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  • Jeremy Tickle28 April 2015

    Maybe only registered in 1982 after languishing on a dealer's forecourt?

    Agree with Prop especially about the engine bay, particularly in the video, looks a bit grim for NOS.

  • MAndrus28 April 2015

    I've yet to see one that looked good while up, and neat and tidy while down. Drops of blood can sometimes be found on the carpet.

    Following the TF, I think they got to designing the hood quite close to release date and gave it the 'ol 'good-nuf' and shoved them out the door half baked.

    But it IS a roadster after all.


  • Barney Gaylord28 April 2015

    The spare tire has to be locked in standard position in the boot. Then the top frame sits on top of the spare tire so the legs will not protrude so far forward or dig into the seats.

  • Bill Spohn28 April 2015

    William - I had one block bore nicely to 84 mm....and then when tested it broke through with pinholes into the water jacket due to core shift.

    Unless you sonic test the bores all the way down in a block you want to take out that far, it is really Russian roulette.

    While core shift tends to be more of a problem on later blocks, the one that 'holed' was an early 18GB!

  • Jeremy Tickle28 April 2015

    P Kiely - thanks will have to look you up on the net! Whereabouts in Southport did you meet?

    great minds think alike or is small minds seldom differ?! I too thought it was a fake but followed for a few fair miles. It looked original and sounded fabulous. If it was a fake it was a good one. Would loved to have seen it parked up and had a good look at it.

    'almost free' sorry I...

  • Bill Spohn28 April 2015

    "Probably best to not leave anything inside, and leave it unlocked, rather than risk somebody coming along and breaking an irreplaceable window to get in."

    Good thought, Del, but I know of several people that had their cars broken into because the thief assumed they were locked and didn't try the door.

    You probably need a sign saying things like 'No radio" and such.

    Dominic - ...

  • Patrick Callan28 April 2015

    Morning start and drive were very nice. Quick start-up, no audible click from the AOR valve. Smooth running and idle. Immediate shut down when key turned off - audible click from the AOR as soon as oil pressure dropped.
    One thing that I remember about the carb overflow ports. I had earlier disconnected them at the single juncture/split point, rather than from each carb, as I did this time. ...

  • JA Benjamin28 April 2015

    I am having a similar issue.
    I have just become aware that I have been installing the door latch incorrectly. I have been using only the first click. I did not realize that the hole in the striker should be the final resting place of the Latch.

    I have been able to get the right side door to latch.
    I am having issues with the left side door.

    I have also replaced the...

  • Graeme Williams28 April 2015

    Following your comment Jerry I emailed Richard about a speedo repair on a Frogeye and got a very quick and promising response. I'll give him a go!

  • Graeme Williams28 April 2015

    Sorry gentlemen to say this but I think the MGA hood is horrendous! For our USA colleagues I mean the soft weather gear top. On my Frogeye a sheet of fabric lifts off and tucks away somewhere in the boot. On my recently departed MkIV Sprite it folded down neatly around the back of the car and could be erected by one person in seconds.
    The MGA was obviously the version in between! It has a mind ...

  • MGA ROADSTER FOR SALE $16,000.00

    I have decided to sell my 1955 mga. I know some people say that mgas start with 56 model year. Mine was sold to me as a 55 and has a florida title 1955. Car number is HDD4311019. The car has had a lot done to it. Frame stripped and painted, brakes redone, new bushings in front end.
    Body was blasted, new f columns and rockers both sides, new rear valance and trunk floor. This car also had steel ...


    Unfortunately, due to my progressive handicap, I'm looking for a loving home for my Old Lady".
    Therefor unique chance for any lover of this YB type.
    Earlier "body-off" restoration(GB), two-tone (green/black wings), in very sound condition, including fully renewed interior (green/brown piping in superb condition. Also, very recently, extensively technically overhauled and ready to go -"safe...


    I am looking for a factory MGB V8.

    I will consider anything from a restoration project to a concours example.

  • 1955 BLACK TF-1500

    Chassis No. TF7507 (HDA 46/7507)
    Engine No. 48G/65 RS30027
    Build date 15 Oct. 1954

    The previous owner did a full frame-off paint restoration in Feb 2003 and a new ash frame some years prior to that. She has also had a replacement BMC Gold Seal 1500 CC engine installed some time ago that is solid and a stainless steel exhaust system at same time.
    Since we have owned her, the follow...


    Substantially restored about three years ago including full professional respray with new panels inserted. chrome bumpersFrontline Ford type 9 gearbox conversion, MX5 seats, originals available, safety roll bar,halogen lights inertia belts, towball, MOT ,good tyres,all excellent order drive it home.


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.