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  • I.W. Cowen.22 October 2017

    If its a PBR VH44--the hydraulic pipes need reversing.
    The outlet pipe is at the end of the cylinder. Easy to mix-up.

  • F Watson22 October 2017

    I have just fitted a brake servo to my A. When I start the engine the brakes are applied (not touching the brake peddle)? Not sure what I have done wrong - any help would be appreciated.

  • Paul Barrow22 October 2017

    Hi Keith

    You can find the answer on - click on Price Lists and open the 1952 price list picture for 1952!

    William - that was the price for the MG Y :).


  • M Magilton22 October 2017

    The two on the left are probably for the wooden block which stops the jack from sliding about. I'm guessing the centre one is for a drain but don't know if the factory did it.

    Attached a pic I found of my car.


  • R Taylor22 October 2017

    Sometimes myth becomes reality simply by usage, so I looked up the legislation. It reads: "The EU directive of the European Parliament and of the Council, Chapter II, Exceptions, Article 4 states: ‘Member states may, after consulting the Commission, exclude from the scope of this Directive, or subject to special provisions, certain vehicles operated or used in exceptional conditions and vehicles w...

  • William Revit22 October 2017

    I had a little search around and found this but it refers to MGYs in general
    I suspect there would be some differences between YA YB -YT during their production but at least this will give you a rough general idea---

    The UK price of the car was £525.0.0 ex works plus purchase tax of £146.11.8d.

  • Dave O'Neill 222 October 2017

    I have a MM sander and a similarly spec'd compressor. I think you'll spend a lot more time resting than sanding.

  • William Revit21 October 2017

    And again - almost ready for a cleanup

  • William Revit21 October 2017

    Untouched by human hands -RHD version
    M/cyl to the right(rear)

  • C Mee21 October 2017

    I'm planning to start having a go at tidying up some of my paintwork a panel at a time. (The full restoration is a planned a few years down the line).

    I've decided that a palm-type DA sander might be useful and wonder what advice you might have to offer.

    1) Electric or air driven?
    I have a Clarke compressor with a 50l tank. Its displacement is rated at 14cfm so its free air ...

  • 1950 MG Y TYPE

    1950 MG Y Type Cream with red upholstery Vic Club Reg CH1862
    Engine No. 14810 Car Y5103
    Car totally dismantled and rebuilt to concours standard. Very Original
    Excellent Runner. Six time Concours winner MGCC VIctoria
    Reluctant sale due to down sizing

  • MGA 1500 PROJECT

    I have for sale a 1956 MGA 1500 (UK RHD)due to house move. I took it off the road about 34 years ago because I didn't have the money to have the chassis welded.(Divorce, kids, etc etc) I now have the money but not the youth to do it!! At the time I took it off the road it was running OK but needed some cosmetic attention. I had refurbished the gearbox (layshaft,synchro rings,bearings etc.)and the ...

  • 1964 MGB

    1964 pull handle MGB with original engine; older restoration; rust free and straight sheetmetal; British racing green with black leather seats, black carpet and panels; roll bar, tonneau, top, wire wheels; 4 synchro trans.( I have a 3 synchro to go with it); British Motor Heritage paperwork; extensive repair/ restoration documentation; runs and drives very nice!


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