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  • David Billington25 October 2014


    The front plate is punched steel but in my experience the backplate is cast and prone to cracking between a couple of the holes.

  • Paul Barrow25 October 2014

    You could always leave the lid on the shelf Bryan. I would go a long way before drilling any holes though as that is somewhat irreversible. Before you do that though, try storing your stuff in an inert container inside the battery box possibly.


  • Lawrence Slater25 October 2014

    Just how rich are you running?

    I've driven cars for months with the choke out, and not had the oil pressure drop that fast. Yours dropped in minutes, which suggests that the petrol must be flooding in.

    Sounds like more than a jet problem to me.

    So electric pump, not mechanical?

    Which one?

    Is the pressure too high, overcoming the float valve and squirting juice st...

  • Lawrence Slater25 October 2014

    w r holmnes

    " -- who, in the past have rubbished the value of factory original Spridgets and high quality restorations, also place little value on quality engineered upgrades. "

    Can you please cite a specific example of this? :).

    As for this being a relevant topic, unless classic cars owners live on a different planet, all topics in my view, are relevant;).

    On the wor...

  • Glynn Williams25 October 2014

    Thanks John - that all makes a lot of sense. I might just get one "made to measure" then based upon your experience and then source an appropriate sized Oilite bush to suit.

    Regarding the clutch, I had just picked up on the threads of other installations that going for a larger clutch at the same time was just "the done thing". If my existing clutch looks in good order when I dismantle it,...

  • Lawrence Slater25 October 2014

    I can do subtle sometimes Nick. lol.

    Hi Jeremy, your vehicle profile says your car is a 71. Are you buying / have you bought a later one too?

    It's ony 300 quid, and then you'll be free. :). Less if you SORN it in the winters.

  • Jamie Watt25 October 2014

    Hey guys,

    The mechanical pump is removed and blanked off and I have an electric pump instead. The weber does run extremely rich and I reckon I'll have to get them re-jetted at some point to calm the mixture down. Given all this hassle maybe I should be doing it sooner rather than later. I'll also check the cut-off valve is working in the float chamber.

    Prop - I'm going to have to wai...

  • Lawrence Slater25 October 2014

    I checked my 1275 back and front plates yesterday. They don't look cast to me.

    Would the 1098 plates be different?

    Here's a pic of my engine front plate, showing a stamped hole. I posted it previously on the oil sucking threads, and it was concluded that the hole was stamped, causing it to look laminated.

    Would a hole be stamped in a cast item?

    So if not cast, why not w...

  • Lawrence Slater25 October 2014

    Contrat's on the first part Jamie. :).

    It now seems far less likely that the pressure relief valve is the culprit, but it's still worth checking, since it's hard to imagine that much petrol dumping into the sump without you noticing the smell.

    However, since the oil was indeed that thin, and if the engine was filled with the correct oil 2 years ago, and it's hardly been used, there c...

  • B Mellem25 October 2014

    The regulator is a new replacement along with the battery, but it did seem on the ammeter to be charging at a constant 10 amps so I have given it a little tweek down to 5 amps. The cloth in question is a natural fibre one, but over the years has eaten other ones. I still wonder if a box cover is a good thing. Bryan


    little mg tf with mot till september 2015 service history stamps and some paperwork up to 67415 last serviced may 2014
    , Cloth Interior, 15" alloys, CD Player, Electric front windows, Electric door mirrors, Heated door mirrors, Speed sensitive power steering, Anti-lock brake system, , Perimetric anti theft alarm, Immobiliser, Drivers Airbag, Sports seats, Sebring cloth trim, Alloy gear knob, ...

  • 1998 MGF 1.8,

    1998 MGF 1.8, 89000 miles In lovely silver, car comes with a full years MOT and under new laws the new owner will have to Tax the car, the car has just had a Major service with the following items being replace; Air Filter, Oil filter, Distributor cap and rotor arm, oil change just carried out, car has just had a brand new Catalytic converter fitted to solve an emissions issue for the MOT, the cam...


    1961 Austin healey Sprite with Original Ashley Hardtop - Works Monte carlo rally inspired
    Finished in Signal red
    Original Mk2 Black Seats with red piping
    New carpet set with Dynomat insulation throughout
    Nut and Bolt restoration
    Almost every part has been replaced or reconditioned
    Features a rebuilt 1275cc engine with reconditioned gearbox and new clutch
    Front cross drilled a...


    3 projects, age, health and a reality check is reason for sale of this 77 MBB, 50th Anniverary edition BRG MGB with a V8 Rover and Camaro T-5 trans. Body all original and rust free, no issues. Engine runs great car need 2 things to get on the road. Installation of a throw-out bearing (provided) and the installation of a ignition switch (provided). I have other xtra parts (carburator)which will con...


    Built on a 1500 Heritage body shell including doors, 99% rust free.
    Lenham Midget rear body professionally fitted under the guidance of a member of the original Lenham Sports Car garage. Including a new un-fitted Le Mans bonnet.
    Frontline telescopic front suspension fitted, Spax telescopic rear suspension fitted.
    Includes the following parts:
    1275 gearbox, needs refurbishment


    Unregistered MG Midget 1500, Manufactured February 1979, delivery miles (9) Vermilion, red/black interior and black hood. Complete with all original paperwork etc. Waxoiled and dry stored from new. Not run recently so will require new battery and re commissioning. 15500.


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