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Castle Combe, May 26th


MGCC Anglia Phoenix Challenge

26th May and another Bank Holiday Monday and another round of the Phoenix Challenge.
A 10 lap race around the 1.84 mile Wiltshie circuit 'Castle Combe', and from the lap times set you can see it is certainly a fast circuit, a blistering 90mph lap was made by David Ecob driving his Midget to victory ahead of the MGF of Don Kettleborough. For his part Kettleborough must have been kicking himself, he looked to have it all wrapped up, but was caught napping at 'camp' as Ecob slipped past the MGF!
1..David Ecob..........MG Midget
2..Don Kettleborough...MGF
3..Andrew Talbot.......MG Metro
4..Andrew Scothern.....MG Metro
5..Gary Townsend.......MG Midget
6..Tony Howe...........MG Metro

Fastest Lap..David Ecob 1m 13.50s @90.12mph

Halfords MG Midget Championship

A fast and furious race, the fastest lap set by Richard Connell at 97.45 mph is proof of that, which means he would have racing at over 100 miles an hour on some parts of the circuit! But setting class records is one thing, actually crossing the finishing line first is another. Connell, despite his pace, finished third. It was Laurence Cutler who took the win, he led nine of the ten laps.But after having to take evasive action, when a back marker spun in front of him, he dropped to third. This allowed Adams & Connell to slip past. Cutler immediatley fought back and retook the lead. He gladly accepted the win!
1..Laurence Cutler......MG Midget
2..Graeme Adams.........MG Midget
3..Richard Connell......MG Midget
4..Paul Sibley..........MG Midget
5..Karl Darras..........MG Midget
6..David Brooker-Carey..MG Midget

Fastest Lap..Richard Connell 1m 07.97s @97.45mph

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