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The Southeastern Fall GOF had an outstanding turnout with over seventy registrants. There were 18 Tds and 12 Tfs listed along with a goodly number of MGBs and GTs. Attendees represented 15 different M.G. Clubs from around the Southeast from Tampa to Charlotte.

Although the weather was threatening, the rain never came and the outdoor activities proceeded as planned. The Safety Fast! Check brought to light a common problem among most of the cars tested. The carburettor overflow lines were cut off, wrongly routed or missing, which increased the fire hazard in case of a sticker float valve. In most cases the owners were unaware of the problem.

The Friday Evening First Timers Car Show was well attended with over 20 cars being presented for the first time at a Southeastern Fall GOF.

The Car Show on Saturday morning was spectacular, with an excellent array of well prepared and restored M.G.s, from M to B. The Popular Voting was difficult with so many outstanding examples of the breed to choose among.

Most drivers took advantage of the self-guided tour through the back mountain roads, and enjoyed the spectacular scenery and the fun of driving the twisty back roads which were made for M.G.s. The RCMP Skilled Driving Test attracted many. This involves negotiating a narrow twisting course, both forward and backward, without touching any of the cone markers OR THE BRAKES! The winners can be justly proud of their skills. A special driving award, the Hosea Williams Memorial Award, was given to the driver who scored the most points in the test for touching cones.

The Awards Banquet was well attended and the food was excellent. The Awards were presented in the Hospitality Room afterwards, and the Grand Prize in the raffle, a fully outfitted picnic basket from Lederman Rupp Co., was won by a new SEMGTR member, Bruce Henke. The Hard Luck Award went to our long time member, Hank Rippert, driving his TD. It is rumoured that Hank asked an old mountain man how to get to Hiawassee, and he replied: Straight over that mountain there . So Hank took off in his TD, as in the Jeep ad, over the mountains on logging roads or whatever and got here. In the process, he broke the front swaybar link. Press On Regardless!

1st: Peter Thornley			#45 Red/Black 32 	Type M	Roswell, GA

1st: Pam Matherson & Trip Trull		#19 Red 48      	Orange Parl, FL
2nd: Len & Martha Thomas	        #3 White 49		Stone Mountain, GA

1st: Bob Boyce	                        #61 Red 53		Savannah, GA
2nd: John Robinson	                #68 Red 50		Tampa, FL
3rd: Bruce Hanke                 	#12 Yellow 53		Alpharetta, GA
4th: Charlie & Jane Mitchell		#14 Green MkII		College Park, GA

1st: Pierre Moreau	                #29 Ivory 54		Tallahassee, FL
2nd: Jim Stidham                	#9 Red 55 1500		Clinton, SC
3rd: Denis & Nancy McCaffrey		#13 Red 54		Lawrenceville, GA  
4th: Don & Lee Harmer	        	#16 Black 54 1500	Atlanta, GA

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