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New US/Canada Wide MG Club Launched

A new US/Canada wide MG club, open to all models of MG, was launched in early April. This is the first North American wide MG club that welcomes owners of all types of MG's within one club. The new group fills a void that has long existed in the MG hobby movement in North America.

The M.G. Drivers Club hopes to united the thousands of MG enthusiasts in North America into a true MG family continuing the MG family spirit started at MG International Indy '96 last year. The Drivers Club also hopes to be a strong advocate for car hobbyist rights in this era of ever increasing regulations. Dues in the group is $20 (US funds).

Members receive four issues of the groups quarterly newsletter "The MG Log Book" , a dash plaque with membership number, membership card/name badge, and club logo decal for their MG.

The M.G. Drivers Club will hold it's annual gathering "The Drive-In" each August in Western Pennsylvania as part of The Roadster Factory Summer Party (this year! from August 8-10, 1997).

A special members and guests reception will be held on Saturday August 9th from 4 - 6 PM at the Coventry Inn, a recreated 15th century British inn located in downtown Indiana, PA. All owners of MG from pre-war classics to the latest MGF are urged to write for information about the first US/Canada wide MG club for all MG drivers.

For information and a membership application:

Contact: Richard Miller
18 George's Place Clinton,
NJ 08809-1334

phone/fax at 908-713-6251

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