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  • Rob Grantham24 August 2017

    The above info is correct. TFs originally had four(4) small diameter
    head tacks holding the four(4) rubber buffers i.e. two(2) per front quarter panel. The length of the tack was approx. 3/4".

    Depending on the gap between the door and the front quarter panel, these buffers can be sanded down using a pneumatic linisher if required.

    Rob Grantham

  • Dave O'Neill 224 August 2017

    Me too.

  • David Smith23 August 2017

    I only know Hardy's down south, but googling 'axle rebuild service in midlands' brings up quite a few possibles with a recommendation off Pistonheads for one of them...

  • Oggers23 August 2017

    Cannot see what all the fuss is about. It goes dark at the end of every day where I live.....

  • Martin 23 August 2017

    We had 90% coverage up here north of Seattle so it never got dark but it was still strange. Almost like just before sunset but the shadows are all wrong and a kind of eerie feel to everything.

    One of my daughters drove down south of Portland, Oregon to see it. I haven't talked to her in detail about it yet but she's planning for the next one in 7 years in Texas. And the five hour drive bac...

  • R E Knight23 August 2017

    Had an enjoyable visit to the collection today, the YT looks the same today as when I saw it under David's ownership.
    Superb collection of other exotic cars sat around the YT.

  • C I Twidle23 August 2017

    It's also missing the code number from under the trip meter so we can't look it up anywhere. And the divisions between the numbers don't look right.
    Does it have a spare tachometer with it? Best I have come up with so far is this one and it will need a bit of work to get a transfer made for the numbers. I will probably try to convert it to an electronic system.


    PS Ray, ...

  • Oggers23 August 2017

    Is it more than a coincidence that the Moon is more or less exactly the same apparent size as the Sun during a total eclipse?

    Proof that God exists perhaps - except of course that proof denies faith, and without faith, God is nothing....oh dear....

  • Oggers23 August 2017

    Fuel and air filters can become clogged with fine particles invisible to the naked eye and this residue can also become so tightly packed as to withstand backflushing. The definitive test is to remove it and see what happens. Replace anew if required.

    Surely if you have done this - and only this - and the car behaves, then you have discovered your problem n'est pas?

  • L E D LaVerne23 August 2017

    For comparison.

  • 1979 MG MIDGET

    You are looking at a 1979 MG Midget in excellent condition.


    Nearly concours condition car in Tartan Red with bills for over 9000. Engine has only done 3000, new sill,1/4rs,castle arches, doors etc

    Will send photo's if interested

  • 1950 MGYT

    Black MG YT 4775

    Cost: More than you might wish to pay and less than its worth to me.

    Please contact me for details, photos, history, parts lists

    See photo in the Y Registry for 4775


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    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.


    Large selection of quality MGB, MGB GT & Midgets.
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    Viewing also available eves/w'ends.
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    A customer has a TD & TR6 for sale Yonkers NY.
    The Triumph is a parts car.
    MG TD needs brake work.
    A vintage car specialist offered $ 6500; higher offers accepted.
    "They look good from 25' away"
    Len Fanelli
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    Len fanelli
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