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  • James Stout26 November 2014

    This will help.


  • Bruce Cunha26 November 2014

    6 months from purchase on my TD. That was 40 years ago and it is time for the body and interior to be done again. Since I am now retired , I don't expect it to take three months but that will depend on the time it will take for chroming

  • Bruce Cunha26 November 2014

    I agree with Richj. Never have too many tools. I go to a local flea market every Sunday and almost always find a new old tool to bring home.

    Most of what I have are older tools. Two 1950's shopsmiths, older skill grinders, saws, drills.

    Best tool is the internet. I look items up pretty much Dailey.

    Just picked up a 1943 monarch 10ee lathe. As have it up and running as soo...

  • DM Bosco26 November 2014

    Thanks Dave

  • Denis426 November 2014

    I fitted an extra after market type pump on mine when it had the SU that came with the car, in tandem. It got me home when the old pump eventually failed. I put a proper model points type on it then and it does not go weak even on the dyno. I do however normally switch both on if working it real hard (like the dyno) but only because I can. It gets used two or three times a year but the setup works...

  • D W DuBois26 November 2014

    Sandy - As soon as I get the points from Kelvin, I will sit down and document actual measurements, comparing them with the OEM points from Burlen Fuel Systems. I will also see what I can do with trying to make them work, again documenting everything and send it all on to Kelvin. For now, all you can do is to find a vendor who carries the OEM points.

    You might want to go into Customise page...

  • D W DuBois26 November 2014

    First thing to do is to get the tank completely cleaned and all the rust removed. This well may find more holes in the tank. Depending on the size of the holes you may be able to solder them closed. If they are too large to solder, you may have to find someone who can weld in a patch. Cheers - Dave

    PS - no flame near the tank until it has been completely cleaned.

  • T Scileppi26 November 2014

    My tank is basically sound with the exception of some holes on the bottom. Any recommended ideas on solving this. Cut out and weld, solder?

  • D W DuBois26 November 2014

    Don't know where the chassis number can be found on a MGA, I'm sure that someone else will pipe up with that info. The 18G-U-H 25191 engine number is an 1800 engine from an early MGB. Cheers - Dave

  • D W DuBois26 November 2014

    Geoffery - regardless of how you wrap the ptfe tape around the threads, that will not fix any leaks that may occur at any of the fittings. All the fittings are 1/4 BSP compression fittings. All the sealing is done between the conical end of the pipe and the mating surface on the male fitting on the pump. All the ptfe tape does for you on these fittings is to create a mess in the threads.

  • MG TF 2005

    TF 2005 Firefrost red with half leather black interior only 17200 miles.
    Last of UK built cars with softer suspension and glass heated rear window
    New tyres, discs & pads all round.(Changed for age not wear) car in pristine condition 4000.00
    Photos on request.
    Kent UK


    1958 Frogeye Sprite
    Restored 2008, lovely condition
    Dark Green
    All steel
    Underneath painted rather than undersealed
    1098 engine with large crank bearings (midget type not morris minor)
    Twin 1 1/4 carbs
    Ribcase gearbox
    Front Disc Brakes
    Electronic ignition
    MOT Exempt
    Tax Exempt
    White hood
    Black tonneau cover

    For sale due to lack of use.

    13,500 O...


    My sprite is a 1964 British racing green mk3 sprite with a 1275 engine and gearbox, the car has a single HIF carburettor and a brake servo fitted.

    A bit of information:

    In the last 18 months the car has had the following:

    - New reconditioned 1275 gearbox
    - New 3 piece Borg and Beck 3 piece clutch kit, the carbon bearing was replaced with a roller release bearing from Pet...


    I recently bought my wife a nice silver TF soft top, unfortunatly she had a slight bump and decided that she didnt want it any more.
    So I have silver 2005 TF with only 30k miles that has easy repairable damage to the drivers side front wing, This would be a cheap nice winter project for somebody that appreciates the car.
    Photos can be sent on request.

  • 1969 MG B

    All intact all original running with 39371 miles.Needs floor work driver side and rocker panel passenger side.Solid steel rims.Pictures are available. Asking 3500.00 cad. OBO.


    Very clean and selling for a freind who recently relocated. Body redone a few years ago and still beautiful. Old english white with black interior. Top is in perfect condition. Runs and drives great.

    $4000 or best offer.

    Car is located in Bellmore Long Island NY.

    Contact me at for pics and more info.



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