MGCC Racing Cadwell Park

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Sunday 23 March and Cadwell Park came alive with sound of MG's.
Seven seperate races featuring MG's with no fewer than 85 scheduled laps of action packed MG Racing

Moss BCV8 Championship (Classes C-D) 10 Laps

The front row of the grid was headed by Malcolm Beer (GTV8) & Peter Collis (GT) but to the polesitters surprise it was Roy Mcarthy (GTV8) who made a terrific start and blasted his way into the lead, ahead of Beer. Collis in his frustration missed a gear at the first corner and suddenly looming large in his rear view mirror was Beer. The eyecatching yellow V8 of Roy Mcarthy pulled away from the battling duo of Collis & Beer, who argued over second spot. For the first four tours of the circuit, it was Collis who had the upper hand, then it was Beers turn for the next three laps, then once more it was Collis, (the race fans were loving this!) for a further two laps. Sadly for Malcolm Beer, the red flag came out, (a signal that the race must be stopped) due to an incident elsewhere on the circuit, and as a result was denied the opportunity of perhaps taking a win....

1..Roy McCarthy..MGBGT V8 3.9 
2..Peter Collis..MGB GT 3.9
3..Malcolm Beer..MGBGT V8 4.0
4..Tom Stewart..MGBGT 3.9

Moss Europe BCV8 Championship (Classes A-B) 15 Laps

It was an easy win in the second of the BCV8 races, for Pete Hiley in his 2 litre MGB, not as action packed as the first BCV8 race, as it was very much a walk over for Hiley, who crossed the finnish line some 40 seconds ahead of second place man, Graham Grove in the 3.9 MGRV8. and with lap times around the 1m.54's, it gives you some idea of the lead Hiley had. The only excitement during the race was when apparentlly, Brian Cakebread took a trip into the tyres in the eleventh lap, when, after a heater hose came loose, he was temporarily blinded.

1..Pete Hiley..MGB 2.0
2..Graham Grove..MGR V8 3.9
3..Adam Warne..MGR V8 3.9
4..Neil Elvy..MGB1.9

Cockshoot Cup (10 Laps)

Somedays, things just never seem go wrong for some people! Not satified with just the one win, Andy Storer was going to make today his day with a double celebration of wins!. Storer driving a Midget, firstly dominated the Cokshoot Cup, after amazing the spectors and fellow competitor John Hewit, as Storer performed some breathtaking driving, at the very tight 'Hall Bends'. The move took Storer into the lead, which he was to maintain throughout the race.
John Hewit held on to his second place but not after being challenged by Ian Hodkinson, but lost vital seconds after sliding onto the grass at 'Charlies'

1..Andy Storer..MG Midget
2..John Hewit..MG Midget
3..Ian Hodkinson..MGB

Here is an 'in-car' report from the first round of the Cockshoot Cup, it must be noted that this is for the 'Standard Class', the other classes being modified. We hope to explain the main differeces between the classes next time. In the meantime our thanks to Allan Paterson, for sending us our first 'in-car' report.

Red light, Green light, go! The 1997 season got off to my usual start, after qualifying third I was swamped at the outset by four Midgets leaving me seventh into Charlies 1 for the first time.
By Park I was fifth (quite how I can't remember), on the tail of Darrell Atherton. By now Bill Hewitt was first (in the standard class), Graham Jones second and Ian Wright third, all pulling away, I had to deal with Darrel. A good exit from Mansfield and hold your breath into The Mountain and I just squeezed by under braking at the entry.
Now to catch Ian!
Fourth in a nice five car convoy all trying to out do each other. Lap five Ian tries to outbrake Graham into the Hairpin, I think here's a chance and tag on to follow him through, HELP!, Graham shuts the door, Ian brakes, I brake, I hit Ian (Apology No. 1!). Settle down now, Lap six Ian looks ragged up Coppice, this must be my chance next lap. Sure enough, have the bottle, take it flat, hold on, hold on, up the inside of Ian into Charlies 1. Oh no! too fast I've lost the back end, thump! Christ, I've hit Ian again (Apology No. 2!). Great, he's pushed me straight again! Who's that spinning in the background, opps, it's Ian. Billy and Graham are now fifty yards clear, can I catch them. Of course I can. Why are they braking so early into Mansfield? Made 25 yards there, and again the next lap.
Time is running out, I'm on Graham's back bumper, let's worry him into the Mountain as I did Darrel. Graham brakes late, I brake later! Side by side as we turn into the mountain, hang on Billy's lost it! I have to let Graham go to get round Bill. And that's how it finished. I'll get you at Oulton Graham!

1.. Graham Jones 
2.. Allan Paterson 

Drayton Manor Park Metro Cup (10 Laps)

It was a close battle in the Drayton Manor Park Metro Cup, poleman Paul Ellis (1.3 Metro Turbo) made an extremly poor start but made up bags of time to finnish just four tenths of a second behind winner Chris Huges also driving a 1.3 Turbo, that's what's I call 'gritty determination' when you think at one point, Ellis was all of six second behind.

1..Chris Hughes.. Metro Turbo
2..Paul Ellis.. Metro Turbo
3..Malcolm Wiggins.. 1.3 Metro
4..Robert Welch..  1.3 Metro

Anglia Phoenix Challenge (15 Laps)

The first round of 97's Phoenix Challenge, was dominated by Andy Storer (1.4 Midget) who finnished ahead of the MGF, driven again this year by Don Kettleborough, with comfortable cushion of nine seconds. Though this was nothing compared to Kettleboroughs lead over third man Andrew Scothern, of almost a minute. Andy Storer will have been well pleased with his win, since in the latter stages he developed some clutch problems. An unsual site on the race circuit was that of Alan Botelle's road going MG1300, and more unusual is that Botelle managed to keep much of the field behind him and finnish a very credible fourth! The win by Storer made it a double victory for the day after winning in an earlier race, The Cockshoot Cup.

1..Andy Storer.. MG Midget
2..Don Kettleborough.. MGF
3..Andrew Scothern..MG Metro Turbo
4..Alan Botelle..MG 1300

Halfords MG Midget Challenge Class A&B (10 Laps)

The modified Midgets, classess A&B raced along side the Moss Europe BCV8's, this was won by David Brooker-Carey after the race was brought to premature end with an incident involving a Midget on the 'Mountain' section of the circuit.

1..David Brooker-Carey..MG Midget 1.5
2..Graeme Adams..MG Midget 1.5
3..Nigel Orange.. Austin Healey Sprite
4..Richard Perry..Austin healey Sprite

Halfords MG Midget Challenge Class C (15 Laps)

A super start to the new season was made in the Halfords MG Midget Challenge, (classC) by the current champion Bill Lancashire. Another former champion, Peter Hall, who had qualified to be on the front row with Lancashire was not so fortunate, terminal crankshaft failure was the cause, and that was before he made it to the grid! Former MG Montego racer Terry farman did a pretty good job at keeping Ian Whitt where he wanted him, and that was behind him! Whitt, for his part wanted to be in front of Farman and on lap eight, he did get past Farman. The last couple laps saw third, fourth and fifth places hotly contested by Terry Farman, Marc White & John Faux.

1..Bill Lancashire.. MG Midget 1.5
2..Ian Whitt..MG Midget 1.3
3..Terry Farman.. MG Midget 1.3
4..John Faux..MG Midget 1.3

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