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Extract from March's MGOC publication - Enjoying MG
by Richard Ladds

Road Spring Replacement Procedure

To ensure that your MG handles predictably and safely the suspension has to be functioning correctly, with the body of the car sitting level on its road springs and not sagging from front to rear or dipping down to one side. In recent years pattern road springs have emerged onto the market and although cheap and seemingly good value, their specifications cannot be relied upon to provide lasting service. When buying road springs it is advisable to obtain replacements that have been manufactured to original equipment specifications, with interleafing rubber strips located between each of the steel leaves. Each leaf is formed and set individually to the prescribed pressure settings so that when assembled as a complete unit, the spring's effectiveness is consistant.The interleafing allows the spring to flex smoothly thereby ensuring reliable operation. You will know whether your MG's springs are worn or damaged by the way the car seems unpredictable and even unpleasant to drive, so if this is the case the following shows how you can restore both its ride and handling characteristics

Rear Spring Replacement

Weak or broekn springs Ideally fit the new springs using new components that are supplied in the spring fitting kit and before commencing work firstly check that the replacement eye bolt will pass through the new springs' front bush.

Locate the spring front eye into position. Copperslip or grease the eye bolt and carefully drift into position. Fit the nut but do not fully tighten.

Install new rubber bushes into the chassis leg and rear eye of the spring. Raise the spring into position and locate the shackle. Use plenty of copperslip on these components and once again do not fully tighten the nuts.

Fit the spring's top pad and plate and drop the new "U" bolts with rebound platform over the axle and into position.

Using a jack to raise the rear spring into position on the axle, take care to locate the spring centre bolt into the axle recess. Whilst raising the spring, ensure that the rear shackle moves towards the rear of the car.

Locate the "U" bolts through the spring top plate, down alongside the spring and install the lower spring pad and bottom plate.

Locate the shock absorber link plate and fit the "U" bolt nuts, tightening them evenly whilst making sure the axle is located properly in place on its pads. Once both springs have been fitted, refit the wheels and lower the car to the ground, then bounce the rear of the car to ensure that everything is fully settled. Finally tighten all the nuts and bolts and after a few hundred miles recheck all the nuts for tightness.

Front Spring Replacement

Raise and support the car using axle stands on the chassis legs. Then, starting on one side, support the bottom spring pan with a trolley jack. Slacken and remove the nut and bolt connecting the anti-roll bar to its suspension link arm.

Taking the weight of the car on the trolley jack, undo and remove the bottom swivel joint nut and bolt. The bottom bolt will have to be drifted out. The kingpin assembly can now be pivoted upwards with the shock absorber arms.

Lower the trolley jack allowing the wishbone pan to swing down. The coil spring will expand downwards and can be removed.

Clean out the recess of the spring pan, but if badly corroded, renew it. Forcing the wishbone pan downward, the new spring can be inserted in position and then carefully raise the assembly using the trolley jack.

Reconnect the anti-roll bar to its link arm, then remove the old block holding the upper suspension assembly and align with the lower wishbone. Replace the bottom swivel bolt. Now fully tighten the swivel bolt nut and anti-roll bar link nut and bolt.

Lower the trolley jack and repeat the procedure on the other front suspension assembly. Finally once the car is lowered, make a final check to tighten all nuts and bolts.


Original specification springs, manufactured by British Springs Ltd are offered in kit form together with fitting kits comprising pair of springs, plates, buffers, nuts and bolts required to renew your springs.

To order tel. MG Owners' Spares 01954 230928.
Kit Rear Spring Kits
MGA, MGB & GT £74.50
V8 model £85.25
Midget 1275 £67.00
Midget 1500 £59.95
Front Spring Kits
All models above £19.95
(add £6.25 UK mainland delivery)

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