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  • Martin 27 March 2017

    Thanks. I'm familiar with the coupe but I don't remember ever seeing the centre door one. It may have been an Australian special. Or just a model that wasn't sold in the U.S. Or it's just something that I've never paid attention to. Or forgot about. Old age thing.

  • Peter Burgess Tuning27 March 2017

    The cannisters create a greater pressure drop on the jet and increase fuelling which may be enough to more or less overcome problem. It really needs to be on a rolling road to find the reason but I am guessing as I have seen this with polished manifolds and/or bridge work. Radiusing the manifold instead of leaving the OE design really does upset the fuelling. The factory did its best to fuel reaso...

  • Bruce Cunha27 March 2017

    Actually, water transfers heat better by itself. I run water in the summer with a corrosion inhibitor and add antifreeze in the winter.

    Here is a good article by Dow on the various chemicals that can be used as heat transfer fluids. Dow recommends distilled or de-ionized water mixed with their antifreeze for air handling systems.

    I would think it would transfer over to automobile...

  • Bruce Cunha27 March 2017

    Looks like they are currently out of stock at Newark. Says they will be back in stock on 7-10-17.

    You must have bought them out Max.

    I see some available in the UK.

    Any other substitutions?

  • Bruce Cunha27 March 2017

    Thanks Max. Now I understand. The terminology was new to me. But now seeing the Film Cap. I understand.

    Ordered a few and will see how they work on the B and also on the Spitfire that I have been having capacitor issues with.

    I do see that they list a 100 max operating temperature....

  • William Revit27 March 2017

    and the centre door

  • William Revit27 March 2017

    Sorry about that
    A Grandma Duck as it's known in hotrod talk is a T model Ford Doctor's coupe. It's a two seater with room for hardly anything behind the seats and it has a little boot (trunk) out the back
    In the old Disney comics Donald Duck's grandmother drove one so they got to be called Grandma Ducks
    The other car - the centre door is roughly the same thing only the cab is ...

  • barneymg27 March 2017

    Decomposed rubber grommet at joint between float chamber and throttle body can clog the banjo bolt and obstruct fuel flow to the main jet. Can also leak there for the same reason. Get the new grommets made from Viton to be fuel resistant.

  • T W Moore27 March 2017

    I have 2 good TD rear drums/hubs. Good condition. ID about 8.020-.025 , splines good. Asking $250. Can email photos if you contact me by email at

  • D mckellar27 March 2017

    "Almost all of the Mark II items were available separately during the production of the TD,and are listed in the Service Parts book." So it says towards the bottom of page in this link, discussing MkII features.,and%20are%20listed%20in%2...


    1971 mg midget ( same as Austin healey Sprite ) project car

    stored since 2011 and now needing restoration, its a good basis for a nice car -

    this is one of the last cars prior to the change over to round wheel arches and is in fact rarer than the rwa cars

    Engine is running nicely ( when jump started on good battery ) and is a strong unit - with good oil pressure at both id...


    MG midget full restored Quarter lights re-chromed ,fitted with all new seals complete with fixings etc. Early hook handle or latter straight handle 440 Pair on a exchange bases. Also have second hand quarter lights . Re chromed hand brake leavers 50 Exchange. Coming soon Re chromed Midget and MGB outer door handles. Pictures can be sent on request. Contact Richard on 01332 510130 or 07749838528....

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT 2002 (52)

    Trophy Blue
    47k miles
    MOT Dec 17
    CD / Radio
    Comes with Hardtop.
    This owner since 2009 and 10.8k miles
    Good tyres, new exhaust.



    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
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    Large selection of quality MGB, MGB GT & Midgets.
    Most fully restored/excellent originals with
    comprehensive history.
    Viewing also available eves/w'ends.
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    MG TD Collection, Restoration Projects
    I am selling my life time collection of MG TDs, a purpose built trailer, books, and tools. There are 4 MGTDs and a fifth partial (frame and some sheet metal) parts car. Two are 1951 and 2 are 1952 (one 1952 is a TDC MK II Competition car). The extra frame/parts car is also a 1952. These cars are not cars that were put away and left to decay. They a...