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  • Bruce Cunha25 April 2014

    Wondering if many of you have added a third brake light to your MGB GT? If so, what did you use and how did you mount it. Pictures would be nice.

    I do feel it would be a good safety item to have a third light at the top of the rear hatch window. That should be a bit more visible.

    (I have installed brighter brake lights, but just like having that extra light on the car.

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2014

    wimp !!

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2014

    those petrol fumes must be getting to you

    two different types of petrol tank, one with screws other with bayonet type locking ring - have a look at the usual suspects parts drawings

    I'd guess you'd be best also to marry the correct sender to the correct gauge for accurate readings

    as you don't say which model this is for it maybe you have a later car with an earlier tank and s...

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2014


  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2014

    you could use a thicker oil but that might just mask the problem - IIRC some B(?) owners use EP90 (GL-4) successfully in the g/box - but check if this is so for Spridget boxes

    you could try using something like MolySlip - some frown upon these products and others say they work, I'd always try a thorough oil change first

  • J. M. Haskins25 April 2014

    Geoffery, Not the needles associated with the jet. The float valve, sometimes referred to as the needle valve is in the float bowl cover directly below the fuel intake. One to clean in each float bowl cover.


    Jim Haskins 1953 TD

  • Nigel Atkins25 April 2014

    checking the level of the g/box oil is part of service work is very often missed as is actually changing the oil

    if you do a thorough oil change of your existing oil
    a) it might help but probably only a little but still worth doing if you don't know when it was last done
    b) with the existing oil drained you can compare the condition of the oil that was in the box to the condition of f...

  • Prop and the Blackhole Midget25 April 2014

    Wha back home,

    I drove it about 40 miles all of it in the rain, just in town, up and down the blvd. And did some interstate hyw driving, to nutty out there with buckets falling frombthe sky and 5 0clock traffic

    It was great best 40 miles ive driven in a long time, I do need to do some more carb work ... running a bit funny

    The gas gauge started w...

  • dal2litrefrogeye25 April 2014

    Hi just got back from reccy . A few bit's will be different mainly the mid way rendezvous . BUT !! Cant post tonight as we have just had a power cut as I was writing up the 2014 route . Sods law ah ??? !!! And now my phone is going flat grrrrrrr

  • Geoffrey M Baker25 April 2014

    Here's what the carbs sound and look like (also posted on the lean mixture thread)!9626&authkey=!ABcQlKeicq1F29A&ithint=video%2c.mp4

    For some reason, it's flipped sideways, hope I don't give you all a neck crick... :)

  • 1970 MGB WITH O/D

    MGB Split rear bumber, Black Tulip nnice condtion thoughout
    $6,000 or close


    I need to sell this car which I have owned since new as ( due to getting older ) I am having increasing difficulty getting in and out of it. The car is intense cassis and is good condition - no bodywork scratches or severe wear. Photos and details can be seen on this website.


    I had to wait a number of years before finding a an Aqua coloured (only offered in 1972) and rust free MGB GT. The car's paper trail is impressive with MOTs all the way back to 1987 as well as practically every receipt back to 1985. In my care over the last two years the GT has had a considerable amount of restoration and upgrading. Although the engine block was professionally rebuilt in 1987, I t...


    1999 MGF 1.8i Red with Black Interior. One lady owner. New clutch and battery. Hardtop included. Low Miles only 24K! Best Price 1000. Available for viewing N14 Southgate.


    This car is in excellent condition and benefits from a respray in pale blue some 5 years ago,the bumpers,badges and grill have all been replaced plus new luggage rack.The brakes were also renewed at the time as were the front and rear screen rubbers. This car is rust free
    and all panels are metal and blemish free. Offers around 19950.00

  • MG TC 1947

    MG TC Project car.
    This TC is at an advanced state of restauration. Selling due to health reasons. For more details contact Heinz Wenger +41793339968. Preis Euro 15000.00


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