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  • P Hehir31 October 2014

    Ditto! About a year ago they were at the forefront of solving the mystery & establishing why the original black cloth covered wiring harnesses now appear brown & why some original fabric covered wiring, including the cloth covered battery cables, now seems purple. Their products are first rate & are as close to oriignal as you can get. I have a set. Cheers
    Peter TD 5801

  • M Magilton31 October 2014

    I always keep a BSA bicycle spanner in my kit. Four sizes in the one stubby tool. Very useful!
    Pic of by bike spanner collection.


  • Graeme W31 October 2014

    Just had a quick rake through the archives. The impression I have is that opinion is as divided then as it is now (probably because it is the same contributors). It seems enough wheels haven't fallen off yet to cause any ingluence on posters' views.

    I'm sure this is a topic which has come up again and again over the years and will continue to do so. A bit like front wheel bearings!

  • Gordon A Clark31 October 2014

    As I recall, the works never offered "Optional Accessories" for the TD or the TF. In the case of wire wheels for the TF, they came from the factory with them and were not dealer installed.

    The works TF brochure I have shows options like a heater, wing mirrors and a a luggage rack; and with the added comment "ask your MG Stockist for more information". I assume a full tonneau would fall into...

  • Lindsay Sampford31 October 2014

    Art, the coil is only about 3 ohms so with the resistance of the wiring and a slight drop across the ignition switch the voltage across the coil should be about 11.5 with a fully charged battery.
    This fault has got all the hallmarks of a weak spark. As you indicated in your earlier post, "sparking is always harder when the going is faster or harder", you can add to that, hotter. Practically ev...

  • Graeme W31 October 2014

    It happened to me once Paul. I had an axle casing on which the thread stripped at about 90 ft lbs and the lock washer had come out of the location too. I finished up replacing the casing (the po had used a standard axle with wire wheels!) but as a consequence got very nervous about incurring similar damage on the replacement.

    I remember at the time being mislead by the "140" figure and pos...

  • M McAndrew31 October 2014

    Lots of interesting info in the above. Lets take it back to first principals...
    1, if you disconnect the cables at the switch do the lights go off?
    2. If yes the problem is the switch. If No your problem is I. The loom somewhere (and that's a whole other task!).
    3, if yes in 2 remove the switch and reconnect the cables, are the lights still off?
    4, if yes, reinstall the switch and ad...

  • Gordon A Clark31 October 2014


    The works built TD and early TF engines with cranks made of nodular iron. They were prone to breaking and the XPEGs were fitted with cast steel cranks.

    A third crank is made by Phoenix of a forged billet in EN40B'T', then machined. Expect to pay at least $2,500 for one. Sadly that's the only new one easily available. There is a small foundry in Australia making an XPAG crank, ...

  • Art Pearse31 October 2014

    Lindsay, surely with the "points closed" you get full battery volts across the coil? There is no ballast resistor or any other significant resistance in the circuit.

  • D. Sander31 October 2014

    There was higher pressure in the oil side, pumping oil in to the coolant. My concern is that the oil pumped out, and the engine was running dry. Drain the sump and look for any trace of coolant. I doubt you will find any.
    A thorough flush of the radiator and block is in order. It should be a Mx1.0 thread, available at your local hardware store.
    Keep us posted...


    little mg tf with mot till september 2015 service history stamps and some paperwork up to 67415 last serviced may 2014
    , Cloth Interior, 15" alloys, CD Player, Electric front windows, Electric door mirrors, Heated door mirrors, Speed sensitive power steering, Anti-lock brake system, , Perimetric anti theft alarm, Immobiliser, Drivers Airbag, Sports seats, Sebring cloth trim, Alloy gear knob, ...

  • 1998 MGF 1.8,

    1998 MGF 1.8, 89000 miles In lovely silver, car comes with a full years MOT and under new laws the new owner will have to Tax the car, the car has just had a Major service with the following items being replace; Air Filter, Oil filter, Distributor cap and rotor arm, oil change just carried out, car has just had a brand new Catalytic converter fitted to solve an emissions issue for the MOT, the cam...


    1961 Austin healey Sprite with Original Ashley Hardtop - Works Monte carlo rally inspired
    Finished in Signal red
    Original Mk2 Black Seats with red piping
    New carpet set with Dynomat insulation throughout
    Nut and Bolt restoration
    Almost every part has been replaced or reconditioned
    Features a rebuilt 1275cc engine with reconditioned gearbox and new clutch
    Front cross drilled a...


    3 projects, age, health and a reality check is reason for sale of this 77 MBB, 50th Anniverary edition BRG MGB with a V8 Rover and Camaro T-5 trans. Body all original and rust free, no issues. Engine runs great car need 2 things to get on the road. Installation of a throw-out bearing (provided) and the installation of a ignition switch (provided). I have other xtra parts (carburator)which will con...


    Built on a 1500 Heritage body shell including doors, 99% rust free.
    Lenham Midget rear body professionally fitted under the guidance of a member of the original Lenham Sports Car garage. Including a new un-fitted Le Mans bonnet.
    Frontline telescopic front suspension fitted, Spax telescopic rear suspension fitted.
    Includes the following parts:
    1275 gearbox, needs refurbishment


    Unregistered MG Midget 1500, Manufactured February 1979, delivery miles (9) Vermilion, red/black interior and black hood. Complete with all original paperwork etc. Waxoiled and dry stored from new. Not run recently so will require new battery and re commissioning. 15500.


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