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  • E Winters26 October 2014

    This is the time of year when we all think about the antifreeze protection in our precious little XPAGs and I am going to stick with the bog standard blue stuff .
    Just got 5 l. from my local car bits shop and its cheap and reliable .
    The dilution says down to -39 C at 50% dilution so what dilution should I use .

  • Lawrence Slater26 October 2014

    Yeah, kind of depressed me too. I've been re-listening to Cream since hearing that.

    Great write up on him in the Telegraph.


    Jack Bruce was once the greatest bassist in the world

    Jack Bruce unleashed the potential of the bass ...

  • W. A. Chasser Jr26 October 2014

    Single stage urethanes will likely be the way to go. I chose to go with a two stage because I wanted added protection of the base color. Lacquers do not hold up well and will begin to fail after a few years. Urethanes or imrons are more pliable and will take some abuse without chipping or cracking after the lacquer is falling apart. IMHO

  • W. A. Chasser Jr26 October 2014

    It may be legal in portions of all states, but I can tell you lacquers are not permissible in densely populated counties and urban areas. Sacramento county, CA has had a ban on Lacquer paints for well over 10 years while in adjoining counties in the foothills have no such restrictions.

  • Mike Ellsmore26 October 2014

    Do you have a photo of the belt you wish to fit - not sure what a 3 point racing harness looks like - is it same as lap sash - most racing harnesses are 4, 5 or 6 point?

  • Mike Ellsmore26 October 2014

    Hi Paul, I have an MGA with a 3 brg B engine that has about 20000 kms on it. Oil pressure comes up within 1-2 secs of starting and goes to 65-70 psi at idle when cold. When warm runs at 70 psi all day when driving 1500- 5500 rev range - operating temp 180-190 deg F depending on ambient temp and traffic. At idle when hot oil pressure drops back to 50-55 psi (gauge flickers at idle). Idle speed 650 ...

  • Bruce Cunha26 October 2014

    Ok, after some more looking, there is at least one company in the US that supplies Nitro-cellulose paint. According to their web site ( it is legal for use in all 50 states.

    Think I will order mine up from them. Prices are not all that bad.

  • Bruce Cunha26 October 2014


    I did a bit of looking and it looks like you can get Cellulose paint from the UK. 5 liters is about 1.3 gallons for less than $100.

    As for the legality of using it, Tomy is correct, different states have different regulations, but if you are doing it yourself, if you can get it shipped to you, unsure if there would be an issue.

    I very well may look into this


  • tm peterson26 October 2014

    Geoffrey, one of the posters here, years ago provided numbers of the water temps at various points in the system. The max temp differential between the "hottest" point in the cooling system a(thermostat housing" and the coolest point (rear of head) was 7C. It was not worth it to me for 7C to modify the thermostat housing, run a heat dissipating hose run to the firewall for 7C when I could tap of...

  • tm peterson26 October 2014

    Local or state ordinances vary in regard to what is allowed..also it varies whether commercial shop or hobbiest. Regards, tomy


    little mg tf with mot till september 2015 service history stamps and some paperwork up to 67415 last serviced may 2014
    , Cloth Interior, 15" alloys, CD Player, Electric front windows, Electric door mirrors, Heated door mirrors, Speed sensitive power steering, Anti-lock brake system, , Perimetric anti theft alarm, Immobiliser, Drivers Airbag, Sports seats, Sebring cloth trim, Alloy gear knob, ...

  • 1998 MGF 1.8,

    1998 MGF 1.8, 89000 miles In lovely silver, car comes with a full years MOT and under new laws the new owner will have to Tax the car, the car has just had a Major service with the following items being replace; Air Filter, Oil filter, Distributor cap and rotor arm, oil change just carried out, car has just had a brand new Catalytic converter fitted to solve an emissions issue for the MOT, the cam...


    1961 Austin healey Sprite with Original Ashley Hardtop - Works Monte carlo rally inspired
    Finished in Signal red
    Original Mk2 Black Seats with red piping
    New carpet set with Dynomat insulation throughout
    Nut and Bolt restoration
    Almost every part has been replaced or reconditioned
    Features a rebuilt 1275cc engine with reconditioned gearbox and new clutch
    Front cross drilled a...


    3 projects, age, health and a reality check is reason for sale of this 77 MBB, 50th Anniverary edition BRG MGB with a V8 Rover and Camaro T-5 trans. Body all original and rust free, no issues. Engine runs great car need 2 things to get on the road. Installation of a throw-out bearing (provided) and the installation of a ignition switch (provided). I have other xtra parts (carburator)which will con...


    Built on a 1500 Heritage body shell including doors, 99% rust free.
    Lenham Midget rear body professionally fitted under the guidance of a member of the original Lenham Sports Car garage. Including a new un-fitted Le Mans bonnet.
    Frontline telescopic front suspension fitted, Spax telescopic rear suspension fitted.
    Includes the following parts:
    1275 gearbox, needs refurbishment


    Unregistered MG Midget 1500, Manufactured February 1979, delivery miles (9) Vermilion, red/black interior and black hood. Complete with all original paperwork etc. Waxoiled and dry stored from new. Not run recently so will require new battery and re commissioning. 15500.


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