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  • P Hehir19 April 2015

    Bill when I reinstalled the head I was advised to relieve the area at the base of each stud in the block to eliminate the raised area caused by the head wanting to part company with the block. I used a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of the stud to remove this raised area before installing the new studs & nuts. It doesn't require the removal of much meat, just a few thou. Bit like dea...

  • dominic clancy19 April 2015

    It is not often that I am confronted by something new on an MGA, but I am rebuilding the front end suspension of a WW drum braked car and need a trick to block the hubs from turning while I undo the five nuts that secure the drum to the hubs. The hubs themselves are severely rusted on the splines and I have to change them for new ones. If the rest of the car is a guide I will probably find a bra...

  • G Lazarus19 April 2015

    Went out for a very nice pub dinner last night with Lois (in Barston (Birmingham-ish), and sitting on the table next to us were Bev Bevan (ELO and Black Sabbath) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) with wives and friends. The height of respectability.

  • Lawrence Slater19 April 2015

    Yours was VERY cheap Onno. A true bargain, no doubt.

    This is just cheap, since I've seen them go for 600 quid a few times. 400 quid isn't that much for a complete engine.

    But then again, this one is REALLY cheap, and quite probably a runner. Just clean it up, bolt it in, and go.

  • Dave Price19 April 2015

    Well after all the delays and so on and thanks in no small part to you guys Blackie is on the road. I have done about 500 miles over the last 2 weeks. For a cracking drive try the B3227 from Taunton towards South Molton - fantastic, The photos shows that great sign that brings a smile on your face.
    Enjoy the weaher and remember to drive the car next Sunday - Drive It Day® - Sunday 26th April 20...

  • Glynn (1275RWA) Williams19 April 2015

    On Ebay right now:


  • Andy Sebring19 April 2015

    Hi guys

    Does anyone know of a round wheel arch shell for sale , i just missed out on one and need for next project

  • David Cox19 April 2015

    steady on,
    low prices might represent a bargain

  • C R B Simeon19 April 2015

    I am sure it is a direct connection to the starter solenoid from the ignition switch. If you can get the lucar connector off, it is relatively easy to short the permanent +ve to the lucar spade in situ using a screwdriver. If the motor doesn't then spin, you probably have worn or seized brushes.
    Your test in point 5 above is not conclusive as the whole engine and gearbox is rubber mounted - he...

  • W. A. Chasser Jr19 April 2015

    Hi Tom Yes I have them ready to install but I lost the directions regarding the stud installation. Should I be putting the studs in the block with Loctite? I had put a smear of silicone on them because they go into open holes to the water jacket to prevent seepage but noticed that when I backed the nuts off from the mock up that I had movement of the studs? I'm thinking now I should clean the ...

  • MGA ROADSTER FOR SALE $16,000.00

    I have decided to sell my 1955 mga. I know some people say that mgas start with 56 model year. Mine was sold to me as a 55 and has a florida title 1955. Car number is HDD4311019. The car has had a lot done to it. Frame stripped and painted, brakes redone, new bushings in front end.
    Body was blasted, new f columns and rockers both sides, new rear valance and trunk floor. This car also had steel ...


    Unfortunately, due to my progressive handicap, I'm looking for a loving home for my Old Lady".
    Therefor unique chance for any lover of this YB type.
    Earlier "body-off" restoration(GB), two-tone (green/black wings), in very sound condition, including fully renewed interior (green/brown piping in superb condition. Also, very recently, extensively technically overhauled and ready to go -"safe...


    I am looking for a factory MGB V8.

    I will consider anything from a restoration project to a concours example.

  • 1955 BLACK TF-1500

    Chassis No. TF7507 (HDA 46/7507)
    Engine No. 48G/65 RS30027
    Build date 15 Oct. 1954

    The previous owner did a full frame-off paint restoration in Feb 2003 and a new ash frame some years prior to that. She has also had a replacement BMC Gold Seal 1500 CC engine installed some time ago that is solid and a stainless steel exhaust system at same time.
    Since we have owned her, the follow...


    Unique opportunity to acquire an original 1969 MGB GT. Not on the road in the past 15+ years, and interior is out. Virtually everything is here to restore this former autocross car, and we can also provide technical assistance (long history of MGB restoration and ownership). The body has some minor dents, but no rust holes or panel alignment issues, and has all original sheet metal (except front v...


    Substantially restored about three years ago including full professional respray with new panels inserted. chrome bumpersFrontline Ford type 9 gearbox conversion, MX5 seats, originals available, safety roll bar,halogen lights inertia belts, towball, MOT ,good tyres,all excellent order drive it home.