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  • M Le Chevalier24 July 2014

    ... edit... is it 4" PCD or just 100mm "bodged" to fit?

    Thinking of ways to increase boot space as Wifey reckons it is too small to carry much (i.e for going on holiday etc.), I think it is actually not bad and at least on a par with our Panda! :-D


  • Graeme W24 July 2014

    Face adjusted?

    This is what I think it means. Others will disagree. Are you sitting comfortably?

    The bearings consist essentially of an inner race, outer race and balls. Because these are angular bearings, manufacturing variances (tolerances) affect the linear alignment of the races with each other. If you imagine that a vertical face of the outer race is the datum, the correspon...

  • M Le Chevalier24 July 2014

    Interesting, where did you get that from?!


  • Alan McKewan24 July 2014

    drop of toilet bleach and it'll be fine

  • Alan McKewan24 July 2014

    Mazda space saver - better than walking 2 miles carrying a one year old!

  • Alan McKewan24 July 2014

    I'm in the very rare and fortunate position of having 2 driveable Midgets atm with the daily car (Tucson) in the garage for a clutch job. Red one conks last night outside Asda 3 hours after Tucson is pulled apart. So down to last driveable car, this morning the blaze Midget gets as far as Lidl with granddaughter on board and blows a tyre.
    Anyone else used one of these?

  • Nigel Atkins24 July 2014

    "only you would - say that/do that/see that/ ect., ect."

    is a common enough expression between mates/families/colleagues - not that L is in any of those groups but there's be enough interchange, and formerly banter, to sometimes "see the wood for the trees"

    I'm sure if you and I both lived a million years you'd still not get my humour - don't just take offence, take the ga...

  • C.R. Tyrell24 July 2014


    Ford Colour Code YY-9M - 6210 - Colonial White

    Any paint supplier can provide this in any type of paint. I used single stage Polyurethane, because I drive my cars often.

    Enclosed a picture of the car. The colour was a perfect match to the original colour found on the car.

  • Norm Kerr24 July 2014

    Prop, are you kidding around or serious? Have you actually been posting constantly on the threads on this subject over all of these years and not learned these things?

    Face adjusted: after making the bearing assembly, the bearing maker face grinds the races so they are within 0.025mm of each other (0.001"), and the whole assembly is within that same tolerance of 15mm thick (inner hub bear...

  • R. D. Jones24 July 2014

    You said in an earlier post you had diverted the vent pipe from the tappet chest cover to the carb on the blower. Any chance there is more pressure in the crankcase now - that is pushing oil past the rear seal?
    You could try to put it back as it was for a trip or two - and see if it helps?
    Just a thought.


    This MG Midget has a lot of history, being a very competitive car throughout its racing life. This car is now being sold on for the next generation to enjoy.
    The car has been competitive since the early Modsports days where it enjoyed great success. The Midget has had several upgrades to start getting it ready for competing but will need certain items, listed below.

    The car has a a grea...


    Show car condition #2+ (Hagerty criteria).
    Exterior Red with black leather interior and red piping.
    Local and regional car show winner.
    Rebuilt in 1998 on new Heritage body shell with special attention to Mk 1 configurations.
    Overdrive model.
    Chrome wire wheels with brand new tires.
    Tonneau cover.
    All instrumentation and switches in working order.
    1000 miles average per sum...


    -rust and accident free car sold new in California but spent most of its life in Nevada
    -bare shell repaint in 2005(two part expoxy primer, grey blocking primer, coloured primer, DuPont Centari II top coat.
    -All chrome replated in 3 part proces
    -engine rebuilt by Lawrie Alexander, British Sportscar Centre, Sacramento, CA
    -boosters rebuilt by Power Brake Exchange, San Jose, CA <...

  • 1960 MGA 1600 MK1 ROADSTER

    !960 MGA 1600 Mk1 Roadster in speedwell blue. Same owner since 1971. Genuine 56000 miles. Never rebuilt or restored. Always been dry stored, little used,but always kept in running order.Original green log book, every MoT. cert since 1971.Original leather seats. Original steering wheel. Original cross ply spare wheel in boot. Steel wheels with original Ace Alloy full wheel covers. Luggage rack, per...


    This is a complete nut and bolt restoration costing thousands, full receipts and photographic details before and after. has won prizes at all shows entered. avery unusual crowd puller. hood and interior by Suffolk and Turley in blue and cream
    engine all original numbers as with Salmons parts. runs quiet and smooth as it should. everything works as it should. 40,000 for quick sale.


    I'm moving to London so don't need my car anymore!

    The mileage is 66,000.

    I bought it for 1,700 about 8 months ago.

    There are a few scratches and I cracked the bumper at the back so selling it cheap! This should only cost around 200 to repair.

    The interior is customised with the yellow on some parts of the interior.


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