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  • Lawrence Slater28 November 2014

    Elise seats in a Spridget?

    Hey, what car is that mister? It's a Lotus Sprite sonny. lol.

  • William Revit28 November 2014

    Interesting move fitting MX5 seats
    The guys around here that have MX5's rip the seats out cause they reckon they are too high and don't hold you
    Some go for aftermarket seats but the prefered seats are Lotus Elise - hard as a rock, low and comfy
    just sayin

  • Larry C '69 Midget28 November 2014


    Thanks for starting this thread, and agree their doesn't seem to be simple solution to any of our perceived problem/s that we all share in our (free) societies. Further, I don't believe their is one person, or group of persons to change this around when you look at them all together.

    My wife and I have a dog named Eddy (Sheltie) we rescued two years ago now, and because of hi...

  • Lawrence Slater28 November 2014

    "It turns out the yellow one I listed above doesn't have any history with the car"

    Does that rule it out though?

    Are you particularly fussy about owning a car with a full pedigree?

    Why, 'exactly', do you want a Frogeye?

    Is this yellow one a Frogeye?
    Do you like or dislike the colour?
    Does it require any further work?
    Has what has been done, been put together pr...

  • William Revit28 November 2014

    Phillip Hughes

    Sad but the game will go on

    As Prop suggests - When your number's up your number's up, there's nothing you can do about it

    Lawrence, I can remember getting a mate a beauty right on the elbow when we were kids, it blew up like a baloon
    but as you say. it was all part of being kids growing up

    cheers guys willy

    g'day Larry - I ...

  • Mark O28 November 2014

    I agree, but an alternative view to reducing the numbers who have to endure such a poor quality of life is for humans to cease breeding like rabbits in areas where life is simply unsustainable.

  • Lawrence Slater28 November 2014

    My reason for swapping is this.

    On my Midget, the standard seats needed work. At least 80 quid to bring them back to reasonable condition. Seeing fromj others that F seats were a good fit, and look pretty good too, I got a very good cloth pair for circa 50 quid including delivery. Could also enhance the price when I sell the car, by at least making it a more attractive purchase to somebody....

  • Lawrence Slater28 November 2014

    I understand your sentiment Peter, but it's never been any other way, and it never will be.

    The people in those shops aren't confronted daily with the problems of the people you describe. Hence it has little to no effect on them. But suppose they were? Would that change their attitude and behaviour? No doubt it would change some, but most would not change at all.

    It's not as if they ...

  • SA Wood28 November 2014

    I agree. It's a disgrace.
    Can't think of a solution to it though...

  • Lawrence Slater28 November 2014

    As for tommy. It's precisely his lack of posting clear information and detail, that gets him stick in the first place. Deservedly so. Now't to stop him remedying that at any time.

  • MG TF 2005

    TF 2005 Firefrost red with half leather black interior only 17200 miles.
    Last of UK built cars with softer suspension and glass heated rear window
    New tyres, discs & pads all round.(Changed for age not wear) car in pristine condition 4000.00
    Photos on request.
    Kent UK


    1958 Frogeye Sprite
    Restored 2008, lovely condition
    Dark Green
    All steel
    Underneath painted rather than undersealed
    1098 engine with large crank bearings (midget type not morris minor)
    Twin 1 1/4 carbs
    Ribcase gearbox
    Front Disc Brakes
    Electronic ignition
    MOT Exempt
    Tax Exempt
    White hood
    Black tonneau cover

    For sale due to lack of use.

    13,500 O...


    I recently bought my wife a nice silver TF soft top, unfortunatly she had a slight bump and decided that she didnt want it any more.
    So I have silver 2005 TF with only 30k miles that has easy repairable damage to the drivers side front wing, This would be a cheap nice winter project for somebody that appreciates the car.
    Photos can be sent on request.

  • 1969 MG B

    All intact all original running with 39371 miles.Needs floor work driver side and rocker panel passenger side.Solid steel rims.Pictures are available. Asking 3500.00 cad. OBO.


    Very clean and selling for a freind who recently relocated. Body redone a few years ago and still beautiful. Old english white with black interior. Top is in perfect condition. Runs and drives great.

    $4000 or best offer.

    Car is located in Bellmore Long Island NY.

    Contact me at for pics and more info.


  • 1970 MGB GT

    This dark blue, black interior car is a reliable daily driver. It has the usual dings in the paint from regular use but I have no hesitation taking this car on a long drive anywhere. It has been well-cared for and garage-kept. It would be a good candidate for restoration of continuing it's run and a daily-use car. The car is in Idaho, two-hours east of Boise. It's priced reasonably at $4500.


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