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  • Malcolm Le Chevalier28 July 2016

    Dunno Bill, I have no real data, but in the past few months there have been two, maybe three people on the BBS here that have broken shafts.

    I think it is an increasingly common issue as shafts get older and older.

  • W Bretherton28 July 2016

    Not a hooligan these days Dave! Back in the day (1972) I remember breaking a half shaft in my then '66 Sprite mk3 (1098) but that was the weaker original shafts.


  • Steve Gyles28 July 2016


    You have absolutely no idea of the opportunity you are missing!!!


  • Dave Hill28 July 2016

    Yes it is possible to take the metal off the wood, and put it back - I've done it myself after repairing the wood frame. There is no way that you are going to bend the wood, though you could reshape it. Doing anything without damaging the paint is not on. The techniques of stressing the door with cables, etc., just don't work in such a situation. Been there, done that, and decided that the onl...

  • Dave O'Neill 228 July 2016

    That depends on how much of a hooligan you are.

    I've never managed to break one on a road car.

    I have broken a Peter May halfshaft in a race car, but that was the outer end which broke, due to excess play in the bearing.

  • Dave O'Neill 228 July 2016

    My BMC manual contains the same paragraph as Jim's.

    Curiously, the MGB manual quotes the same figures. I can't remember if the bolts are the same size though.

  • W Bretherton28 July 2016

    Malcolm/ anyone

    How prone to failure are the standard EN17 halfshafts with normal road use? I have some I intend to put in the Frog axle (engine will be 1275 standard tune).


  • Allan Reeling 28 July 2016

    I corrected one e bay site the other day, selling brake pads "suitable for MGB, MGB GT and MGB GT V8"!!!

  • Colyn Firth28 July 2016

    I forgot to upload a recent-ish picture of my slightly under dressed MGA (sans bumpers and boot-rack!) on last Septembers LE JoG.

    My wife Chris opts to wait in the car with her broken leg whilst I bravely take on the challenge of the Dalwhinnie whisky distillery tour.

    ( Just jesting, I actually carried her into the bar to wait inside.
    The distillery staff did comment that this w...

  • Malcolm Le Chevalier28 July 2016

    In fact, now you mention it, that is a lot. 1500 head studs are 3/8" and only done to 45 lb. ft.

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT SE 2003

    I'm selling my 2003 MG TF 135 Sprint special edition. Finished in X-Power Grey with black/grey leather and alcantara interior.

    Being the Sprint model, it has a number of upgraded features such as a coloured hood (grey), chrome pack, front fog lights and the Sports Pack 2: ABS, uprated 304mm front disc brakes and callipers and 16" eleven-spoke alloy wheels. It also has the optional windstop...


    I have a 1977 MGB for sale. Very good condition. Has roll bar, new top and stereo. Yellow with black interior. $8500 or best offer. Call or e-mail with any questions.


    114,484 Miles---1800cc 4 Cylinder Engine---4 speed synchromesh gearbox--New tie-rod assemblies---new steering pinion---new distributor, rotor, plugs---New hose to radiator---dual exhaust---new 185/70/R-14 radial tires---NEW $4,000.00 Red Paint Job. "Health Issues Forcing Sale---------------



    For sale is MGTD8873 CH/Only. This rare 1951 TD is one of the twenty-four TDs the Morris Garage sent to Germany in 1951 to have their bodies hand fabricated. This TD is one of the four known survivors from the original twenty-four.

    Since acquiring this car, I have installed a complete new brake system, exhaust system (non oem), head gasket, water pump, new Nexen tires i...

  • MG YA 1949

    MGYA 1949

    Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

    Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.
    Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.
    Gear box - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.
    Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white as per photographs attached.
    Windows - All...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
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