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  • Rob Grantham16 July 2018

    On our TFs,I use Champion N5C. As has already been indicated, watch for the correct reach.

    Rob Grantham

  • Nigel Atkins16 July 2018

    B*gger, forgot the graph to show 20w-50 range against gear oil range -

  • Nigel Atkins16 July 2018

    most find, a good quality, 20w-50 engine oil fine in the gearbox provided it's not left in too long or the level allowed to drop too much. It's not too thin if the oil isn't too old or too worn. Surprisingly even owners that change the engine oil every year neglect changing the engine oil in the gearbox or even checking the level.

    A thorough change of oil might help if it's ...

  • David Billington16 July 2018


    Using the mini front dampers that doesn't surprise me as they operate about half way along the upper link so have a short travel, the mini rear dampers connect to the wheel end of the swing arm IIRC so a far more likely candidate. I added different lower pick-ups to the rear axle and small turrets in the top of the axle hump and used a similar damper. The rear dampers from the Spax ki...

  • Lew Palmer15 July 2018

    Filled or not filled, diggen the filler out will not disturb the strength.

  • Nigel Atkins15 July 2018

    Well done. Talk about missing the bleeding obvious! I've always had an added-in separate switch on my car that I'd totally forgot about the original blower switch.

  • C MADGE15 July 2018

    Thanks Dave. That makes more sense now.
    It was a while ago when I took the exhaust off and I donít recall removing any mid section bracket. I kept all the original fittings, and thereís definitely only the two rear mounts, so the mid section mount was a mystery.

  • Dave O'Neill 215 July 2018

    The middle mounting attaches to the rear bulkhead.

  • Dave O'Neill 215 July 2018

    The wings changed in Ď68 I believe, prior to the slim bumpers.

  • C MADGE15 July 2018

    Iím in the process of putting various bits back onto my 1500 after some welding on the underside.

    How does the mid section of the exhaust attach to the underside? (I have the rear mounts sorted) My floors are new are there doesnít seem to be any mounting holes for brackets. The Moss catalogue shows the bracket but not how it attaches to the car.

  • MGA 1600 MARK 1. 1960

    MGA 1600 Mk1 1960

    The car was subject to a full body off restoration, late 1990ís (numerous photos available), and was acquired by me in 2007 (minimal usage since). Various jobs / improvements completed since then (see below) with various receipts available.

    The car starts and drives well (professionally tuned) and is in excellent overall condition (see photos). The car is not...


    My 1953 YB, with YMG registration number.
    Older body restoration, re-upholstered in 2007 and currently being re-wired by MG specialists.
    13 years in my ownership, and maintained by Peter Edney,Classic and Sports Cars and MG Mecca.
    The usual reluctant sale - offers around £11,000
    Register an interest by email.


    For Sale: 1964 MGB roadster. Been in barn for years. Lots of body panels already cut out. Replacement panels go with it. All original including hardtop, new soft top, 2 tunnel covers priced at $2500 obo.


    The car is presently fitted with bolted removable sebring valances as in photos, which can be unbolted and replaced with the original chrome bumpers as standard. The original seats, and wheels come with the car.

    Price : 3000

  • 57 MGA $4000. OBO

    MGA with small Plinths, and front disc brakes, sitting on a cart and pulled apart with rusted sills. Needs F section repairs, and engine rebuild. Body still mounted to frame. Comes with numerous parts for a rebuild including two engine blocks, one three main, and one five. One professional re-furbed, and powder coated gas tank. Blasted and powder coated black fender splash panels, seat frames, hea...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.