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  • Allan Reeling26 April 2018

    Paul, I wonder what NGK mean by "very old low output ignition systems?" I can't remember exactly where I read the piece on resister leads and plugs, but it seemed to make sense. Anyway I don't fit them, not an ECU in site???

  • Steve Gyles26 April 2018

    My bracket just arrived. Should do the trick.


  • C I Twidle26 April 2018

    As my TF tub is still in rather a lot of pieces it is something of a bare page for potential changes. I wasn’t able to completely appreciate the shoulder strap mounting point in Dave Moore’s harness but was pondering the possibility of adding some discreet reinforcement to the upper rear of the tub to provide an anchorage for a harness rather than what appears to be a point close to the floor.

  • paulh426 April 2018

    The double resistance is actually for two different things. Lead resistance (either carbon string or silicone) is historic to prevent interference with AM signals externally and internally, plug resistance is to prevent interference to modern on-board ECU systems. NGK says:

    "As well as reducing electrical noise for radio, television and mobile telephones etc, many modern ignition system...

  • Nick and Cherry Scoop26 April 2018

    Drums on mine, Mark. Everything except the master cylinder and its pistons is new.

  • Dave O'Neill 226 April 2018

    Yes, that's it.

  • Allan Reeling26 April 2018

    Paul is absolutely right, but bear in mind the BP"R" plugs are resistor plugs and if you are using any of the modern silicone, etc., plug leads they actually also act as resistors. The resistance is there mainly to suppress RF interference. Having a double resistance, i.e., plugs AND leads is not good.
    The heat range signifies the plugs ability to conduct heat from the plug tip to the cylinder...

  • S G Macfarlane26 April 2018

    is this the offending item?

  • Stuart Duncan26 April 2018

    Just been watching a 2013 episode (Episode 9) of "Father Brown - The Mayor and the Magician" and near the end there is a cream MG YT which is supposedly driven into a tree. (not sure if the YT appears elsewhere in the episode).



  • Nigel Atkins26 April 2018

    You can do a one person bleed by gravity or pushing the pedal. You could support the jar with something like a couple of bricks to make it more stable.

    This chap pushes the pedal -


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  • 1964 MGB

    1964 pull handle MGB with original engine; older restoration; rust free and straight sheetmetal; British racing green with black leather seats, black carpet and panels; roll bar, tonneau, top, wire wheels; 4 synchro trans.( I have a 3 synchro to go with it); British Motor Heritage paperwork; extensive repair/ restoration documentation; runs and drives very nice!

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