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  • Max Irvine29 March 2015

    I don't know of any dimensioned drawing. TC's Forever has an illustration but sadly no dimensions.
    You could use your floorboards as a guide and measure from the edge across any gap and then stick cardboard pieces to the boards and when you are happy then use them as a template to cut new ones.

  • J P Hall29 March 2015

    Could anyone point me to a set of drawings to help a home construction of replacement floorboards? The ones in 2366 are solid but leave a lot of gaps for airflow/water ingress - lucky it now lives in tropical north Queensland. In grateful anticipation ... John.

  • Mike Ellsmore29 March 2015

    Do you have any anti squeal tape to try behind the pads? Do you have an old set of pads you can put into try? What about giving them 10 crash stops from 100 kpm to ensure they are bedded in.

  • Bernie Higginson29 March 2015

    The plot thickens. Lord Hall, the BBC Director General has received death threats if Clarkson is not reinstated.

  • Gary Lock29 March 2015

    On my 1600, a have a noise problem on my front RH brakes which has been there for some time, and I've been unable to trace the cause. When travelling along a rough/bumpy sealed road, a loud squeal develops on every revolution of the wheel...when I lightly touch the brake pedal, the noise disappears until the next uneven section of road. It appears to be the pads (fairly new) or even the spring cl...

  • W. A. Chasser Jr29 March 2015

    I do not recommend polishing the intake ports as this will cause fuel to puddle at lower rpms, The casting acts to vortex the air fuel mixture on the rough surface and aids in keeping the fuel atomized past the carburetors. Only on a high revving engine should you worry about porting. On a street engine that will rarely see rpms over 4500 you will suffer low and mid range response jmho


  • W. A. Chasser Jr29 March 2015

    I just repaired my windage tray as well but rather than oxy welding which disperses a lot of heat over larger areas I chose to TIG weld the piece instead. The heat is extremely localized a minute amount of material added. I also advise drilling a minute hole at the end of the crack to stop further progression prior to welding , whatever method you choose Sorry I cant post pics as it is now At La...

  • Bruce TD4139 Cunha29 March 2015

    Geoffrey, The modification that Don's head shows (tapering or the block between the intake), is an easy one. Smooking the intake at the same time is another one you can do.

  • William Revit29 March 2015

    I take it that you have full vac. advance at idle,
    Maybee there is a leak in the vac. advance diaphram on the dizzy
    If you don't have any carby cleaner etc to check for manifold leaks ,just lightly trickle some water over the joints and you should get a missfire if leaking or if you're lucky you might hear the slurp noise as it gets sucked in
    good luck

  • William Revit29 March 2015

    You have been a lucky man with your Mustang
    We have had lots of bother with them and F trucks here
    Usually it's the stator wearing andshearing it's key and slipping on the distributor shaft or corrosion on the earth contact points in the cover of the module on the side of the dizzy


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