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  • Dominic Clancy27 March 2017

    My car has disc wheels, but yes, eared spinners are officially not allowed here

  • S Griffin27 March 2017

    Here is a closeup of the upper mounting bracket.

  • S Griffin27 March 2017

    Several folks have asked me to try and take some photos of the Front Andrex shocks that are mounted to my 53 TD. It is not a MK2 and apparently the presence of the front shocks is unusual. Here are a couple of photos, it is not the easiest place to photograph well. It think that the question is if these came from the factory on the car or were added later? Not sure if these images give you wha...

  • Nigel Atkins27 March 2017

    Economy tip for ya - use worn washing up scourers, green or the white (non-scratch?), particularly the ones with sponge attached as they're easier to shape with and you can use the dampened sponge side to wipe off the muck caused by scouring and see your progress.

    If like me you do the washing up then you can decide how worn (or course or fine) these will be before being used for cleaning/p...

  • Nigel Atkins27 March 2017

    from Rob's OP - "these are Barry King's last set of -2.5 degree ones"

    and that's the name I couldn't think of earlier.

    Perhaps it was best that I missed out on the last sets of these.

  • Graeme Williams27 March 2017

    IIRC getting them in the "wrong" way round is much easier that putting them in correctly but then, having done that and wondering why you struggled the other way around, you then realise why they have to go the correct way.

  • George Butz26 March 2017

    Great find. Check your email! George

  • Clare Ravenwood26 March 2017

    have used synthetic steel wool when I stripped the paint off a WW II Avenger. Did a pretty good job as well combined with the paint remover.

    If you are going to use petrol as a solvent, be very careful. As you know, the stuff ignites very easily and petrol fumes are heavier than air so settle at the lowest level.

    If you must, do it outside, away from any ignition sources and keep an...

  • G Lazarus26 March 2017

    Yes there is going to be a presence there. Steve Newton of the Heart of England Area will be organising. I may well attend too. The discount code will be printed in April's Mascot.

    This is what Steve wrote.
    "Once again I have booked MASC into the Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia weekend which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of July.
    This is always a good weekend with loads going on a...

  • G Lazarus26 March 2017

    Good, no, yes, yes and sorry!


    1971 mg midget ( same as Austin healey Sprite ) project car

    stored since 2011 and now needing restoration, its a good basis for a nice car -

    this is one of the last cars prior to the change over to round wheel arches and is in fact rarer than the rwa cars

    Engine is running nicely ( when jump started on good battery ) and is a strong unit - with good oil pressure at both id...


    MG midget full restored Quarter lights re-chromed ,fitted with all new seals complete with fixings etc. Early hook handle or latter straight handle 440 Pair on a exchange bases. Also have second hand quarter lights . Re chromed hand brake leavers 50 Exchange. Coming soon Re chromed Midget and MGB outer door handles. Pictures can be sent on request. Contact Richard on 01332 510130 or 07749838528....

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT 2002 (52)

    Trophy Blue
    47k miles
    MOT Dec 17
    CD / Radio
    Comes with Hardtop.
    This owner since 2009 and 10.8k miles
    Good tyres, new exhaust.



    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.


    Large selection of quality MGB, MGB GT & Midgets.
    Most fully restored/excellent originals with
    comprehensive history.
    Viewing also available eves/w'ends.
    P/ex welcome
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    MG TD Collection, Restoration Projects
    I am selling my life time collection of MG TDs, a purpose built trailer, books, and tools. There are 4 MGTDs and a fifth partial (frame and some sheet metal) parts car. Two are 1951 and 2 are 1952 (one 1952 is a TDC MK II Competition car). The extra frame/parts car is also a 1952. These cars are not cars that were put away and left to decay. They a...