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Octagon Tour 16 en 17 may 1998

A year ago we laid a transparency of a octagon on the map of the Netherlands. At each of the corners we made a starting point. At each starting point you became a part of the route to the next point of the octagon. The route follows the most direct line between the points. (although we had a tolerance of 10 miles above or beneath that line.)

In two days you have to collect 8 stamps. If you have collect all the stamps you become a small shield for on your dashboard. Because of the great success of the tour we decided to make it a yearly international event.

This year the event is on the 16e en 17e of may. About 350 MG's will start at one of the 8 starting places. In two days you drive 600 kilometres along de most beautiful places in Holland and Belgium. There is no speed or game element; it is just relaxed driving en enjoying the countryside.

This year we have put the octagon at the map, resulting in the following 8 starting places.
BreukelenSt Amands (Belgium)
SittardSt. Truiden (Belgium)
If you want to join the Octagon tour this year let us know.

Send us your name, address, type of MG and licence plate number and the place you want to start (see above). You can subscribe till 1 april 1998. You can pay your entrance fee (25 guilders, about 8 ponds if you are a member of a MG Club if you're not you have to pay 100 guiders or 32 pounds ) at the starting point.

You can send your subscription to:

MG Car Club Holland:
Marcel Groot,
H.W. Mesdagstraat 6
5062 KJ Oisterwijk
The Netherlands.

Marcel Groot <106211.3045@compuserve.com>

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