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  • Prop and the Blackhole Midget 24 May 2015

    Here a usa gallon of diesel is $2.70, in aus dollars its .... $3.44 per usa gallon


  • Lawrence Slater24 May 2015

    Looks like you're right RS. A cheap window in a cheap hood. But I've been reading loads of stuff, and even more expensive materials go the same way, and here's why.

    Found this description on

    "The rear window on your soft top is special, too. Many soft-top cars have rear windows made of a clear vinyl. This allows the window to...

  • Allan Reeling24 May 2015

    The "known to work", does what it says on the tin!!! Brakes now working perfectly!!! So one has to assume the re-sleeved and re-built servo has a fault.
    Are the bores too tight? Will have to investigate because "I HAVE TO KNOW"!

  • Paul S Jennings24 May 2015

    The unique thing about this site is it gives the battery numbers, sizes and cranking amps that were in each individual car. Just click on the battery button and pick what car you have, it'll tell you what battery it should have. You can print out any of the lists. PJ

  • Paul S Jennings24 May 2015

    Tom, You might find a set screw the right size with a hex recess for an Allen wrench. Since they weren't an original item, you could re tap it for a set screw with different threads. Who's to know. The pair I have look like new, but I'm setting those aside with the 4 extra arms I have, you never know. PJ

  • RS Hughes24 May 2015

    If I had to guess Lawrence I'd imagine your window is made of polypropylene. Same stuff pop bottles and that horrible cheapo blue rope is made from.

    So I concur with you that it's to do with the quality of material.

    UV light just eats polyprop.

  • john payne24 May 2015

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes ebay to get rid of all his listings.

    I'm not sure what the scam can be though, maybe leaving your mobile number means you get a call giving more info and then asking for a deposit to secure the item.

    The story I got when I emailled the similar dodgy listing was that her father had died and she had been left the vehicle in the will, she ...

  • J. M. Haskins24 May 2015

    Dave H.

    As of yesterday the auto parts stores were full of seal beam head lights. Of course here in Florida we discontinued motor vehicle inspections in 1977. Still can not find a statistical change in safety.


    Jim Haskins

  • RS Hughes24 May 2015

    This is what I use when rewiring boats and stuff. Cheap, effective, very durable.
    Easy to install. Easy to remove if you want to alter/replace wiring - then just wind it back on afterwards.
    Wires can break out of the loom anywhere you like.

    We use miles of the stuff offshore too.

    Well you did say you're not tied to originality!

  • J. M. Haskins24 May 2015

    I hate to sound like a broken record on this issue but repeated bad experiences have proven to me that ethanol free gas is far superior.
    1. The engin runs stronger.
    2. Gas milage is better.
    3. If the car is an occasional drive the storage time has less effect on ethanol free gas.
    I have found this on multiple occasions with every internal combustion engine that I own.


  • 63 MGB

    1963 roadster registered in 1964 so eligible for just about all events.
    Early, 3 bearing car, which was the subject of a meticulous, nut and bolt rebuild since being imported from California in 1991. No part of this MG was left untouched, with new interior, rebuilt bodyshell, rebuilt, original engine, unleaded conversion, rebuilt and powder coated suspension and cross member. It is Iris Blue 99...

  • FROGEYE 1959

    Austin Healey Sprite 1959

    Due to recent circumstances I have decided to sell my Sprite, it has been rebuilt from a bare shell, mechanically rebuilt, new interior, it has a 999cc half race engine on a Webber 45, front disc brakes, uprated rebuilt shockers, new tyres, etc... less than 50 miles since rebuild. All steel body, areas of the paint preparation could be improved and the previous own...

  • 1949 MG YT 4-SEATER 1 LITRE TOURER, 18,000

    1949 MG YT 4-seater 1 litre tourer in black with beige interior. YT EXR 2583 was exported to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and returned to the UK in the 1980s when it was given the registration number '3598 MG'. In the last eight years the car has been subject to considerable work including a complete engine rebuild, new carburettors and new rear leaf-springs but remains essentially original. It runs well ...

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT

    , Jan 2003 on a 52 plate.MOT 17 May 2016, Trophy Blue with a dark blue soft top. Half leather with Alcantara panels on seats and doors, inside rear light covers, chrome ash tray (never used), chrome door handles front fog lights 16 eleven spoked alloys and 4 pot front brake callipers, ABS brakes, wind deflector, half Tourneau cover, new rear brake discs, service history, has had a replacement hea...

  • MGA 1600 MK2 COUPE

    1961 Mga Mk 2 Coupe Iris Blue Original uk car with original rebuilt tuned engine and 5 speed gearbox(original Gbox & propshaft Available) over 30k spent on restoration 7 modifications. New Wire wheels & tyres;123 ign;Boot Rack;Fog & Spots;Believed genuine 69000miles superb condition featured in "my cool classic"Extensive records and History file offers over 20k


    I am looking for a factory MGB V8.

    I will consider anything from a restoration project to a concours example.