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Extract from April's MGOC publication - Enjoying MG

Selling an MG using Condition Numbers

The MGOC has come up with definition of an MG's condition which we will start to use shortly on this web site and we hope will become a standard

We had a very good response to Phil van Bergen's letter in Enjoying MG November 1996 when Phil suggested a coding system for buyers to advertise their MGs accurately without wasting buyers' time travelling to view MGs badly described.

Descriptions like "excellent, perfect, concours" etc can so easily be wrongly applied and we have all experienced annoyance when travelling a long distance to see a car which, if described accurately, would have been ignored. Phil originally suggested a ten point coding system which I asked to be reduced to five points. In consultation with club staff I listed the five points in my Letter From the Secretary in January and asked members to suggest alternatives.

From the many replies it was clear that the points system should be reversed and we should list top condition cars as Condition One down to Condition Five for the cars suitable only for breaking or complete restoration. Having read through all your comments we are therefore applying a coding system based on the following.

Condition 1
In exceptional condition, full history, able to satisfy close scrutiny in any engineer's report and capable of winning a prize or commended rosette in a national concours d'elegance or MGOC Condition Award. Basically as new or better than when new.

Condition 2
No faults, either properly restored or mainly original with any repairs completed to a high standard with photographic or documented evidence. Perhaps not good enough to win a respected show award but not far off.

Condition 3
Everything in good working order with minor blemishes but no unsightly areas or mechanical problems. Likely to pass an MOT in 12 months time.

Condition 4
Some rust damage evident and mechanics, body and trim in fair condition for their age. Possibly some minor work needed to pass an MOT now.

Condition 5
In need of major restoration work, possibly unroadworthy.

The above list will appear above MGs for sale and over the next few months sellers will be encouraged to indicate the condition of their MGs in addition to the wording in their advertisements. The Condition Number will not count as a paid word.

Of course the system isn't infallible, to achieve infallibility is impossible but it is likely that when sellers are asked to specify Condition Number descriptions when advertising their MGs they may reconsider any unreasonable claims.

Thank you to all members who responded and helped with suggestions and comments.

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