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  • Dave O'Neill 226 August 2016

    Nigel, I thought you didn't like getting your hands dirty?

  • David Smith26 August 2016

    thanks Mike, that looks good at the price.
    Why have I not heard of this company before? Some interesting stuff on there. Given they're only a few miles away from Peter May I wonder if they supply him or are in competition against him?

  • b row26 August 2016

    The sensible thinking members of this forum should consider this item CLOSED and unworthy of further discussion, given the stance of Mr. Akai.

  • M Wood26 August 2016

    Dave O - that's interesting about Leacy.

    David S - seen this one?


  • Graham26 August 2016

    Going back to Malc's post about the MGOC, I feel that it's a club ONLY in name, as in reallity it's a shop selling MG bits.

    By the clever use of the name, it leads people to believe that it's a proper Club as per MASC, but it's not.

    Therefore my view would be MGOC, shop Yes, but an MG Club, no way.

  • S Akai26 August 2016

    I agree with Paul concerning the bearing fit. Also, the shaft can accumulate a varnish sort of layer. If the varnish layer is not removed at the end where the bearing goes, prior to putting it back together, it can give a false impression of the fit.

  • JA Benjamin26 August 2016

    I dont know if its "Original" but I used that hole for the bracket that clamps the speedo cable.

  • S Akai26 August 2016

    JP, your pretense of sincerity is not fooling anyone. Why don't you answer the question you find so offensive; rather than repeat it like the other's who also cannot answer the question, except to say that the 20w50 works fine? Yes it works fine, I have said so much. Something else might work better to make the transmission last longer. So answer the question. Why use 20w50 when a few gear oil...

  • David Smith26 August 2016

    IIRC the BK450 is the Payen number for a Metro Turbo. MOss list this under the Rover/XPart number GUG702560HG.
    Does a 1275 gasket work OK on a 1098 engine?

  • David Smith26 August 2016

    I think you might mean the steel stepped spigot washers, and there's a Belleville washer that stops the rattling... which bits do you need?


    Up for sale is my 1958 Frogeye. I purchased the car in Jan 2015, having been recently reimported from South Africa where it had spent its entire life. Insurance agreed value is 25k.

    Information on the car is below:

    - 1958 car (AN5\3009). Fully restored in South Africa with photos to prove.
    - Original 948cc engine (matches heritage cert) now on 1 1/4 twin carbs, (develops 56bhp)....

  • MGA 1600 MK 2 COUPE

    Age now reluctantly forces me to sell my MGA Coupe mK 2 owned for 9 years Iris Blue original UK car with original reg 5 speed gearbox original engine 123 ign. chrome wire wheels Vredenstein tubeless tyres just completed 1000 mile tour of the north many mods for reliable driving agreed value 20k offers around 18500

  • MG YA 1949

    MGYA 1949

    Nut and bolt restoration, consisting of:

    Chassis - stripped and rebuilt from ground upwards, with all parts refurbished.
    Engine - reconditioned and rebuilt to new standard.
    Gear box - stripped down, overhauled and serviced.
    Body shell - acid dipped and etch primed. Body repainted in black and all English white as per photographs attached.
    Windows - All...


    MGB, MGB GT, Midgets
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    MGA Roadster bare chassis ex Californian / solid steel several to choose from 1550 >2250

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