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Extract from March's MGCC publication - Safety Fast

Overseas News

This month's article comes from Richard Liddick, president of M.G.s of Baltimore, on their M.G.s On The Rocks car show, which I attended.

AMERICAS 17th Annual M.G.s on the Rocks

The M.G.s of Baltimore, Ltd. Car Club held their annual gathering on Saturday, September 28th, 1996 at Rocks State Park, Maryland. This year's event was a smashing success despite cloudy skies and showers. With 193 cars on the show field and 15 in the For Sale area, as well as 20 vendors, the day was spectacular for both the participants and the Club alike.

The day began before sunrise for the show's workers as they arrived at 6.00 a.m. to set up the show field and get the pit beef cooking on the grill. The show field was opened to the cars at 9.00 a.m. As the morning progressed, the showfield became full of M.G.s. There were more MGTs and MGAs at the show than anyone could remember. However, the MGB (both roadster & GT) was by far in the majority.

The event was open to all British cars, however it is still primarily an M.G. event. This year there was a new class set up for Triumphs and for the MGB V-8. Some of the other British marques on hand were: Jaguar, Austin, TVR, Morris, Morgan and Land Rover.

To entertain the crowd at the show, the club arranged for a pair of bagpipers to wander the field. There was also a deejay playing British Invasion Hits of the 60's over the public address system.

Door prizes were given away every half hour starting at 11:00. Door prize donors included Moss Motors, Ltd., The M.G. Car Club, University Motors, Crossroads Auto Systems, mini Mania, Merryman Modifications, Castrol Motor Oil, Victoria British and British Car Magazine (space doesn't allow me to name them all)

The Club served up our famous pit beef and hot dogs for the hungry car owners. The Latrobe Brewing Company donated Rolling Rock beer, along with a great Welcome to the Rocks banner. The Whitbread Brewing Co. Also came through this year with a discounted keg of English Ale and some door prize items.

The show has always received a great deal of support from the other M.G. and British car clubs located in nearby states and this year was no exception. The M.G.s of Baltimore, Ltd presented an award for the best participation by another club to The LANCO M.G.Club (Lancaster Country M.G. Club) of Pennsylvania. Some of the other clubs whose members were in attendance were: The M.G. Car Club U.K., The M.G. Car Club Washington, D.C. Centre, the M.G. Car Club Central Jersey Centre, Keystone M.G. Club, British Motor Club of South Jersey, The Long Island M.G. Car Club, The Chesapeake Chapter of The New England T Register, The North American MGB Register, The North American MGA Register And The Amercian MGB Association.

The awards presentation began at 3:00 p.m. at this popular vote event. The awards were presented at the owner's cars by Richard Liddick, the club president, and Joe Clark, this years show chairman. As the crowd walked to the winning cars the announcer would call out the car number, owner's name, year, model, colour, and what position it won in its class. This way the spectators could actually see the winner and the car. The announcer this year was none other than Nick Cox, the North American liaison for The M.G. Car Club. Nick made the trip across the pond to see the show and promote the M.G. Car Club. He was chosen to announce the winners because his peculiar accent seemed to be perfect for an M.G. event!

1996 M.G.s on the Rocks Winners:
Premier Class (Last Year's Winners)
3rd Bruce Bubeck 70 MGB Roadster
2nd Rob Martin 34 M.G. PA
1st Kathleen Eshleman 55 M.G. TF
Best MGB in Show (The Richard Murphy Award)
Bruce Bubeck 70 MGB Roadster
MGB Roadsters 1962-1967
3rd Daryl Mairose 67 MGB
2nd Michael Grield 65 MGB
1st Morrell LaRue 67MGB
MGB Roadsters 1968-1974
4th Ed Barlow 74 MGB
3rd Jim Maguire 72 MGB
2nd M R Conner 72 MGB
1st Terrence Allen 74 MGB
MGB Roadsters 1974-1/2 to 1980
4th Bill Schmidt 80 MGB
3rd Dennis Blevins 77 MGB
2nd Joe Clark 75 MGB
1st Nancy & Glenn Wriglet 78 MGB
3rd Mark Suskind 71 BGT
2nd Kim Barnes 73 BGT
1st Forrest Collier 67 BGT
MGC and MGC/GT All Years
2nd Hugh & Elizabeth Wolfe 69 MGC
1st Lewis Kubiet 69 MGC
1st Dwight Saul 71 Midget
M.G. Midgets 1974-1/2 to 1980
2nd Maryanne & Lance Kiker 75 Midget
1st Karl Kaminski 79 Midget
MGA All Years
3rd Leon Lutz 58 MGA
2nd Frank Rodriguez 62 MGA
1st Mark McCarraher 60 MGA
M.G. TC, M.G. TD, M.G. TF
3rd Chris Goudreau 52 M.G. TD
2nd Peter & Liz Van Dine 53 M.G. TD
1st Bob Skillman 47 M.G. TC
Other M.G.s
1st Tom Cibort 49 Y Type
Triumphs - All
3rd Steve & Linda Berry 80 TR8
2nd Terry Hunt 68 TR250
1st Tom Hessenauer 58 TR3-A
Other British
3rd Geoffrey Griffths 58 AC Aceca Bristol
2nd Craig Peterson 58 Austin Healey Sprite
1st Dixie & Chris Gauss 79 TVR
1st D J Michel 67 MGB V-8
Diamond in the Rough
Jeff Kirchner 68 MGB
Largest Club Attendance
LANCO-Lancaster, PA
Longest Distance Travelled
Nick Cox - London, England

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