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  • Nigel Atkins30 March 2017

    Again the car seem well worth a look at least.

    The advert text highlights some of the issues, but just looking at possible negatives now - gear tunnel carpet seems opposite and "rev counter and electrics are intermittent but thats easily fixable" might be a little easier said than done.

    Missing wing mirror, driver's door mirror and lock missing might (or might not) have an interest e...

  • D mckellar30 March 2017

    Bob I cannot comment on if the wiring is all going to the right places because I don't have a diagram here, but the 70-75 ohm is exactly what it should be, from going through the ig warning light. Reason is because the Ig Warning light has resistance wire wrapped around the base, so you can run the oddball 2.5 volt (flashlight) bulb in there that can glow dimly or bright and all in between.

  • Nigel Atkins30 March 2017

    neither pair of pliers I borrowed worked very well on that large circlip but possible not helped by the professional bodge that was done on my lever unknown to me.

    All being well I'll test the lever in the car tomorrow and motorway test it to and from NEC the three days.

    Mike could you do me a favour please and again measure your lever but this time from the small circlip to...

  • Nigel Atkins30 March 2017

    you really ought to treat yourself to terry Horler's book.

    It has from Oct '71 a simpler (than N. America cars) collapsible steering column came with steering lock (lock varied with market).

    The Morris Minor steering rack pin shaft and seal was revised from Jan '69 Sprite, Feb '68 Midget, with revised direction indicator.

    And of course there's the change to Truimph r...

  • Dave O'Neill 229 March 2017

    The MGB V8 for six grand was a bit of a give-away!

  • Nigel Atkins29 March 2017

    Obviously if Dave can remember that it was in the Driver's Handbook (supplement) then that's an end to it. :)

    I don't remember much, as you know, but from my previous 1969 Spridget ownership when I was looking to buy the current Spridget I remembered that later cars had a larger tank that I thought that was 7 gal.

    Terry Horler's book has larger tank introduced with RWA (Oct '71 GAN5-...

  • MG Moneypit29 March 2017

    Yes he popped up tonight. I've reported a few of the items but eBay don't seem to be too keen to stop this type of scam.


  • J Sloan29 March 2017

    There is a very tidy 67 1275 midget on Car and Classic for sale at 6k as a private sale in Morpeth---should be handy fro you to take a look at. It looks tidy eno from the pics---going mainly on how it looks under the bonnet. Has apparently had a full rebuild in the recentish past. It is a bit on the yellow side but looks a good balance between condition and cost IMHO.
    They are great wee ...

  • Lindsay Sampford29 March 2017

    Colyn, the wiper arms should be adjusted so that the blades naturally sit at 90 degrees to the screen. When the blade moves in one direction it flips to trail at an angle to the screen. When it reverses direction, it should flip to trail at the same angle the other way. To achieve this, you need to take a pair of pliers to the arms and give them a tweak. Of course, if the rubber has gone hard, the...

  • Graeme Williams29 March 2017

    This is an ideas sketch I produced at the time. Don't try measuring anything, I was making it up as I went along but I think the shape isn't too far out.


    1971 mg midget ( same as Austin healey Sprite ) project car

    stored since 2011 and now needing restoration, its a good basis for a nice car -

    this is one of the last cars prior to the change over to round wheel arches and is in fact rarer than the rwa cars

    Engine is running nicely ( when jump started on good battery ) and is a strong unit - with good oil pressure at both id...


    MG midget full restored Quarter lights re-chromed ,fitted with all new seals complete with fixings etc. Early hook handle or latter straight handle 440 Pair on a exchange bases. Also have second hand quarter lights . Re chromed hand brake leavers 50 Exchange. Coming soon Re chromed Midget and MGB outer door handles. Pictures can be sent on request. Contact Richard on 01332 510130 or 07749838528....

  • MG TF 135 SPRINT 2002 (52)

    Trophy Blue
    47k miles
    MOT Dec 17
    CD / Radio
    Comes with Hardtop.
    This owner since 2009 and 10.8k miles
    Good tyres, new exhaust.



    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.


    Large selection of quality MGB, MGB GT & Midgets.
    Most fully restored/excellent originals with
    comprehensive history.
    Viewing also available eves/w'ends.
    P/ex welcome
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    MG TD Collection, Restoration Projects
    I am selling my life time collection of MG TDs, a purpose built trailer, books, and tools. There are 4 MGTDs and a fifth partial (frame and some sheet metal) parts car. Two are 1951 and 2 are 1952 (one 1952 is a TDC MK II Competition car). The extra frame/parts car is also a 1952. These cars are not cars that were put away and left to decay. They a...