Longbridge Visit

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For a small group of MG enthusiasts Tuesday January 7th 1997 was a very special day. A trip planned and organised, mostly via email and the MG BBS, and which took some 20 enthusiasts on a tour of the Longbridge plant, where (along with other models) the MGF is assembled. The trip was planned and organised by Kelvin Fagan, an MG enthusiast from Cambridge, who after visiting the Longbridge plant some six months previous, decided he would like another look round and invited other contributors to the MGF BBS to join him.

A pre-visit lunch was held in a pub nearby to the Longbridge assembly plant, and of course the main topic of conversation was the 'MGF'. The group was made up with a mixture of MGF owners, and MGF owners to be, and a few who, just dream about owning one!
A small convoy of cars drove the mile or so the the Longbridge maingate, a line of MGF's 'coming home' as it were.

The summary of the Previous tour and Jackie Deakins 'Miggy Goes Home!' , a summary in her own words, of 'this' visit, explains the tour in more detail, the only difference being, Kelvin was allowed to take a camera into the assembly area and take a group photograph. Photography on site is strictly forbidden but Kelvin managed to get special permission.

Visit Photographs  (These are low resolution and do not reflect the quality of the originals)
Group Photograph  size 35k
Enthusiasts debate the MGF   size 23k

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