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The original oil cooler mounting bracket for the Austin-Healey Sprite and M.G.Midget from 1964 on, is now back in stock, following its remanufactured by Heritage Motor Parts.

The bracket, part number AHA8386, is attached by two screws to the valence panel behind the radiator grille - the genuine valence having predrilled holes to accept the screws.

The mounting screw holes for the radiator to the bracket are slotted and positioned to accept any of the standard range of oil coolers.

Priced with an RRP of 5.59 Pounds (including VAT), the brackets are available from M.G. marque Heritage Specialists.


Heritage Motor Parts has reintroduced the original and much sought-after door hinges for the MGB, MGC and MGBGT.

In line with Heritages policy of continual improvement, the specification of the original hinge has been increased, following development work on the MGRV8. These safety critical parts are cosmetically identical to the original items but now incorporate an electro-lubricated hinge pin for prolonged and quieter life.

The lower hinges have useful stay-open facility which was only standard on post-1976 vehicles. However, pre-1976 cars can be fitted with these modified hinges.

With an RRP of 40.75 Pounds (including VAT) each, they are available through the Heritage network of Approved Specialists.


You may have read elsewhere in the press that our Chairman, Mike Hawke, had pulled off a coup by arranging free membership of M.G.C.C. for every customer who purchased a new MGF.

We all prefer accuracy in reporting, so let us set the record straight.

The M.G. dealer network have been requested by M.G. Cars at Longbridge, to offer membership of M.G. Car Club to purchases of the new sports car (at their own expense) as part of a Best Practice Process during the handover of the car to its new owner. Neither the Club nor M.G. pays for this, and it is entirely voluntary on the part of the dealer network.

The idea was partly the idea of the dealers themselves. During the early part of the year, when they submitted their business plans to Rover Group on how they would run the franchise at operational level, many of them suggested Club membership as part of the hand over process. From that and similar ideas suggested at last years Annual Council meeting, the board have pursued the opportunity through their close links with the factory with the result made public during the Press Launch of the vehicle in Coventry.

Mike wishes, therefore, not to be seen in taking credit alone as the idea was the product of many fertile minds!

We think you will agree that this is indeed good news as, potentially, a whole new wave of members will enjoy the hospitality that the Club offers. We urge you to welcome them to the Club when you see them on their travels, as this will also serve to encourage them to return to their dealer in the event that the dealer forgot to include this new initiative in the package! It is a new conception in After Sales care and may, conceivably, slip the mind of the M.G. Sales Specialist.

Centre and Register representatives may also care to follow this up with their local dealers in order to offer help and advice; that would really provide an all-round service for all those involved.

Those existing members purchasing an MGF for themselves may also be offered their next years membership free by the dealership as this was also suggested by the factory! Always ask!

Rover Group are at great pains to point out that although they have resurrected the historic ties that have always existed with the M.G. Car Club, they see the M.G. Owners Club as being no less a well run organisation and will continue to co-operate with them.

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