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  • DHN Nordstrom21 December 2014

    That is very likely the case.

    I just can't see a TF as any part of the Hot Rod scene. When I was a Rodder in the 60's, one the last cars to be included would have been an MG. Unless maybe it had a V8 stuffed in there.

    Thanks for the idea.

  • Steve S21 December 2014

    A lot of people in the 50's around here would name their car. That may simply be what the owner called it. Remember this is where the whole hot rod scene got started.

  • Steve S21 December 2014

    Unless I'm missing something here, oil is already delivered right where it needs to be. The tappet is only under load for a short time, then it's at rest for another 1.5 (roughly) cycles. During that time, additional oil is pumped into the bushing which is now overflowing, and this ensures that as it comes under load again that the two metal surfaces are separated by a layer of lubricant. The o...

  • Bruce Cunha21 December 2014

    That is what my paint shop says. I can get single stage or two part in spray cans.

  • Bruce Cunha21 December 2014

    Looks like someone had access to a British junk yard or had a bunch of british cars lying around and decided to put them all together. Gauges are triumph. They actually are the same as the later TD, just have black dials. My car had a set of them as spares when I got it.

  • MG LaVerne21 December 2014

    Tyler, I seem to remember I had to put them in before I assembled the bumper bar.

    I think were talking different bolts Jim

  • Prop and the Blackhole Midget21 December 2014

    Ive seen reports on this new class of Radio control air craft....there freakin huge, ive had the dumb idea of building on of those and just jump on it for a flight with the radio control device in hand.

    If anything, it would make for an interesting death


  • Paul Barrow21 December 2014

    Hi Jerry

    A quick check of the on-line database will show the car as Y 5205 and that the car is on Ys on Parade with it's current owner!!

    I have sent Jerry an email back about the advert too, so watch this site :)


  • dominic clancy21 December 2014

    the jet should be held rigid in the bimetallic strip.

  • Cleve Crews21 December 2014

    I took some measurements of the vertical lip of the inner wing at the arrows to the other corresponding side.

    The white arrow measures the exact same at the radiator support as my 74, 73 and 78 B's. The measurement taken at the red arrow is 1/2 inch MORE than the corresponding measurement on the 74, 73 and 78 B's.

    So, as you can see in the pic, the outer wing flange that has the bol...


    Originally from the state of Virginia, now in Minnesota. Has always been garaged and has never been driven in snow. I have owned it about 12 years.
    Exterior is straight and rust free. It was repainted shortly before I bought it. The chrome is aftermarket. Like new Michelin radial tires.
    The dash is original but could use redoing. The rest of the interior has been redone. The carpet needs to...

  • 1954 1250 MG TF MIDGET

    An authentic, heritage certificate supported UK car, owned and cherished by 3 generations of the same family since 1969. The car comes with a comprehensive history dating back to 1970.

    The car has just been subject to a 4 year body off restoration by West Cheshire MG Restorations ( where it's currently being held pending a successful sale, and as yo...

  • MG TF 2005

    TF 2005 Firefrost red with half leather black interior only 17200 miles.
    Last of UK built cars with softer suspension and glass heated rear window
    New tyres, discs & pads all round.(Changed for age not wear) car in pristine condition 4000.00
    Photos on request.
    Kent UK


    Exceptional 1960 MGA, to concours standard restoration. Red with tan leather interior and top. Recently on cover and 5 page article in MG enthusiasts magazine. Lucas driving lamps, toolkit, tourneau, lots of history RHD every attention to detail and upgrades including front and rear anti-roll bars. Reg mark xxx YUM No expense spared. Near Peterborough. 40,000 ovno
    Serious Enquiries at this pri...


    A beautiful red, 1975 MG Midget 1500 for sale in Buckinghamshire, UK.

    This car has 55,000 miles from new and a large service history. Garaged for the past 13 years and on superb condition.

    The car has just undergone a lot of work, and is well worth a look.


    MGB Roadster 1975 British Racing Green. Last of the chrome bumper model with the number plate lights in the bumper. This car has been fitted with rare chrome Rostyles wheels. Good solid car it has had extensive body work in the past. Parked up shortly after its MOT. Has been stored inside since being laid up. Chrome work is in very good condition throughout. Needs re-commissioning .Pioneer cd...