke alloy wheels. It also has the optional windstop...


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is 25k.

    Information on the car is below:

    - 1958 car (AN5\3009). Fully restored in South Africa with photos to prove.
    - Original 948cc engine (matches heritage cert) now on 1 1/4 twin carbs, (develops 56bhp)....

  • MGA 1600 MK 2 COUPE

    Age now reluctantly forces me to sell my MGA Coupe mK 2 owned for 9 years Iris Blue original UK car with original reg 5 speed gearbox original engine 123 ign. chrome wire wheels Vredenstein tubeless tyres just completed 1000 mile tour of the north many mods for reliable driving agreed value 20k offers around 18500

  • MG YA 1949

    MGYA 1949

    Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

    Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.
    Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.
    Gear box - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.
    Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white as per photographs attached.
    Windows - All...


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