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  • W. A. Chasser01 October 2016

    The car was street driven not raced. Owner said he only put about 1k miles on it. Makes me wonder if the Rockwell rating on the billet is poor to have any wear at all be present. At any rate the cam is said to need reprofiling

  • D mckellar01 October 2016

    No info on the sort of engine build it was in. Almost looks like some pitting on the lobe surface, as if caused by oil starvation. Would you need to dress cam if switching to lower spring rate?

  • G D01 October 2016

    Spent the day at,
    Gilmore Car Museum in Hickery Corners Michigan
    Very enjoyable.

    There were only two MGs a 53 TD & a 49 TC, but there were over 400 cars in total. The museum is spread out over a 90 acre campus with each building being deticated to a tpye or make or vintage.

    If you're into car museums and old cars it's well worth the day and at the reasonable entrance fee of $1...

  • Kazan Mohrs01 October 2016

    I am looking for a single SU carb Manifold that will fit under a bugeye Sprite Hood ( Bonnet ).

    What makes / brands fit ?

    Do you know who sell one , ( and if more than one model ) part number ?

    Do you have one ?

  • P Hehir01 October 2016

    John this setup is relatively new. I don't see how it could have done the hundreds of thousands of miles that would warrant dressing the cam. Like Bill I don't understand the wear, which seems excessive & I'm very interested in the cause. Keen to see how this thread develops. Cheers
    Peter TD 5801

  • Fred H01 October 2016

    I think the nut for the side screen socket has a flat that needs to be aligned otherwise it interferes with the panel.

  • Paul W 1976 150001 October 2016

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  • Nick Kopernik01 October 2016

    I installed door panels from another vendor and had similar issues, especially around the door lock striker and bottom of doors. I ended up securing the panel and then marked up the panel in areas which needed trimming. I then removed the panel, peeled back the vinyl, cut the excess backer and then re-glued the vinyl. Time consuming, but it worked.

  • Bill Bretherton30 September 2016

    I agree with having shaft vertical in a vice. It's fiddly but easier than fitting the 1st/2nd sleeve imv.

  • T Mason30 September 2016

    I agree, we all need to respond even if we think it will be ignored. There is one other choice the government could make, but I doubt it will because it doesnt like standing up to the EU. They could simply say that as we are leaving, as of now we will not be implementing any new EU directives or laws because we dont want to waste time changing them after we leave.



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    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


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