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  • John Backman31 March 2015

    Anyone have a set of instructions for the Vernier Timing Gear that they could share? I picked up just the adjustable camshaft gear from British Parts Northwest, alas no instructions were included. I could probably figure out the installation, but instructions will save a lot of fiddling.

    thanks, John

  • P Hehir31 March 2015

    Reactivated thread.

    Recently learned that a machine screw is not known as a machined screw but is correctly referred to as a machine screw, probably because it was manufactured as a machine part.

    In the first pic I posted above of the white TD, I believe there should be a rubber pad at the base of the scuttle hoop. I guess this goes under the floor & covers most of the exposed area?...

  • M Magilton31 March 2015

    If the trans cover has enough carpet use thumb tacks to pin it to the wooden floor and the tacks will be covered with the floor pieces.


  • Richard Cameron31 March 2015

    I'm not talking about run out of the flywheel clutch plate surface. What I'm talking about is the crankshaft flange outer surface where the Moss conversion seal will ride. I believe W.K.F Wood is stating the total dial indicator reading (T.I.R.) limits of the flywheel clutch surface.

  • Nick Nakorn31 March 2015

    Tony, Malc is correct; fit a vacuum advance.

  • JRN JIM31 March 2015

    Before ordering replacement cam followers, make sure your mechanic knows what type grind and material your cam is. Both of you should read the tappet information from Moss...

    Print out a copy and give it to him. There's a lot of good information pertinent to our old toys.

    Here's one clip from that file...


  • Bud Krueger 31 March 2015

    Rich, W.K.F Wood states a TIR limit of .002" as shown below. Is that the same measurement that you are referring to? Or, is he referring to the edge of the flywheel? TIA. Bud

  • Geoffrey M Baker31 March 2015

    Wow, something as simple as this selling for nearly $200 inc postage...
    Clearly there is a business opportunity here. Jim B, just substitute a zero for the O and you are golden.

  • Geoffrey M Baker31 March 2015

    I'll be meeting with the machine shop guy on Wed and can take pictures then. They were badly worn, most of the faces had tons of markings - much worse than Laverne's. One - the first one - had some edge damage but almost all had bad pitting from cam contact. I'll talk with him about resurfacing, but my initial impression was these had taken a beating. Now why they would wear worse than anything el...

  • JL Cheatham31 March 2015

    My T9 5-speed came with a drain plug. However, I understand that HiGear Engineering did not always provide them with drain plugs. If it will help, I will post a picture of mine later in the week. I will not be back home until Thursday.



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