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  • M Brand25 July 2016

    Interesting observations Tom, on the 40 year old rebuilds. Thanks for sharing. I have seen some pretty hard grease....but that was really old stuff. I need to realize that the '70s were long ago too!


  • JK Barter25 July 2016

    Perfect, it looks just like my other hinge!
    please email me.

  • Stephen Strange25 July 2016

    My engine has a Derrington crossflow head, a Piper 285 camshaft, a recurved distributor, dual Weber DCOE 45s, and a Maniflow exhaust system, so I feel that such real-world performance with your specification is indeed pathetic. Allowing for the fact that your Dynometer numbers are incorrectly calculated (a four-speed transmission will absorb about 22 HP, making for 86HP at the flywheel i...

  • Mort 50 TD25 July 2016

    My question about that particular port on top of the supercharger was answered by Terry above and you acknowledge that answer. It is not a larger volume source of vacuum as I had hoped.
    Although I do not believe that I have resolve my issue yet I will keep you all posted on my progress so far. My goal is to keep the crankcase under vacuum instead of positive pressure in the hope...

  • Colyn Firth25 July 2016

    I plan to do some work on my front suspension over the winter and whilst I'm doing this, I intend to remove both the front valence and the front chassis extension as they both need repainting. Plus my front oil cooler vent needs to be made a little wider.

    At the same time I can have a look at ways of beefing up the dumb irons to see if I can fit a towing eye to one or both sides.


  • Rick25 July 2016


    This is a hinge from MY TF. Rusty, but it still works. Yours if you want it.


  • David Smith25 July 2016

    it needs to earth via the retaining ring and at least one of the 6 tank mounting studs, so check you have a clean shiny metal path, not insulated with muck / dirt / grease / underseal !

  • Paul Walbran25 July 2016

    My page at explains the opening ramps and how clearances relate to them.

    Ramps vary considerably beteen profiles, for example the one I am using at present has a ramp extending to around 20 thou valve clearance, whereas the fast road cam I use has the ramp finishing at 11-12 thou valve clearance.

    If you don't know yo...

  • Neil Ferguson25 July 2016

    Mike ..thanks for info....Away in Europe, mainly Italy, until mid august .When I get back to the car I will make up a wooden template and plan to have the unit totally removable (in 3 pieces) and to have all the joints as bolted/pinned so loads are simply applied. The 3 pieces will be the two tie rods with flats at each end and a threaded boss with two welded on ears ( for connecting to the ti...

  • Oggers25 July 2016

    I think this is an evergreen problem....however....Dropped the tank a few weeks ago and I pulled the sender from within - just to check it was OK. Since then, Fuel gauge has ceased to work. If it ain't broke..... I assume I have disturbed something - connections outside the tank look fine, but clearly I cannot see the connection atop the sender.

    Any clues as to the usual suspects ref sender...

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT SE 2003

    I'm selling my 2003 MG TF 135 Sprint special edition. Finished in X-Power Grey with black/grey leather and alcantara interior.

    Being the Sprint model, it has a number of upgraded features such as a coloured hood (grey), chrome pack, front fog lights and the Sports Pack 2: ABS, uprated 304mm front disc brakes and callipers and 16" eleven-spoke alloy wheels. It also has the optional windstop...


    I have a 1977 MGB for sale. Very good condition. Has roll bar, new top and stereo. Yellow with black interior. $8500 or best offer. Call or e-mail with any questions.


    114,484 Miles---1800cc 4 Cylinder Engine---4 speed synchromesh gearbox--New tie-rod assemblies---new steering pinion---new distributor, rotor, plugs---New hose to radiator---dual exhaust---new 185/70/R-14 radial tires---NEW $4,000.00 Red Paint Job. "Health Issues Forcing Sale---------------



    For sale is MGTD8873 CH/Only. This rare 1951 TD is one of the twenty-four TDs the Morris Garage sent to Germany in 1951 to have their bodies hand fabricated. This TD is one of the four known survivors from the original twenty-four.

    Since acquiring this car, I have installed a complete new brake system, exhaust system (non oem), head gasket, water pump, new Nexen tires i...

  • MG YA 1949

    MGYA 1949

    Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

    Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.
    Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.
    Gear box - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.
    Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white as per photographs attached.
    Windows - All...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.