Rover's Motorsport Strategy

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Extract from November's MGCC publication - Safety Fast


After a detailed review of its motor sport programmes, Rover Group is to implement a number of changes to its competition strategy for the immediate future.

The Rover 200 Cup, proposed for the 1997 season, has been cancelled, following a decision to shift competiton emphasis away from the Rover marque.

In recognition of its strong competitor following, however, the highly successful Rover Turbo Cup will continue into a fourth season in 1997, with a reduced level of support. The championship will be administered by the British Racing Drivers' Club.

The ever-popular Mini Se7en and Mini Miglia Challenges will also continue, administered by the Mini Se7en Racing Club in conjunction with the BRDC.

The all-race MGF Cup in Japan and multi-discipline MGF Trophy in France will continue into 1997, catering for the MGF Trophy model, designed and specially built by Rover Sport in the UK and powered by a 120 PS 1.8 litre fuel injected engine.

In confirming these plans, Rover Director of Marketing Rod Ramsay said: While there are many who will be disappointed that we have not announced a major circuit racing championship for 1997, it is time for us to give careful consideration to how motor sport will fit into our future marketing plans.

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