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  • Bruce TD4139 Cunha04 July 2015

    Painted headlamps and rings, so it is later than early 1951.

    If you blow up the picture, look at the back tire. If this is a new car, they must have driven it through some mud. There is mud on the wheel and the rear fenderwell is speckled.

  • Bruce TD4139 Cunha04 July 2015

    Have the same thing going on with my new engine. Never seen the temp gauge go above about 190 F (87.8c). Even with my trip across the US in July, I only saw it get up to about 195 (90.6) once.

    With the new motor, it goes to about 198 when climbing hills, but drops to normal quickly when over the hill. I am being told that this is actually normal and actually the car runs better between 1...

  • JRN JIM04 July 2015

    First- Check your battery voltage. You just might start out decent, but run out of voltage if your generator system isn't putting out charge. Ignition needs voltage; you don't leave home without it, for very long. All those new parts won't do any good without it, either.

    If you have the female terminals in your instrument cluster, you can plug in a voltmeter to keep tabs on it. I wired ...

  • Prop and the Blackhole Midget 04 July 2015


    Thank you, I certianly appricate all the info...that helps alot

    The cables all run thur the frame any ideas on removing and installing those, I havent gotten that far in the disassembly

    Im basically just taking apart, cleaning and reassembling .


  • R W Bowers04 July 2015

    Hi Bob
    I owe you an apology, you are absolutely correct as per your excellent diagram, the motor is shorted to earth as you said. In my haste I failed to check this connection on the wiper switch/connector. However that said, all my previous posts (aka confused ramblings) describe the situation correctly, the motor, even shorted to earth, doesn't stop quickly enough to rest the switch "on the c...

  • Martin Washington04 July 2015


    The 700C wheels are the new standard replacement for 27" wheels. 26" wheels are smaller and usually wider.

    The 8 speed cassette will probably work better because the down tube shifters won't have enough travel to move the derailleur enough to use all of the gears on a 9 cogs cassette. And when you do get one, try for one with a wide range like 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 23 - 26 -...

  • G Evans04 July 2015

    Blue smoke is oil burning, black smoke is too much fuel. Test for manifold and carby flange leaks using the methods contained in the Archive if there are no leaks, do a compression test.

  • R W Bowers04 July 2015

    Gday Dave some time back I posted on this topic some improvements to the standard airbox and hoses which comprised increasing the tube diameter to nearly 50mm. (see pic)this worked a treat and now the motor revs freely to 5500 at which point I change gear, not wishing to confirm the "floppy crank" theory for the 1500. HTH

  • G Evans04 July 2015

    Wire wheels have been fitted to TFs since time immortal. First question I ask are the TF drums different to those fitted to a TD, second have the Delfi wheel cylinders been fitted to a TF with a successful outcome?

  • D J Walker04 July 2015

    Hi Tim, would/could there be an intermittent air leak in the manifold? It seems like it is getting fuel but not in the right mixture judging by the smoke out the exhaust.
    Regards, Don TF 4887


    Has KPH speedo. Box sections and inner rear arches have been welded.
    Has all doors, boot lid locker cover, wings and bonnet, windows and seats. No engine,gearbox, half shafts ,steering rack or radiator/shell. Can be seen in UK. Never registered in UK. Possibly could deliver at cost.Can forward pictures.
    Sensible offers invited please

  • 1951 TD MKII

    TD?C 5905 with original engine #6087. Partially restored in 1960.
    Shipped to Canada for the Rothmans Car Collection. In storage for 25 years. I purchased it in 1995 to drive. Excellent chrome, radial tires. a strong running car. Has original top and side curtains. No rust or rot or damage. Usual wear from 20 years of use. Car is in Canada. Asking 23000.00 BPS. Enquiries Email <mgtdc@hotmail....

  • 1948 MG YA

    Non runner in need of restoration. It has been dry stored for over 40 years. Original body in solid state. Engine turns freely.
    Internal: Seats have good frames but in need of new cushions and covers. Wooden dash replaced with padded fabric. Original sunroof replaced by a perspex unit.
    External: Body appears solid. Excellant chromed grille shroud with what appears to be a new radiator. (So...

  • 1970 MK111 RALLY CAR

    1970 (TAX EXEMPT) MG Midget Historic Rally Car in Red with Black Hard Top
    1293cc fresh engine built by Phil Hepworth. (Not Run In Yet)
    Big Valve head, Omega Pistons, balanced bottom end
    MED XTR Rally/Sprint Camshaft with Duplex Timing Gear
    Hi-Torque Starter Motor
    Aldon dist with Igniter & Lucas Sports Coil.
    40 Dellorto Carb
    Crossflow radiatior
    Electric Fan
    Oil cooler<...


    I have a wonderful MKI, 1959 Frogeye sprite. Bodywork completely restored, English wheeled. All steel (no fibreglass) & painted original leaf green. RH drive (not an export). Rear axle restored & fitted (can be moved around like wheelbarrow!).

    Got a huge pile of parts for her, all genuine & original (engines, gearbox, seats, steering wheel, etc).

    Asking 11,000 minimum.



    I have been asked by someone I met recently if I could place an advert forthe sale ofthis frogeye with the club. I really know nothing about this vehicle apart from that it was registered in 1959 and would require some TLC.