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  • MAndrus03 July 2015

    Not a bad idea.

    I looked in mine.... it's Dr. Terror's dungeon of horrors in there. I closed it back up, the peddle bushings can wait til winter.


  • TW Burchfield03 July 2015

    After cleaning what seemed like 60 + years of gunk out of the pedal box I wanted to ensure that I could seal up the box for future owners. I guess MG never made a seal for the clutch rod hole in the front of the pedal box. I found a firewall grommet that I thought I could modify to do the job. I cut off half of the grommet and inserted the other half from the inside of the box. I also cut off ...

  • LM Cook03 July 2015

    Bill -

    The gearbox with the "UA" stamp was not in my car. I'll check the chassis number on the car that it may have come from in a week or two.

    Some wild speculation ...

    > Stamped Number:
    Peter feels that the letter "U" refers to a TF gearbox. Wonder if the letter after "U" refers to the month that the gearbox was assembled, with "A" being the first month of production...

  • Paul Dean03 July 2015

    A supplementary question on this.

    Considering head bolts are carefully tightened in order I have always been nervous about undoing the rear head bolt to just fit this pipes support hence tend to leave the pipe just hanging. Do others have this concern or am I just a wimp.


  • Paul Dean03 July 2015

    This bit of MGA of history that may be of interest.

    If you are not members of MGCC (and hence read the latest edition of Safety Fast) you may not be aware of the relatively early death of Simon Robinson. Newer owner may not be aware of his position in the history of MGA restoration.

    In summary he probably produced the first replica parts for MGAs while operating from his uncle's mo...

  • Greybeard03 July 2015

    Not self-tappers on my 1500, although they look like them superficially as the heads have a Phillips screwdriver profile and not a hex.

    Could you get enough movement of the heater box to get at the solenoid mounting by unscrewing the self-tappers holding it down to the battery tray, without disconnecting the hoses?

    Alternatively if you pop the spring clips off you might ease the fron...

  • Bob Simpson03 July 2015

    Other minor inaccuracies. The original screen-mounted rear view mirror has been replaced by a scuttle mounted one. Interesting but non-standard gear knob. Colour of the central instrument panel seems incorrect & the spotlamp may not be an FT57. Not sure what it mounted on the RHS of the dashboard.

  • Paul Hunt03 July 2015

    It also takes about 7 amps, albeit just as a pulse when it clicks.

  • William Revit03 July 2015

    That Brooks saddle looks comfy
    I use Sele Italia vintage, It also is a reasonably wide seat and very comfortable if you're out all day
    No wedgie problems
    Most Treks are fairly good bikes.If yours is a chrome molly frame it should be a good bike
    52cm is a reasonably small bike but it is always better to err on the small side rather than trying to ride a monster

  • Greybeard03 July 2015

    'the inflection at the end of a sentence which makes it sound like a question? Very, very annoying and I believe an export from Oz?'

    Can't say it irritates me at all, but I think it's more Kiwi than Aussie. As is ending every sentence with 'eh?'

    As in 'Willie, eh?. His bike's rooted mate, eh?'

    Also the Kiwi way of pronouncing 'e' as 'i'. A great example was a local guy who ran...


    Has KPH speedo. Box sections and inner rear arches have been welded.
    Has all doors, boot lid locker cover, wings and bonnet, windows and seats. No engine,gearbox, half shafts ,steering rack or radiator/shell. Can be seen in UK. Never registered in UK. Possibly could deliver at cost.Can forward pictures.
    Sensible offers invited please

  • 1951 TD MKII

    TD?C 5905 with original engine #6087. Partially restored in 1960.
    Shipped to Canada for the Rothmans Car Collection. In storage for 25 years. I purchased it in 1995 to drive. Excellent chrome, radial tires. a strong running car. Has original top and side curtains. No rust or rot or damage. Usual wear from 20 years of use. Car is in Canada. Asking 23000.00 BPS. Enquiries Email <mgtdc@hotmail....

  • 1948 MG YA

    Non runner in need of restoration. It has been dry stored for over 40 years. Original body in solid state. Engine turns freely.
    Internal: Seats have good frames but in need of new cushions and covers. Wooden dash replaced with padded fabric. Original sunroof replaced by a perspex unit.
    External: Body appears solid. Excellant chromed grille shroud with what appears to be a new radiator. (So...

  • 1970 MK111 RALLY CAR

    1970 (TAX EXEMPT) MG Midget Historic Rally Car in Red with Black Hard Top
    1293cc fresh engine built by Phil Hepworth. (Not Run In Yet)
    Big Valve head, Omega Pistons, balanced bottom end
    MED XTR Rally/Sprint Camshaft with Duplex Timing Gear
    Hi-Torque Starter Motor
    Aldon dist with Igniter & Lucas Sports Coil.
    40 Dellorto Carb
    Crossflow radiatior
    Electric Fan
    Oil cooler<...


    I have a wonderful MKI, 1959 Frogeye sprite. Bodywork completely restored, English wheeled. All steel (no fibreglass) & painted original leaf green. RH drive (not an export). Rear axle restored & fitted (can be moved around like wheelbarrow!).

    Got a huge pile of parts for her, all genuine & original (engines, gearbox, seats, steering wheel, etc).

    Asking 11,000 minimum.



    I have been asked by someone I met recently if I could place an advert forthe sale ofthis frogeye with the club. I really know nothing about this vehicle apart from that it was registered in 1959 and would require some TLC.