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  • Dave O'Neill 201 October 2016

    I think there was some discussion recently on the MGA BBS about the fan stat, and it was suggested that the bottom hose was better.

  • Len Fanelli01 October 2016

    Yes I will be glad to.
    914 420 8699

  • Nigel Atkins01 October 2016

    there's sometimes debate about fitting the probe in the bottom hose, though I can't recall this being suggested on a Spridget and I don't know how convenient this would be for installation and if you need to get at it later ([dangerously] presuming you have a vertical flow rad based on the other thread).

    As the fan has a variable stat control I'd have thought its location as far as...

  • M Parris01 October 2016

    I am just looking at the DOT consultation on dropping the MOT for historic vehicles.
    I am unsure of the scope of their proposals on the definition for ‘substantial change’. Can anyone answer the following questions regarding the current implementation of the "Q" plate scheme? The answer to these questions seem to me to have a massive bearing on the acceptability of this part of the proposal.

  • Gene Gillam01 October 2016

    Perhaps Len can address this? It's his cam after all.

  • GuyW01 October 2016

    Not all the Titan ones give the clearance needed. They produced their standard one, intended mainly for minis I think. And then they produced one with a slightly reduced angle which gives the clearance for the Spridgets. But they are quite rare I believe and the difference is subtle enough not to be immediately apparent. So beware, if for example buying on Ebay.

  • Rob aka MG Moneypit01 October 2016

    The only one I know that fits is branded Titan. Not sure who makes/made them but someone else will know.

    When I did my Frogeye I used one made by Howley Racing made in the 1970's mostly for Mini's. It didn't fit as I found out when I shut the bonnet for the first time. I took it to a machining company and had the face wedged (the face that mates with the head) varying from 0 at the top to 2...

  • M Weller01 October 2016

    What are the advantages to fitting it here as opposed to the thermostat end?

  • Stuart Duncan01 October 2016

    Mel, my Y/T had/has no water branch pipe, so I borrowed an old one from Tony in the hope that I could get some made of stainless steel, as I considered the cost of getting one from NTG a bit much.
    A mate who makes S/S inboard/outboard manifolds for luxury boats here on the Gold Coast has been unable to find anyone who can bend small dia S/S pipe.
    When a Y branch pipe is put against the TD ...

  • Kevin McLemore01 October 2016

    I second your recommendation - the Gilmore is one of America's great auto museums. It's also one of the few places you can see some of the more rare makes of cars on display. They even have a Tucker, a car I have always been fascinated by.

    If you get to Phila we also have a hidden gem - the Simeone Auto Museum. It has some of the rarest and most expensive racing cars in the world, includi...


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.£300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.£300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is £25k.

    Information on the car is below:

    - 1958 car (AN5\3009). Fully restored in South Africa with photos to prove.
    - Original 948cc engine (matches heritage cert) now on 1 1/4 twin carbs, (develops 56bhp)....


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    I am selling my life time collection of MG TDs, a purpose built trailer, books, and tools. There are 4 MGTDs and a fifth partial (frame and some sheet metal) parts car. Two are 1951 and 2 are 1952 (one 1952 is a TDC Competition car). The extra frame/parts car is also a 1952. These cars are not cars that were put away and left to decay. They are all...


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