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  • George G.20 October 2016

    Still trying to figure this out. A couple of pictures in Clasager show the choke knob on the dash to the right of the speaker, and the starter knob to the left of the speaker, on LHD cars. Seems like it should be the opposite...?


  • S20 October 2016

    Trump says he will accept the election results if he wins! lol!

  • David Billington20 October 2016

    If I needed one I would just machine one up but then I have the facilities to do that. Out of curiosity I had a look at the angloparts site for the earlier sprite which those wheels were fitted to IIRC and looking at both wheel related sections I couldn't see the rivets so any link to a page that actually shows them?

  • J M Hutton20 October 2016

    Many thanks Dominic.

  • Bob McLeod TD 561820 October 2016

    I don't know how I can ever thank you guys enough for all the help and advice you have given me over these past several years. You have saved me a great deal of time, money and frustration. In this case Steve called it right. I found a loose shock mounting bolt on the right rear. I tightened it up and the "klunk" was gone.
    I was just about to order all new spring and shackle bushings since ...

  • Prop and the Blackhole Midget20 October 2016

    I have to give the hallow win to trump

    aside from the ...your a nasty woman and i wont accept the election results

    the dumpster fire looked really good... but its just to little to late

    at best i think he stopped the hemaerging but he didnt pick up any new voters

  • Paul Walbran20 October 2016

    Good to hear from you :-) The B is a tight fit around the suspension subframe, have you moved the engine back into the firewall or modified the subframe?

  • Dave Hill20 October 2016

    I think the cover is domed for stiffness as said above, but also for venting and the prevention of liquid oil entering the vent. The cork gasket underneath unusually covers the full area of the cover, but for a couple of holes. This and the air gap to the vented cover prevents liquid oil entering the vent. Its also a cheap way of making a cover.
    An alloy cover has to be stiffer and seal bette...

  • Dominic Clancy20 October 2016

    There is a gauge now on eBay that can be very easily updated to be a retro Judson gauge

  • Dave O'Neill 220 October 2016

    The simple way to test the fan motor is to disconnect the two wires at the motor and connect them to 12v and ground.

  • 1973 MG MIDGET RWA

    White.Off road since 2002.Unstarted project.Complete.Car runs with good oil pressure.Needs brakes/clutch sorting.Receipts for older restoration by MG Specialist prior to lay up but needs work.Offers.


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is 25k.

    Information on the car is below:

    - 1958 car (AN5\3009). Fully restored in South Africa with photos to prove.
    - Original 948cc engine (matches heritage cert) now on 1 1/4 twin carbs, (develops 56bhp)....


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
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