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  • Rob Armstrong29 March 2015

    Hi Guy

    choke was sticky, I un-sticked it, but will ask if it's re-stuck... I know the accelerator cable linkage is a massive bag of hate, busy going through the archives reading solutions for the 1500..

  • Guy W29 March 2015

    If you hadn't been so thorough on everything else, I would have said I was a sticking choke cable or the mechanism not closing properly. Or possibly a sticking dashpot piston.

  • Malcolm Asquith29 March 2015

    Electronic ignition can fail on an A.

    Last year I had problems with my car cutting out when warm/hot. I have electronic ignition using a unit I got from Moss (Piranha?) probably 15 or more years ago. My first thought was a failing coil so that was changed to no effect. The car then failed completely in traffic with me in the middle of the road trying to turn right. I was rescued by a pass...

  • Rob Armstrong29 March 2015

    Morning all.

    Got a mate with a 1500 midget that appears to be haunted or cursed.

    It ran a few weekends ago after a lot of messing about. It's been stood for 2 years or so before that.

    To get it running, the following was gone through:

    New fuel pump, fresh (less than a week old) fuel from an extra pot

    carbs taken to bits and cleaned, massive leak from overflow ...

  • Huib Bruijstens29 March 2015

    That's a great message Geoff, congratulations.
    And since you truely mastered the LED rear lighting, I am sure the distributor will reveal its secrets very soon to you.
    And yes, also in that area our pre-engineers provided us with some real masterpeaces like how the little condensor plays its role in pushing up the spark voltage. And nowadays, it is still hard enough for many of us to underst...

  • P M Gregory29 March 2015

    For sale, BGT windscreen, tinted. Small crack from top to bottom! Aside from that excellent condition.The new track rod ends I fitted last year have completely perished so I now need to buy 2 more. Ignition switch failed.....80.00 Moss. I haven't driven it yet.

  • a boyle29 March 2015

    good morning
    I out a 45dcoe on my 1500 and was advised to fit a vacuum-less dissy. I cant remember who suggested this but I think it may have been on here. I did fit the new dist , chinese for about 40 and the whole thing seems to work well, reasonably slow steady tickover and no flat spots on acceleration
    rgds tony

  • mog29 March 2015

    Well said Geoff, fine words. Trouble is when you have finished the T, you will need another learning project.

  • W. A. Chasser Jr29 March 2015

    I took the engine pieces to Lawrie Alexander's this Am. We spent time looking over the Laystall. Pulled the z/28 springs and set them up on the Rimac. With the installed spring height of 1.59 the seat pressure stands at 140 psi and 300 psi at .430 lift. .100 more to coil bind. So we are going to run with it as is and the Laystall is good to go. This has been a frustrating issue for month and a ...

  • Max Irvine29 March 2015

    I don't know of any dimensioned drawing. TC's Forever has an illustration but sadly no dimensions.
    You could use your floorboards as a guide and measure from the edge across any gap and then stick cardboard pieces to the boards and when you are happy then use them as a template to cut new ones.


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