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  • Charles Duffy26 November 2014

    When I purchased my TD, I had to have the serial number verified by physical inspection since it was an out-of-state car. The local police does this service (for $60.00). The young officer's first question was "Who made this car?" It took her a while to believe that there was an MG car company.

    The second fun point was the actual VIN (Serial number). She didn't believe that 0581 was the...

  • Ray Lee26 November 2014

    Hi Jan,
    They tried to fail my TF because the indicator repeater bulb was out. I explained that, 1. I can`t see the lamp anyway (6 ft and seat raised) and 2. I can see the indicators from my seat!.
    Even though an MOT is not required I keep it up for peace of mind. What idiot in the DVLA thought a car did not need checking every year.
    Going back to the bulb, you have a KL heater fitted so y...

  • Jamie Watt26 November 2014

    Hi guys,

    I couldn't get back to my old post t continue it so I'll start again. A couple of months ago I was having trouble with a knocking coming from the engine and low oil pressure. I tried all sorts of fixes and in the end have installed a fuel pressure regulator at 2psi which has fixed the oil pressure problem. That being said the knocking is still there. Last night I ran it again and t...

  • J Targosz26 November 2014

    I have just been obtaining quotations full insurance as opposed to off the road cover. Two "specialist" brokers tried to close the deal by offering free 1000 cover for installed audio and sat nav equipment and up to 500 for lost keys and lock replacement. I recently bought two FA keys at an autojumble for 3. Eventually got comprehensive cover including breakdown recovery and 30,000 agreed valu...

  • Dave O'Neill 226 November 2014

    I got the impression it was intended to stay there, particularly with the washer machined to locate in the hole. Seems a bit of a waste of machining.

  • SA Wood26 November 2014


    Yes I did have some bother with the top captives. I ended up removing and running a 1/4UNF tap through them.
    I had forgotten about that and thought it odd at the time


  • Geoffrey M Baker26 November 2014

    I removed the inlet pipe and sealed with thumb... it continued clicking... G Evens, SHHHHHHH!!!
    :) Just kidding, if this needs to go to Dave I don't expect warranty coverage. Still hoping I can figure out problem...

  • SANDY26 November 2014

    I measured the height of the copper and actual contact above the base metal. I found that they were approximatly >030 shorter in height above the base. The same difference was apparent on the spring portion.The brass colored base would hit the pedestal and with the spring contact flush on top the points would not meet . This is because they are too short.
    I did measure a few ped...

  • Paul S Jennings26 November 2014

    Thanks Dave, Makes sense and fortunately the holes line up fairly well. PJ

  • Paul Hunt26 November 2014

    In? Did you leave it there? I was under the impression that it was a device for installing the core plug, then removed.

  • MG TF 2005

    TF 2005 Firefrost red with half leather black interior only 17200 miles.
    Last of UK built cars with softer suspension and glass heated rear window
    New tyres, discs & pads all round.(Changed for age not wear) car in pristine condition 4000.00
    Photos on request.
    Kent UK


    1958 Frogeye Sprite
    Restored 2008, lovely condition
    Dark Green
    All steel
    Underneath painted rather than undersealed
    1098 engine with large crank bearings (midget type not morris minor)
    Twin 1 1/4 carbs
    Ribcase gearbox
    Front Disc Brakes
    Electronic ignition
    MOT Exempt
    Tax Exempt
    White hood
    Black tonneau cover

    For sale due to lack of use.

    13,500 O...


    My sprite is a 1964 British racing green mk3 sprite with a 1275 engine and gearbox, the car has a single HIF carburettor and a brake servo fitted.

    A bit of information:

    In the last 18 months the car has had the following:

    - New reconditioned 1275 gearbox
    - New 3 piece Borg and Beck 3 piece clutch kit, the carbon bearing was replaced with a roller release bearing from Pet...


    I recently bought my wife a nice silver TF soft top, unfortunatly she had a slight bump and decided that she didnt want it any more.
    So I have silver 2005 TF with only 30k miles that has easy repairable damage to the drivers side front wing, This would be a cheap nice winter project for somebody that appreciates the car.
    Photos can be sent on request.

  • 1969 MG B

    All intact all original running with 39371 miles.Needs floor work driver side and rocker panel passenger side.Solid steel rims.Pictures are available. Asking 3500.00 cad. OBO.


    Very clean and selling for a freind who recently relocated. Body redone a few years ago and still beautiful. Old english white with black interior. Top is in perfect condition. Runs and drives great.

    $4000 or best offer.

    Car is located in Bellmore Long Island NY.

    Contact me at for pics and more info.



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