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  • Paul Dean21 November 2014

    With a drum does it make sense to try and get these on shoes?


  • Jeremy Tickle21 November 2014

    Only have a standard one of my 1275 but there have been many horror pictures on here of roll bar mountings being 'liberated' from the chassis, so yes it is a good idea to strengthen especially if you're increasing the size of the bar.
    Have a look here for several bits and pieces

  • Paul Walbran21 November 2014

    Indentations invariably mean a soft head. It can be reclaimed by peining the fire ring area to compact the head, it brings it up quite well if properly done.

  • mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs21 November 2014

    Just finished fitting fast road polly bushes on my 1500 front and rear so yet to see how it improves handling , considering fitting roll bar and maybe lowering by 1 front and back at a later date, so is it worth strengthening the roll bar mounting while I have the engine out ,and will drilling through the chassis rail and bolting through a steel plate on top of rail to sandwich rail between...

  • c firth21 November 2014

    Mintex M1144 is the pad material, I got mine from Bob Wests here in the UK.
    He has them specially made in batches and so they are not always in stock as far as I know.
    Probably he is the most likely source for you.

  • Paul Dean21 November 2014

    As I mentioned before I thought 3 bearing engine were impossible, as many others do, but I got mine last year as a non runner from Andy Jennings for 200 plus 50 carraige, and he is still offering more on his web site so it is an option. Clearly I then paid for a full rebuild, incidentally by Cameron Gilmore (Doug, Cameron is in Errol just around the corner from Dundee). Yes I am still on standa...

  • J Targosz21 November 2014

    Like others I object to paying a fortune for simple screws and other fasteners. I made the medallion spring washers out of pieces of plastic salvaged from the lid of bucket. I softened them with my hot air paint stripper before pushing the split pin through the medallion boss and this has provided a nice firm fixing with no chance of corrosion. I have used recycled plastic for all manner of washer...

  • vignes pillai21 November 2014

    thanks PAUL. MOSS HAS wipac and lucas h4 asymmetric kits . what would you suggest.
    thanks vignes

  • Paul Walbran21 November 2014

    There are sets of halogen lights directly interchangeable with the originals.
    The pilot light is there for models whoch didn't have a separate sidelamp. The 65 model did have a separate sidelamp so you don't need a pilot light.

  • vignes pillai21 November 2014

    sorry , i forgot to ask , which headlamp is recommended, and do i get it with the pilot or no pilot


    My sprite is a 1964 British racing green mk3 sprite with a 1275 engine and gearbox, the car has a single HIF carburettor and a brake servo fitted.

    A bit of information:

    In the last 18 months the car has had the following:

    - New reconditioned 1275 gearbox
    - New 3 piece Borg and Beck 3 piece clutch kit, the carbon bearing was replaced with a roller release bearing from Pet...


    I recently bought my wife a nice silver TF soft top, unfortunatly she had a slight bump and decided that she didnt want it any more.
    So I have silver 2005 TF with only 30k miles that has easy repairable damage to the drivers side front wing, This would be a cheap nice winter project for somebody that appreciates the car.
    Photos can be sent on request.

  • 1969 MG B

    All intact all original running with 39371 miles.Needs floor work driver side and rocker panel passenger side.Solid steel rims.Pictures are available. Asking 3500.00 cad. OBO.


    Very clean and selling for a freind who recently relocated. Body redone a few years ago and still beautiful. Old english white with black interior. Top is in perfect condition. Runs and drives great.

    $4000 or best offer.

    Car is located in Bellmore Long Island NY.

    Contact me at for pics and more info.



    Because of a sad event the MG YB 1168 is for sale. The car is in very good running condition.

    The car is located in the northern parts of Germany near the Danish border.

    Price : 16000 .

    picture on YB on parade, more per

  • 1970 MGB GT

    This dark blue, black interior car is a reliable daily driver. It has the usual dings in the paint from regular use but I have no hesitation taking this car on a long drive anywhere. It has been well-cared for and garage-kept. It would be a good candidate for restoration of continuing it's run and a daily-use car. The car is in Idaho, two-hours east of Boise. It's priced reasonably at $4500.


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