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  • erik 5123 May 2015


    I've been away for a few days.

    Thank you all for your kind words.

    A lot of work still has to be done, so I'll keep on going.


  • Allan Reeling23 May 2015

    Meant to add before I hit "the button", that it's pretty obvious just looking at the casting, but did the air thing to double check.

  • Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)23 May 2015

    I agree with Hugh the rebuild/fabrication process is very therapeutic and driving what you have created with your own hands is a real benefit. Showing the car is not that much fun ;) my TD should probably have been parted out it was so bad but it now looks and runs great. My current project is a low mileage TF but even it requires metal fabrication and most of the wood.

    If purchasing all ne...

  • Geoffrey M Baker23 May 2015

    I had an old 71 Volvo which had both problems... no defrost AND holes in the floor. I remember I had to let it run for 10 minutes before two small clear spots would appear in the rear window. And I patched floor holes using aluminum sheet and roofing tar.

  • Geoffrey M Baker23 May 2015

    Jim, I've already torn down the test jig (I needed to reassemble my drill press :) )...
    The purpose of the test was NOT to give a benchmark for the impellers and their output in a way which in any way matched the cooling system setup in the car, but simply to give an accurate comparison between the three impellers. There are a billion factors which will vary the output results (hose diameter, j...

  • SR Smith 123 May 2015

    First check is to test the dynamo.

    Pull off the 2 wires ans link the terminals with a short length of wire.

    Start the vehicle and let it idle. Fix one end of a 12v test lamp to earth and the other side to your linked wires. No need to rev the engine. The light should light brightly if the dynamo is ok.

    If it passes this test, refit the wires and carry out the same test...

  • Allan Reeling23 May 2015

    Paul, You are absolutely right. I have just blown compressed air through my spare inlet manifold. No doubt about it.

  • MG LaVerne23 May 2015

    I don't have measurements but the clip goes to the top and the screw to the bottom...7 1/8 sounds correct

  • Onno K23 May 2015

    Change over to an alternator.
    More reliable and more power

  • JA Benjamin23 May 2015


    You have done some very good work here.

    Can you tell me the ID of the output hose that you used? The one that goes into the water collection tank.

    If you are up to it, I would like to suggest an additional Investigation.

    First the distance from the center of the TD pump to the bottom of the radiator tank is about a foot.
    Your test was done at Zero h...

  • 63 MGB

    1963 roadster registered in 1964 so eligible for just about all events.
    Early, 3 bearing car, which was the subject of a meticulous, nut and bolt rebuild since being imported from California in 1991. No part of this MG was left untouched, with new interior, rebuilt bodyshell, rebuilt, original engine, unleaded conversion, rebuilt and powder coated suspension and cross member. It is Iris Blue 99...

  • FROGEYE 1959

    Austin Healey Sprite 1959

    Due to recent circumstances I have decided to sell my Sprite, it has been rebuilt from a bare shell, mechanically rebuilt, new interior, it has a 999cc half race engine on a Webber 45, front disc brakes, uprated rebuilt shockers, new tyres, etc... less than 50 miles since rebuild. All steel body, areas of the paint preparation could be improved and the previous own...

  • 1949 MG YT 4-SEATER 1 LITRE TOURER, 18,000

    1949 MG YT 4-seater 1 litre tourer in black with beige interior. YT EXR 2583 was exported to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and returned to the UK in the 1980s when it was given the registration number '3598 MG'. In the last eight years the car has been subject to considerable work including a complete engine rebuild, new carburettors and new rear leaf-springs but remains essentially original. It runs well ...

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT

    , Jan 2003 on a 52 plate.MOT 17 May 2016, Trophy Blue with a dark blue soft top. Half leather with Alcantara panels on seats and doors, inside rear light covers, chrome ash tray (never used), chrome door handles front fog lights 16 eleven spoked alloys and 4 pot front brake callipers, ABS brakes, wind deflector, half Tourneau cover, new rear brake discs, service history, has had a replacement hea...

  • MGF 1.8I 2001 BLUE

    Currently off road on SORN
    Used briefly last summer
    Will need some care and a trailer or trade plates
    Condition reasonable for age
    Priced for quick sale - need the space
    Private seller
    500 ono
    Dark blue
    Soft top only, with hood cover
    55,500 miles

  • MGA 1600 MK2 COUPE

    1961 Mga Mk 2 Coupe Iris Blue Original uk car with original rebuilt tuned engine and 5 speed gearbox(original Gbox & propshaft Available) over 30k spent on restoration 7 modifications. New Wire wheels & tyres;123 ign;Boot Rack;Fog & Spots;Believed genuine 69000miles superb condition featured in "my cool classic"Extensive records and History file offers over 20k