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1st July 2008

Sun, sea, beach and motor racing

What on earth have sun, sea and beach to do with motor racing, I hear you ask. Well in this case they are closely connected. You are invited to join the FISC EuroTour grid at the Grand Prix Classic in Zandvoort 12-14 September 2008.

The town of Zandvoort is one of the most popular resorts in Holland, with its 9km of sandy beach and large dune area. The circuit is located north of this picturesque town and only 75mtrs from the beach.

A triple header, offering 30mins qualifying and three 30min. races i.e. two hours of circuit time. Should this not be enough, you may take advantage of free practice opportunities at low cost on the Friday. The weekend is a competition in its own right, where the paddock will applaud its class winners.

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