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  • Steve Wincze23 July 2014

    If this system works to your expectations, I would think that a version made out of (shiney) copper pipe and fittings would be more of a "period" type of instalation!


  • Lawrence Slater23 July 2014

    Hi Willy.

    No air bags, so no faces at risk. Only bums. LOL.

  • mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs23 July 2014

    just noticed that PO has filed new marks on dip stick can anybody help with measurements for dip stick ie length and distance for marks

  • William Revit23 July 2014

    Better there than in the garbo truck
    but still seems a waste
    cheers willy
    if you are going to blow an actual airbag make sure the mounting bracket or whatever is on the bottom and the exploding bag facing upwards otherwise the flying bracket will get you for sure i've seen one go and they are fast willy

  • David Cox23 July 2014

    IIRC this is meant to light up when your filter is blocked.. IMHO if you need a light to tell you when your filter needs changing you'd better give your keys to me..

  • dominic clancy23 July 2014

    One of the only things I have not been able to check is the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard. Is this supposed to light up when the ignition is on but the engine is not running. How can I test the switch?

  • dominic clancy23 July 2014

    For a cheap dual gauge replacement look at Leacy, they have them for half the price of the other vendors .

    Thanks too for the compliments. I installed the gauge tube much like Lawrence, but ther is quite a spiral against the inner wing to take up the excessive length. I had a Jaeger gauge that I thing was for an MGA, but have swapped the face for a Smiths one with Mark Hester who owns the...

  • Lawrence Slater23 July 2014

    Good job it wasn't worth much. It occurred after I blew them both, that I might have sold 'em on Ebay. But I've checked and there are plenty out there with no bids.

    I'd have been gutted if I just blew a few quid. LOL.

    Here's the vid.

    I take it you all know what I'm doing? -- Apart from detona...

  • m.j. moore23 July 2014

    Paul, If it's no trouble I wouldn't mind knowing the input backlash now the axle is good. When I did mine there was about 4 degrees of backlash on the prop. shaft. I estimated that just less than a third of this was due to backlash between the crown wheel/pinion.........................mike

  • Lawrence Slater23 July 2014

    " --- the only giveaway that it's not all original is the routing of the water temp capillary."

    I've often wondered what the "correct" route is for the water temp capillary.

    On my '73 midget, it was just routed from the head, under the HT leads, collected in a big coil beside the heater blower box, and shoved through the bulkhead. It didn't look right to me, and anyway it was broken....


    This MG Midget has a lot of history, being a very competitive car throughout its racing life. This car is now being sold on for the next generation to enjoy.
    The car has been competitive since the early Modsports days where it enjoyed great success. The Midget has had several upgrades to start getting it ready for competing but will need certain items, listed below.

    The car has a a grea...


    Show car condition #2+ (Hagerty criteria).
    Exterior Red with black leather interior and red piping.
    Local and regional car show winner.
    Rebuilt in 1998 on new Heritage body shell with special attention to Mk 1 configurations.
    Overdrive model.
    Chrome wire wheels with brand new tires.
    Tonneau cover.
    All instrumentation and switches in working order.
    1000 miles average per sum...


    -rust and accident free car sold new in California but spent most of its life in Nevada
    -bare shell repaint in 2005(two part expoxy primer, grey blocking primer, coloured primer, DuPont Centari II top coat.
    -All chrome replated in 3 part proces
    -engine rebuilt by Lawrie Alexander, British Sportscar Centre, Sacramento, CA
    -boosters rebuilt by Power Brake Exchange, San Jose, CA <...

  • 1960 MGA 1600 MK1 ROADSTER

    !960 MGA 1600 Mk1 Roadster in speedwell blue. Same owner since 1971. Genuine 56000 miles. Never rebuilt or restored. Always been dry stored, little used,but always kept in running order.Original green log book, every MoT. cert since 1971.Original leather seats. Original steering wheel. Original cross ply spare wheel in boot. Steel wheels with original Ace Alloy full wheel covers. Luggage rack, per...


    This is a complete nut and bolt restoration costing thousands, full receipts and photographic details before and after. has won prizes at all shows entered. avery unusual crowd puller. hood and interior by Suffolk and Turley in blue and cream
    engine all original numbers as with Salmons parts. runs quiet and smooth as it should. everything works as it should. 40,000 for quick sale.


    I'm moving to London so don't need my car anymore!

    The mileage is 66,000.

    I bought it for 1,700 about 8 months ago.

    There are a few scratches and I cracked the bumper at the back so selling it cheap! This should only cost around 200 to repair.

    The interior is customised with the yellow on some parts of the interior.


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