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  • Art Pearse22 October 2016

    My starter cable inner is actually a single stiff wire, so I chose the most direct route possible (not having noted where it was during demolition). It certainly would not do the contortions shown in Steve's pic. Mine is LHD.

  • Dave Pratt22 October 2016

    And secondly it has an aftermarket steering wheel which I haven't seen before.

  • Bob Beaumont22 October 2016

    I think this is a gold seal engine number

  • Dave Pratt22 October 2016

    Evening guys and gals, I am acquiring another frog and have a couple of questions.
    The engine isn't original and is an 8g ref which I believe is a35 van but what does the AD stand for.

  • rjm RAY22 October 2016

    Usually, cavitation is kept in check by pressurizing the cooling system. It occurs most often at the inlet of the water pump. RAY

  • Paul Walbran22 October 2016

    Willy, I haven't delved much into the parameters of harmonic balancers, but would expect the effect to be related to moment of inertia as well as mass and if so, as MOI varies with the 4th power of diameter, there would be a significantly different effect from a larger damper of similar mass.

    One thing to watch with the water pump pulley size is cavitation, which has been known sometimes to...

  • M Weller22 October 2016

    Guy - your calculated CR ( based on 71.6 bore) tallies with what I've been told. So, and I aim this at Peter as well, say I left everything else as is, but changed the pistons, to say 6cc from the current 11 ish, what would be the (very) approx increase in power? And would I need to get / be advised to get a taller compression height piston than is currently fitted to take up some of the slack abo...

  • George G.22 October 2016

    Steve, yes, I see what you're saying. I wonder if that was original to your car (and it doesn't agree with your first posting)...? The repro starter cable I sourced from SF would be too short to do that. When I questioned SF about the length, they said it was made to the same length as several original starter cables they had. After installing per Barney's comments, things have worked out. ...

  • Graham V22 October 2016

    I had the exact same problem with one carb on my frogeye. As everyone has said, the float chambers are the place to look.
    The link below will take you to a very useful article by Dave Dubois, I recommend you read it, it certainly helped me (belated thanks Dave if you are reading this!)

    Good luck, Graham

  • s page22 October 2016

    Hi All.
    I am going to replace the wire wheels on my MGA 1600 MK1 with Saab Minilites.
    I thinks I have all the parts other than the wheelstuds. Can anybody tell me how long they should be and where to get them from?

  • 1973 MG MIDGET RWA

    White.Off road since 2002.Unstarted project.Complete.Car runs with good oil pressure.Needs brakes/clutch sorting.Receipts for older restoration by MG Specialist prior to lay up but needs work.Offers.


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Frogeye,for restoration,completely dismantled long ago,dry stored,steel bonnet,h/s tops, 1100cc engine.300. Tel 01874 665631 (Brecon)


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is 25k.

    Information on the car is below:

    - 1958 car (AN5\3009). Fully restored in South Africa with photos to prove.
    - Original 948cc engine (matches heritage cert) now on 1 1/4 twin carbs, (develops 56bhp)....


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