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  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Looking to get some samples of red upholstery for my TD. With the current exchange rate, I wanted to include UK upholstery companies.

    All recommendations are appreciated as to good companies in the UK.

    (Still planning to use buckram for dash and probably door cards, but leather/vinyl for the seats)

  • L E D LaVerne17 January 2018

    Called them and yes they are in San Diego... yes they will sell me lacquer IF... I'm not in the state of California...

    Well I really don't want lacquer so they can mix up some acrylic urethane with a weeks notice. 85 bucks for a quart....another 20 bucks for the hardner... no reducers needed says he. I'll see if the owner wants to spring for a quart for me to test spray in case the loc...

  • W A Chasser17 January 2018

    Bruce is quite correct. The ban on lacquers and even urethanes are regulated at the regional levels within CA urban air districts. The Bay Area can only use waterbased automotive finishes now. But head to northern CA or the Sierras and there are no restrictions. Just donít get caught using a banned product in a restricted air district or you face huge fines, and worse.

    Bill Chasser

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    To give an update and a Thank You.

    PPG UK could not help me. The UK paint color system is totally different from the US system. My PPG dealer here in the US cannot use the PPG UK formula codes to make up the paint.

    I was referred to PPG US. In my original email, they pretty much blew me off. I have sent them another email pleading for help converting the UK PPG Sun Bronze for...

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Here is one picture I found on the Internet that says it is Sun Bronze. It looks to be close to the Amber Brown Poly. PPG 23662. I would say, it is probably what Sun Bronze looked like.

    With the exception of a Red Grill, I am hoping this is what my restoration comes out looking like.

    Correct tonneau (and top to match), red interior, silver wheels.

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Not sure what happened, but the old Sun Bronze thread disappeared.

    Here is my update.

    I have contacted 5 owners of what I call the Brass/bronze TD color. None of the owners reported their cars are done in an original color.

    I still have not found any traces of the original paint on my TD, but still have a few more places to look at on the car.

    I have received a...

  • GuyW17 January 2018

    110 sounds about right for a gasket blown between cyls 2 and 3, but not leaking directly to the outside world. As the 2 middle pistons move up together, one on compression the other on the exhaust stroke, gas leaks between the two but is restricted so you still get a reading. A leak down test would show it up more clearly, though not really necessary.

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Here are some of the issues with paint.

    The system used for paint formulas in the UK is not the one used in the US. So, taking a UK formula into a US paint store will get you no where, they can't even look up the colors in the formula as the numbering system is different.

    I tried this with the Sun Bronze formula that the International MG Y group had made through PPG UK. My shop c...

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Bill. PM me as I don't have Aad's permission to give out his email on a public forum.

    He does not do decals. He has a company that silk screens the faces. He will sell you one or both. He does like to get old ones back so he can get them redone and keep up his stock. I know Hugh ordered a number of them.

    Huge does very good work.

  • Bruce Cunha17 January 2018

    Each county in California can have different regulations on Acrylic Lacquer. I can't buy it at the local paint shop in El Dorado or Sacramento County (doubt very much you will be able to in any southern CA paint stores), but I can go about 30 miles to Jackson CA (Amador County) and have it made.


    One of six PB Airline Coupes known to survive. Subject of an 11 year restoration from 2000 to 2011. Registered on the worldwide Triple-M Register as the very early number 11. Looks and drives well. Painted champagne and burgundy. Offers invited in the neighborhood of US $150,000. Contact for photos and further details.

  • 1964 MGB

    1964 pull handle MGB with original engine; older restoration; rust free and straight sheetmetal; British racing green with black leather seats, black carpet and panels; roll bar, tonneau, top, wire wheels; 4 synchro trans.( I have a 3 synchro to go with it); British Motor Heritage paperwork; extensive repair/ restoration documentation; runs and drives very nice!


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    comprehensive history.
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