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  • Jan Emil Kristoffersen 02 August 2015


    I am new to the B list, having aquired a 1964 B in May. Before that I owned a 1954 MG TF 1500 which I sold this spring, wanting an MG with a bit more creature comfort. My B has been through a very comprehensive restoration to high standards, but there are of course some issues, that I willl address in another posting. My B has a later 5 main engine and a 4 sync box. Weber DGV carb. ...

  • Bud Krueger 02 August 2015

    Paul, George hit it. With the configuration that you stated you'd never full throttle. Something's probably out of position. Bud

  • David Billington02 August 2015


    Strictly speaking the bearings with steel "seals" are shields and don't seal, they keep debris out of the bearings but will allow for some transfer of lubricant in/out of the bearing.

  • George Butz02 August 2015

    Last night I'm standing in line at the Bok Tower Gardens summer music program and the guy behind me mentions "2nd place with the MG in the car show" to his friend. I ask him what model and he says a 53 TD that he just finished restoring. He said he has two others that he is going to finish next. We exchanged emails and will hopefully be in touch. No clue these were in the area. Amazing! Georg...

  • George Butz02 August 2015

    You can also loosen the throttle arm clamp on the carb and move everything up and down. I would adjust it so that it was on the floor at full throttle with plates wide open. George

  • Mark Dollimore02 August 2015

    I call it a tag but could be a lug, bracket? The attached image shows the lhs circa 9" in from the A post just to the left of the LHD steering / dash mounts - horizontal. Sorry about poor focus.

  • Lawrence Slater02 August 2015

    Not that PW. Check the rear arch height relative to the tyre. It's higher than usual for settled springs.

  • Lawrence Slater02 August 2015

    That's really interesting Roy. I'm not confident that my Mig welding 'skill' is up to wheels though. Chassis and panel, I'll trust, but I'm not confident enough to trust me doing wheels. Also, I don't have any equipment to test for air leaks or the true running of the rim on the centres if I tried it.

    Interesting picture of the -- "Rubery Owen wide wheels for a Sprite-- thought to be origi...

  • efh Haskell02 August 2015

    A lot of my brake parts from Moss were made in India, probably by this guy!

  • t lange02 August 2015

    You can bend the pedal arm to the position you and your foot want. Just reach in and bend up the roller closer to where it feels right.

    When you are done, be sure the throttle opens fully - you may not now be getting full throttle.

    Tom Lange
    MGT Repair

  • 1959 MGA

    Frame off restoration, nothing not restored to original. Only mods, converted to negative ground and added an alternator (have the original generator), and went to one battery (did not modify battery trays). $30,000.00

  • 52 TD RESTORED 1989 10,000 MILES SINCE

    Totally restored TD, BRG, with Shorrock supercharger, lots of accessories, and a great many tools.

    For full description, please email me at


    A great specimen of this very rare car in Flame Red! This is number 166 of 505. 89300 miles.
    Sales includes personalised number plate which is currently on the car of MGT 2L.
    Originally registered in May 1989 as F711 SLM - bought by my father in May 1992. This is now in my name and selling on his behalf, so 3 registered keepers.
    There is a full manual of work and services that h...


    MG YB
    Number 1 - The very first!!
    Thought to have been lost several decades ago, it has been unearthed after 40 + years of storage.
    It ticks all boxes.....
    rare model, barn find and it's the very first.
    Find it here on ebay 111715593627


    1980 MGB Roadster in Vermillion with black interior.
    It has covered 81,000 miles from new and has a large history file and MoT certificates dating back to the 1980s to confirm the mileage.
    It has had a recent new exhaust system and replacement water pump.
    Excellent engine and gearbox, with fully working overdrive.
    In remarkable condition, having never been welded.
    Current MoT until ...

  • 1980 MIDGET 1500

    White, black soft top and tonneau cover, black rubber bumpers
    1992 new clutch and engine reconditioned
    1993 Bodywork complete refurb and respray and new carpets all by Cox &
    2011 major overhaul, welding to floor, new tyres
    Only driven handful of times since 1998, stored in dry garage
    All receipts for work done since 1992 available
    Same lady driver for 31 years