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  • Christopher Couper19 July 2018

    Sandy: You mean you cannot see the pictures or cannot save the pictures?

    It's a bit tricky to save them as they are popups. If you hover your mouse over the picture you will see a url at the bottom of your screen with the picture ID. Just append that to the page url.

  • R W Hinton19 July 2018

    Please email copy noted to:


  • tm peterson19 July 2018

    If anyone still has lines of copper they should be changed for safetyís sake. Regards, Tom

  • Sherman Kaplan19 July 2018

    I would like a copy too.


  • Keith D Herkes18 July 2018

    Hi Willem,
    Thanks for your work to find these links. Makes interesting reading and reference for the future if needed.
    In the meantime I shall wait and see if I can get a spare pair of original type Girling dampers and hopefully complete the job during the Winter months.

  • John Payne18 July 2018

    Rob, please stop posting things like that!!

    I bid on that lot last year, it might even have been a car as well then. Even though I've got all the parts I need I just had to bid when I saw it included those seats. There is a lot of money in that lot when you add it all up and I knew I could sell most of the stuff I didn't need easily.

    Unfortunately I've got way too much stuff to sell ...

  • C Mee18 July 2018

    "I don't suppose many soft southerners would want to travel that far."

    Excuse me Mike, this soft southerner (well, Midlander) did 220 miles each way TWICE to view and collect my Sprite which was in Dorset.

    Mind you, the second trip was with a trailer, and a good job too, as I didn't want to risk that sort of journey in a car that really didn't deserve the MoT that came with it! ...

  • Sanders18 July 2018

    Maybe my fault but cannot open pictures.

  • Sanders18 July 2018

    Please include me for a copy. I thank you for your sharing.
    Sandy Sanders
    Naples Florida

  • John Payne18 July 2018

    I might have been tempted if it was a Tunnocks and a block of tablet for the journey home.....

  • MGA 1600 MARK 1. 1960

    MGA 1600 Mk1 1960

    The car was subject to a full body off restoration, late 1990ís (numerous photos available), and was acquired by me in 2007 (minimal usage since). Various jobs / improvements completed since then (see below) with various receipts available.

    The car starts and drives well (professionally tuned) and is in excellent overall condition (see photos). The car is not...


    My 1953 YB, with YMG registration number.
    Older body restoration, re-upholstered in 2007 and currently being re-wired by MG specialists.
    13 years in my ownership, and maintained by Peter Edney,Classic and Sports Cars and MG Mecca.
    The usual reluctant sale - offers around £11,000
    Register an interest by email.


    For Sale: 1964 MGB roadster. Been in barn for years. Lots of body panels already cut out. Replacement panels go with it. All original including hardtop, new soft top, 2 tunnel covers priced at $2500 obo.


    The car is presently fitted with bolted removable sebring valances as in photos, which can be unbolted and replaced with the original chrome bumpers as standard. The original seats, and wheels come with the car.

    Price : 3000

  • 57 MGA $4000. OBO

    MGA with small Plinths, and front disc brakes, sitting on a cart and pulled apart with rusted sills. Needs F section repairs, and engine rebuild. Body still mounted to frame. Comes with numerous parts for a rebuild including two engine blocks, one three main, and one five. One professional re-furbed, and powder coated gas tank. Blasted and powder coated black fender splash panels, seat frames, hea...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
    Especially fully restored/clean originals.
    Will view/collect anywhere U.K.