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  • GuyW21 July 2017

    Hijack alert!

  • Nigel Atkins21 July 2017

    the modern spring washers will bite in sometimes, I can remember seeing the marks on something I've fitted but I can't remember what, I thought at the time it might have meant the spring washer was perhaps turning to bite in(?!!?).

  • Nigel Atkins21 July 2017

    I like the idea of letting chemicals do the work, I'm a big fan of spray-and-walk-away type solutions but it always gets so confusing as to what should be used - sealants, bondings, adhesives, glues, etc..

    So which colour threadlock would we use on our cars for general nuts and bolts then please?

  • J Targosz21 July 2017

    Hi Gord,

    Hope I haven't upset you. What prevents your seals from lifting from the guide as the valve stem rises? Ones from a Mini need a groove turning in the top of the guide to accommodate a ridge in the seal. My guides and valves are in perfect condition and it isn't worth the trouble of pressing them out, turning the grooves and then regrinding the seats. If I was rebuilding the head I...

  • GuyW21 July 2017

    The ones I have listed are on the Moss catalogue drawing, which I believe is a copy of the original WSM version. I am sure there are better modern alternatives now, but was wondering what the engineering logic in the original manufacturer's specs was.

    The other thing is that the original spring washers - certainly of the larger sizes, are noticeably more robust and harder with a good "cutt...

  • Nigel Atkins21 July 2017

    thanks for the info. I remember doing a quick search when this subject came up previously and I couldn't find anything to say spring washers done much.

    But of course I always use them (plus an extra flat washer if a nut going on too.

    So now I've got to strip the car down to get all those spring washers off and think about all the money I've put into my stocks of various...

  • Jonathan Severn21 July 2017

    There's an article here (provided by Henkel, which manufacturers Loctite, so may be somewhat biased) that suggests most forms of thread locking other than chemical threadlockers or saw-toothed flanges are fairly useless after not many load/unload cycles: (scroll down to the multicoloured graph, copied as the 'Image' in this present posting).


  • GuyW21 July 2017

    Still about as clear as mud!
    The applications I was looking at are not light duty places.
    Front 2 spring mounting bolts have just spring washers.
    Rear 2 just have flat washers, but the nuts are specials that I think are self locking though not of a sort I have seen anywhere else! I think its called an Aero nut?
    Fastenings of damper use a flat washer and a spring, so the nut is "secur...

  • J Targosz21 July 2017

    I am not familiar with the Skyhook conversion (Ford gearboxes tend to be used in the UK) but I understand the Datsun release bearing is used and this is a ball bearing type. Is it possible that when you press the pedal the release bearing starts to spin at engine speed but any thrust play is taken up by contact with the clutch. When you take your foot off inertia will cause the bearing to continu...

  • Matt Davis21 July 2017

    Hi Tim

    Could you take a photo of one of these panels before you bend it, with a ruler in view. I am trying to make my own, but have no template to work with. Thanks, Matt


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