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  • D Lamb30 March 2015

    Here here Paul well said.

  • D Lamb30 March 2015

    We have the same problem here in Ireland Tom in relation to getting original pieces rechromed and like you as a stop gap I have bought a number of chrome pieces from Moss. So far I have bought bumpers grill slats and some door handles and covers. Although in each case they all seam lighter than the originals I havnt yet had a problem. In the long run I do plan to get the originals rechromed but to...

  • DL Rezin29 March 2015

    A few yrs. ago when I was restoring my TD, I looked at the carbon throw out bearing and remembered the frustration of splitting a farmal tractor apart every year to replace the clutch bearing. Moss at that time had ballbearing unit,so I installed that. The car has been in many parades since with no troubles.Is there some reason they are no longer on the market.Would like to get one for my MGA I am...

  • LD Palmer29 March 2015

    Instead of HeliCoils, consider the use of a Product called Keen-serts. They are a hardened steel insert. They are easy to insert needing only a standard tap size to open up the hole. Then they screw in and lock in place. Generally cheaper than heli-coils (unless you already have the tap and tool), and cannot be over-torqued, and will never fall out. They are available in 8.00 X 1.00 size.

  • Peter Pope29 March 2015

    Jim B: Thanks for the info. I guess peripheral changes (eg lamp buckets) sometimes came in erratically. Your car must be just younger than mine (car no 12498, Engine XPAG TD2 LAX 12869, built 18 Dec 1951).
    Cheers, Peter

  • Cleve Crews29 March 2015

    All back in working order. New slave, master and hose.

  • R J Goebel29 March 2015


    Check the tension on the spring clip. Sounds like the problem I had while travelling The Great Ocean road, luckily at the end of the journey. The spring clip lost tension and the retaining pin fell out along with the clip.


  • Paul S Jennings29 March 2015

    All but 1 of my grease guns are Lincoln guns. I keep one on each tractor. The 1 that's not is a replacement for my air gun and it's not near as good as the Lincoln I wore out, which was my dads from the 50s. 60 years old and no parts available to repair it, I wonder why! LOL. PJ

  • MG LaVerne29 March 2015

    I'm a bit late but I received this information this morning.

    Phil Nesius worked for Arnolt at his Chicago dealership. He stated without reservation that no Arnolt arrived at the dealership with an XPEG. XPAG only. To his knowledge no XPEG exchanges were made before sale....however he admitted that they sat for years at the dealership and some deals may have been made that he was unaware...

  • MG LaVerne29 March 2015

    As a general policy I would always replace the throw out bearing and clutch when the engine is out unless it had just about no mileage...reason is're there and it's a pain to get everything out again to get at it later. Just my two cents.


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