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  • Dave Hill26 May 2017

    The other way to raise the front of the seat and tilt the back slightly is to remove the runners and pack under them with some thick washers or make a wedge to fit.
    Dave H

  • Dave Hill26 May 2017

    Yes, thats the way I did it. The TD and TF have the headlamp tail connectors on each side, just inboard from the headlamps. You only need to use those on one side for switching both, and the others become redundant. I used the RHS and mounted the two relays on the RH bonnet side just below the wing line.
    Dave H

  • Malcolm Le Chevalier26 May 2017

    Should do! :-)

  • Mike Fairclough26 May 2017

    Cheers Dave I'll drop you an e mail

  • Lindsay Sampford26 May 2017

    Here's my diagram.

  • B Mooney26 May 2017

    I have opened up the front of the engine and can see that the cam is not timed correctly. There are 12 links between the timing marks instead of 13. In the picture I have put arrows on the timing marks.
    My problem now is how to get the sprockets off the crank and cam. The wsm says to lever them off or use 2 of the special tools designed for this purpose. I have tried levering but I am afraid o...

  • L Karpman26 May 2017

    Thanks Lindsay and Rod!

  • Lindsay Sampford26 May 2017

    L, I am presuming the TD wiring is similar to the MGA. The place for the relays is at the end of the headlamp wiring loom where it joins the headlamp 'pigtails'. There should be double snap connectors here where the split is for left and right headlamps. The relay coils are connected to the end of the loom in place of the headlamp wires, one relay being the 'high' the other 'dip'. The main power l...

  • Karl Bielby26 May 2017

    Out of Interest.. does the gearbox fit a 1300? I have wondered about doing the same for when my 1500 needs rebuilding.

  • Robin26 May 2017

    It took four breakdowns at the side of the road before I realised the black rotor arms I had were the culprit. A new one from Halfords (circa 2002 vintage) straight out the pack only lasted me about 20 miles before it failed. They always failed in the same way as well - car got warmed up after about 12miles, engine started losing power, I'd pull over and wait for the car to cool down, I'd turn r...


    MG Midget 1977 Inca Yellow
    MOT August 2017 64k miles

    Bear metal respray, new sills, 3 new wings, stainless covers on sills, new brake pipes and servo, suspension rebuilt, kingpins reemed, new seats, Motolite steering wheel, undersealed, 4 new minilites and tyres.

    2,995 or very near offer

    Please contact: Brian Stallard Tel: 07761138282 or email dstallard65@gmail.c...


    1971 mg midget ( same as Austin healey Sprite ) project car

    stored since 2011 and now needing restoration, its a good basis for a nice car -

    this is one of the last cars prior to the change over to round wheel arches and is in fact rarer than the rwa cars

    Engine is running nicely ( when jump started on good battery ) and is a strong unit - with good oil pressure at both id...


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    A customer has a TD & TR6 for sale Yonkers NY.
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