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Cadwell Park
September 28th
Anglia Phoenix Challenge

"Cadwell Park as its a circuit that really benefits a committed drive"

It was a busy days racing at Cadwell Park, with eight races on the program all together. Our reporter was in fact at another race circuit that day covering another championship, but has managed to compile a brief report on The Anglia Phoenix Challenge, which we have been following this season.

Another win for the Don Kettleborough, driving as yet, the only MGF that can be seen at a British race circuit, but that could be about to change.....more of that in a moment!
It was was not an easy win, for the bright red, white hardtopped, MGF. Don Kettleborough struggled for most on the race with a failing clutch. I am told the clutch fitted is that, as fitted, to a Rover 220 Turbo! It must have only just lasted the race, because as he crossed the finish line, (so my sources tell me) he came to a stop, unable to take a victory lap!!
So it was Kettleborough ahead of Paul Clarence (MG Midget) with the Metro's of Dick Trevett and Andrew Scothern in third and fourth.

Anglia Phoenix Championship (10 laps)
1..Don kettleborough (1.8 MGF)
2..Paul Clarence ( MG Midget)
3..Dick Trevett ( MG Metro)
4..Andrew Scothern (MG Metro)
5..John Spencer (MG Midget)
6..Chris Roche (MGRV8)

Now to some interesting rumours!
It is expected that it will be anounced by Rover, at the forthcoming motorshow, details of at least one, & possibly two new race series, which will include the MGF for 1998. In typical motor industry secretcy, details are sketchy, and until an official announcement is made I can not say much more. The new MGF series may well be run in a similar fashion as the MGF Trophy Competion which has been in held both in France & Japan, a multi-dicipline event to test both driver and car!...We await further details.

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