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  • Gord Clark03 May 2016


    At current exchange rates (.682 US$ to the ), that comes out to about $28,000 US$. Add another $4,000 for shipping (RO-RO or container) and brokerage, etc. and you're looking at $32,000 US$. That kind of money will buy an above-average TF, bordering perhaps on a show quality TF.

    I might suggest two things Malcolm:- T-Series cars fetch much higher prices in Europe than they ...

  • t lange03 May 2016

    See the thread, appropriately, "Engine Lock Wire" in the archives for the proper positioning of the two wires.

    Tom Lange
    MGT Repair

  • MAndrus03 May 2016

    Remember Jud, if you do go back to points, you'll have to re-wire the coil.

    Pertronix, 2 wires. Points, 1 wire.

    In the TD, (pertronix in a stock dizzy) I keep the points plate and a wire diagram.

  • DW DuBois03 May 2016

    I am 6" 2", my wife is 5' 3" and we via for the use of the TD. I have the seat back as far back as possible and my wife has a pillow that puts her close enough to reach the pedals. We have owned and driven our TD since 1974, complete with 2 kids (they would probably hang us with today's laws about child seats) and a 90 pound German Shepard. If your potential buyer wants a really great car for f...

  • John Quilter03 May 2016

    I'm 6'5" and fit but that is with no under dash panel (that is where my knees go) and a extra modified seat cushion with a lower profile. Never drive the car with the top up as I would not be able to see the high mounted traffic lights that this state seems insistent on doing in contrast to other states that place at least one on a pole on the RH curb side about 10 feet off the ground. Biggest p...

  • D mckellar03 May 2016

    I think it was.

  • Larry Brown03 May 2016

    Need some for YB0944, but wanted to comment on your car. Nice. Larry

  • prop03 May 2016

    Well... im thinking bad battrey

    i just got home and put a charger on it... the charger is saying its got 12 volts and is 70% charged

    but the battrey wont turn over the starter

    so im thinking the battry may have some dead cells

    then agian... if car gauge is showing 10 and the charger is showing 12 volts... it could just be some bad grounds

  • G Burgess03 May 2016


    I'm just shy of 6'3", 220 lbs and I just fit.
    The first week I had the TF I almost ran over two older ladies in a crosswalk when I didn't see the crosswalk lights because the top of the windshield frame was at eye level.

    I barely missed swinging around them at the last second and stopped 15 feet past them. What really hurt was when one old gal shook her fist at me and yelle...

  • P Hehir03 May 2016

    Thanks for those dimensions Rich. I have two different sizes filters so I'll dig them out & compare measurements. One came from a local supplier who charged an arm & a leg, another from Ebay in the States which wasn't cheap & the third at a local swap meet for less than $20. I have no idea what they were originally fitted to. They all have the AC embossed cleaning instructions & one is about 2 inc...


    Very rare MGA Twin Cam from 1959 in pefect restored condition. Car is finished in sunflower yellow with a green leather interior, green carpetset and trimpanels, green hood and green tonneau.
    This Twin Cam has the standard 100bhp low compression engine and as Original disc brakes all around. The car has a 5 speed gearbox and the Original Dunlop steel racing wheels (5 pcs, so also spare wheel).<...

  • MG YA 1950

    MG YA 1950.

    Beautifull MG YA from 1950 in lovely patina. Technical is the car in good shape. Great driver. This MG's had lovely gadgets for these years, frontscreen which can be opened, curtain on its rearwindow, jacks factory build in.
    Great and charming daily driver. With the car will be delivered new green leather hides, for someone who wants to renew the upholstery).

    Price ...

  • MG YA 1949

    MGYA 1949

    Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

    Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.
    Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.
    Gear box - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.
    Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white as per photographs attached.
    Windows - All...


    I have two MG Midgets, and 74 and 78 for sale in Florida along with a ton of extra parts, new in box aluminum cylinder head, Weslake cylinder head, new Datsun transmission in box with conversion kit. The 78 has a 1275cc from a 73 in it and the 74 has the engine and transmission removed but in the shop. I would like to sell them all as one package, the cars and parts are in Melbourne Florida. Too m...


    This is a matching numbers vehicle, which left the Abingdon factory on 8th February 1952 and was sold through University Motors to its first owner on 10th March of that year. YB0346 carries its original registration of UMG625. I am only her 4th owner, having bought the car in 2004.

    YB0346 was originally black but a previous owner restored the car in 1985, at which time she was finished in t...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.