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Brooklands Record Breakers Picnic Update

The latest addition to the exciting display of record breaking cars already assembled at the historic Brooklands race track on Sunday 27th September will be Thrust SSC. On 15th October 1997 driven by Andy Green, SSC made its successful supersonic run in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Thrust SSC broke the sound barrier five times to achieve the first supersonic land speed record averaging 763.035 mph. Thrust SSC will be at Brooklands along with many other interesting world beating record breakers.

further update 22/09/98 follows:

Following confirmation that THRUST SSC will be on display alongside other record breaking cars already scheduled to appear at the historic Brooklands race track on Sunday 27th September we are pleased to announce that Richard Noble the man behind the project will also be attending and will be on hand to sign autographs, chat about the project and promote the release of his new book.

We also have late confirmation that the Bluebird Electric Car that has been in the news recently attempting to break the world record of 215 mph will be on display. The driver Don Wales, Grandson of the former land speed record holder Donald Cambell will be in attendance to talk about last weekend's attempt to exceed 230 mph at Pendine Sands which was thwarted by electronics problems.

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