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Extract from February's MGCC publication - Safety Fast


Nothing new you may say, but Frontline Spridget has now developed this conversion using the reliable and commonly available Ford Sierra 5-speed gearbox. Available in kit form, you get the components (including the propshaft) needed to fit the early Sierra gearbox to the Spridgets, and it only costs 365 + VAT. In addition, a reconditioned Sierra gearbox can be supplied for 295 + VAT.
The concept of this conversion is to drop stress levels - for both cars and drivers! With a .82:1 ratio on 5th, you get performance and reliability.
The conversion suits cars from 998cc to 1275cc and Frontline offers a similar conversion for 1500 Midgets. Demonstrators available.
For more information, call Frontline on 01 225 446544, or see their website page


Cool-It Mat from Agriemach is a new and revolutionary composite thermal/sound insulation material for vehicles that reduces both oppressive heat and excessive noise from engines for improved driver and passenger comfort. The material is ideal for floorboard or firewall insulation; perfect for doors, under vehicle bonnets, and also above transmission housings. Resilient and resisting damage from mechanical abrasion makes the product very durable. Using an innovative combination of heat and sound control technologies the material possesses different protective characteristics. A resin bonded silica blanketing insulation is sandwiched between two outer facings, Mylar and foil. The foil reflects heat away from surfaces of areas which need to be kept cool or protected from heat damage. Mylar faces the heat source when a lower heat tolerance is required.
The middle layer, or spun glass blanket, is the main sound insulator and also assists heat dissipation. It is a dual density product so has excellent sound absorption at both low and high frequencies. Available in standard 24"x48" sheets or 24"x50ft rolls, it is easily trimmed to fit virtually any application. Fixing options include weather strip adhesive for low heat, and push-in plastic fasteners are available for long lasting high heat applications.
Cool-It Mat is the latest in a range of vehicle products from Agriemach that includes Exhaust Insulation Wrap and Aluminised Heat Barrier.
For further information on Cool-It Mat and other vehicle products contact Agriemach Ltd, Unit 7 Ridgewood Industrial Estate, New Road, Uckfield, East Sussex. Tel 01342 713 743 or fax 01342 719 181


XPAG Engineering has recently expanded, opening a second operation in the North of England, in addition to their existing workshop in the South. Recently married, Peter Edney has moved with his wife, Rachael, to Selby, North Yorkshire to set up XPAG Classic Cars.
Peter gained much of his knowledge working with his father George Edney, who has over thirty-five years experience in building and restoring M.G.s. George rebuilt his first M.G.TB at the age of 17, and has since grown this hobby into a successful business. George, using his engineering expertise and precision engineering company, based in Loughton, Essex, has successfully improved manufacturing techniques and quality of various M.G. parts, now sold and used in their re-builds.
Peter has established himself in a newly re-furbished workshop and continues to offer a specialist service for the T-series M.G., and MGB. He provides a full range of parts, servicing and complete restorations and engine re-builds. Their joint expertise of full race preparation can be regularly seen on the race track when Peter and George battle it out in their T-Types at numerous race meetings around the country.
XPAG Classic Cars: 6 Ousegate Mills, Ousegate, Selby, North Yorkshire YOS ONJ (Tel - 01757 212087)

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