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MG Magazine Sold

MG Magazine has been sold. New Executive Editor and Co-Publisher Greg J.Perigo said the next edition will be in the mail by mid-March. Subscriptions can be obtained by writing:
MG Magazine
121 E. Front Street 4th Floor
Traverse City, MI 49684
or calling 1-800-706-4636
MG Magazine originated in 1979 and was originally published by British Leyland USA with John Dugdale at the helm. Hank Rippert, Ron Embling, and Dick Knudson continued publishing the magazine from 1981 when MG sportscars were discontinued. The magazine had been bi-monthly and then began to appear on a sporadic basis. Mr Perigo said he hopes to be on a bi-monthly publishing schedule by next year.

MG World

MG World is a new entry in MG publishing originating in England. It's produced by the same company that publishes Triumph World and 911 and Porshe World. The first three issues have featured impressive color photography and a broad range of articles covering the history of the marque up to the latest MGFs. Subscription and back issue information can be obtained online by secure server or by writing:
CH Publications
PO Box 75
Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7XR U.K.

Second Annual British Car Week May 18-24, 1998

This idea for British Car Week came from an article titled Seldom Seen Cars written by Peter Egan in the March 1997 issue of Road & Track magazine. In this article, Mr Egan wrote that he never sees old sports cars on the road anymore. As a result, we've decided to do what we can to help change this, for British cars anyway.

British Car Week will be celebrated during the third full week of May. The object of this week is for all British car owners to get their car (or cars) out of the garage, drive them, and help promote these treasured cars in whatever ways we can. Most of you drive your cars during the summer months and for some throughout the year rarely do we drive them on the roads in unison. This special week has been set aside for owners of all British marques, to help promote these cherished cars, and possibly attract the attention of another potential enthusiast, young or old, who might decide to get involved and help preserve our hobbies, businesses, clubs, and most of all, our cars, and help us keep them on the roads!

Last year, the participation was very strong. Many clubs got together and planned outings, picnics, club meetings, or drives to a special location. Others used their cars for errands or drove them to and from work and found that it was so enjoyable, they kept right on doing so all summer long. Gary Anderson, Publisher of British Car Magazine, said this event didn't create any traffic jams that we know of, but it did attract some attention and got people talking about these cars which is exactly what was intended.

We have constructed a web page on the Internet devoted to British Car Week. Last year we invited drivers to share their driving experiences with us. The stories were posted for all to read and enjoy. We got some very interesting replies! This next year we will do the same. Stop by and visit the web page at:


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